Face Off Season 8 Episode 5 recap

Hi again! Sorry for the incredibly late recap! I’ve been terribly tired and stressed out the past week so I only managed to get my custom done a few hours ago! :< Hopefully I’ll get back on track with my customs soon so I can start writing other stuff in my blog than just recaps :)

This was an interesting week on Face Off as it had two challenges! The foundation challenge was weird since I really disagreed with the assessment of the designs but the spotlight challenge was super interesting and really unique! It will be very hard to write a recap based on sounds :D

Right, onto my opinion about the foundation challenge:

Orange team (Ben, Darla, Emily): I thought for sure that they would have this in the bag since all three of them are incredibly talented! I also thought the communication between the three worked very well and the outcome was my favorite design of the four characters.

Purple team (Anthony, Julian, Regina): Started off promising but those chin horns were absolutely terrible. Why Julian, why?! The prosthetic around the cheeks also looked really bad.

Green team (Logan, Stephanie, Jamie): What the…?! How on earth was this considered one of the better looks? To me it looked all over the place and terrible in every way. The guest judge had horrible taste, clearly.

Blue team (Kelly, Adam, Rob): I found this one to be really over-the-top and the demon brow prosthetic didn’t work with the look in my opinion. Rewarding Adam the win because he chose the wig was very, very strange, but his communication within the challenge was good nonetheless (clearly showing Rob the way he was going with the paint job in particular).

The spotlight challenge this week was to work in teams of two and design a character to fit a particular sound that had been randomly assigned to them. I will try to describe the sounds as well as I can :D

Anthony & Darla (Bottom looks): They got a really creepy, eerie sound that inspired them to make a demon that steals souls. The idea was really cool but the execution was terrible. The heads looked silly when the model moved and the face of the demon didn’t look great unfortunately. Come on Anthony, it’s really time to step up your game!

Logan & Rob (Safe): They had a very animalistic, almost lion / t-rex roar-like sound that inspired them to make a huge aquatic monster. I thought it was pretty cool! I find it very impressive that they managed to make the entire suit and I don’t think it looked like “too much”.

Stephanie & Kelly (Top looks, Stephanie won): They got a ticking, clockwork sound and decided to make a porcelain doll that’s supposed to be a clockmaker’s wife. I thought it was a really solid concept and a very pretty makeup. Can’t complain about them winning! Also props to their model for getting the timing for her movements so perfect with the sound!

Ben & Julian (Top looks): Their sound was some sort of menacing breathing and ended with something that sounded like a blade. I thought the head looked pretty cool but the super-red stomach looked too bright. They should have toned it down a bit so it would have matched the horns a bit better.

Adam & Regina (Bottom looks, Regina eliminated): They got a robotic sound but Regina didn’t want to be predictable  and make a robot. Bad choice! The end result was horribly bad (particularly the face!) and she absolutely deserved to go home.

Emily & Jamie (Safe): They got a pretty organic sound with clicking noises and rustling of leaves which inspired them to make a prehistoric bird/dinosaur inspired design. Once again I’m in love with Emily’s hair for the character! I think this would have deserved to be top looks, it was really cool! Emily continues to impress me, she’s definitely my favorite contestant.

Anyways, onto my own creation! This week’s character was surprisingly easy to come up with! I immediately loved the sound Emily and Jamie got so I decided to make a tropical bird-lizard custom from a flamingo LPS. Here she is:


I really love how she turned out! The paint is blotchy on purpose since I wanted the look to be organic :)

Hope you enjoyed my post and my custom! I really don’t look forward to making a troll / bridge -inspired LPS custom but we’ll see what I come up with xD Until next week!


Face Off Season 8 Episode 4 recap

Last week’s episode of Face Off finally featured an individual challenge, and it really showed which make up artists have what it takes to win the entire competition! Unfortunately it also highlighted that a few of the contestants really aren’t ready to work by themselves and lack some of the skills that are needed to succeed in Face Off.

Still, a very good week and many interesting concepts from the contestants! In case you didn’t see the episode, the challenge was to randomly pick a poker card (including Kings, Queens and Jacks of different suits and a Joker) and create a whimsical Tim Burton inspired character using the card as inspiration. I had no idea that all the cards had stories / mythologies related to them, that was a fun fact!

Anyways, onto the MANY designs this week (and my silly opinions about them):

Stephanie – King of Diamonds (Safe): Inspired by a greedy, lonely king. I thought the concept was alright but why on earth does his face look so rodent-like / mouse-y? It just looked odd to me. That mouth was also horrifying. There was nothing whimsical about this character in my opinion.

Jamie – King of Spades (Bottom look): Apparently this card is related to “David and Goliath”. Poor Jamie had to change her concept completely and deal with a gender change on top of all that. To be completely honest I really loved her idea of having this tiny, proud king! It was much more whimsical than many of the other concepts! Too bad the execution wasn’t up to the standards of the other contestants though.

One more thing, I found Ve’s comment about kings “having to be regal” really uncalled for too! There are plenty of tiny kings with huge egos that are excellent characters. You can’t really generalize that way.

Kelly – Queen of Spades (Safe): Inspired by a judge-like character. I really hated this design, there was nothing whimsical about it! I found it to be really creepy and not really suitable for a Tim Burton-style world where even the meanest of characters have something endearing about them.

Logan – Queen of Clubs (Safe): I loved the Geisha concept that was shown in one of the sketched but it didn’t really translate into the final design. The goatee was really odd too and the face looked really manly. In other news, Rayce’s advice to Logan during the design process was totally on point again! He’s really surprising me with his mentoring skills. I think he may have this in the bag (Rayce, not necessarily Logan though)!

Julian – Jack of Clubs (Top looks): Apparently the Jack of Clubs symbolizes wisdom so Julian went with an old-age, underworld-y look. I don’t really understand all the love this got. Sure, it’s absolutely well made and the sculpt deserved the praise it got. However, what about this was whimsical? I could never see this in a Tim Burton setting, it’s just too creepy!

Ben – Jack of Diamonds (Safe): The Jack of Diamonds symbolizes the virtue of patience so Ben went with an old age makeup. I kinda loved the concept and wig on the character but it looked really disturbing to me for some reason. It was well-made but I wish the eyes would have been a bit bigger (it looked like they got lost under the brows too much).

Adam – King of Clubs (Safe): Adam loved plays on words so he decided to make a design based on the King of Nightclubs. Is it silly that I found this makeup to be absolutely hilarious? I loved the concept and it was super whimsical (albeit a bit too pimp-like)! I think Adam is someone who will make it far in the competition. He’s impressed me so far!

Rob – Jack of Spades (Safe): Inspired by a musketeer. It was okay, but the eye patch was indeed a bit too big for the face. The hat was way cool though! I like that he took the time to make a nice detail like that!

Daniel – Queen of Diamonds (Eliminated): The original concept (that Daniel decided to scrap) was awesome so how bummed were you when Ve said he should have done that instead? I felt bad for Daniel. Anthony really missed the mark with his advice this time. I don’t blame him though, I think finding the right balance between scary and whimsical can be very hard in this type of challenge (especially when the judges have a weird opinion of what counts as whimsical and what doesn’t). I totally agree with the decision to send Daniel home though, the end result was quite uninspired unfortunately.

Emily – Queen of Hearts (Winner): I was thrilled that Emily won this challenge but I still have mixed feelings about this character! I didn’t love the huge face on it (it was too reminiscent of TB’s Queen of Hearts) but otherwise it was absolutely stunning (especially the human hearts around the collar!). I also really loved the hair! Emily is so talented, I love how creative she always gets with the wigs! She will, no doubt, be one of the final three contestants in this competition.

Regina – Joker (Safe): I loved her concept of having two faces on him but I question why she didn’t give it two different expressions (other than time being the limiting factor. I also think it looked too much like the Joker from Batman because of its mouth. The face wasn’t original enough.

Darla – Jack of Hearts (Top looks): Apparently the Jack of Hearts symbolizes jealousy. To be completely honest I thought the hair and chin of the character made it look like muscle tissue rather than “hair”. This gave the character a really creepy look which I don’t think Darla intended to do. It’s obvious that this girl is incredibly talented and this was deserving of top looks but I still think it was more creepy than whimsical.

Anthony – King of Hearts (Bottom look): Apparently the King of Hearts is suicidal and stabbing himself in the head (this is what Anthony described it as during the design phase at least)? I felt that the entire concept of the character was lacking focus and direction and Rayce’s comment about not having the bleeding heart lead Anthony in the wrong direction even further. I was shocked about this because in my opinion Anthony has been fairly consistent in the competition so far and this was absolutely below his standard. Hope he’ll redeem himself in tonight’s episode!

Right. For some reason I thought this week’s custom would have been easy for me (seeing as I am a huge fan of Tim Burton) but the whole card character concept just didn’t click with me at all. I decided to choose the Joker as my character since it was the most versatile and this is the back story I came up with.

“The Joker used to be a court jester to the Queen of Hearts whom he was secretly in love with. The King found out about this and had him executed, however a wizard bought him back to life in the form of a mischievous imp-demon. He is now the wizard’s assistant and has no regrets about the terrible things he does because his heart was broken due to him never being able to confess his love to the Queen.”

…Pretty in-depth, right? :D Sometimes I wonder how I come up with these things!

Anyways, here he is! His color scheme was definitely Tim Burton inspired and I hope his story is easily told though his design.


I kinda love him because of the skin tone, the blue is just so delicate next to the contrasting reds and blacks! He also turned out exactly as I planned him so I can’t complain!

Hope you enjoyed my (super late) post and my custom! I’m super hesitant about this week’s challenge… How on earth am I going to make a custom based on a sound effect?! :D We’ll see! Until next week!


Finally done!

Eek! I have some non-custom related news that probably isn’t very interesting to you but super awesome to me! I finally (FINALLY!) finished my Master’s thesis and I will graduate later this month! After 6.5 years of studies this is a huge step for me and I’m excited to see what happens next! :) Hooray!

Anyways, sorry that I haven’t posted my regular customs in a while, here is a little update on customs #312 -> #326 :)

Here is #312, my second Gatomon custom, made from a shorthair cat (I had a few extra ones in bad shape). I think this base suits her perfectly and she looks super alert and cute! xD I’m keeping her because she’s perfect to me and Gatomon is my favorite Digimon!


Here is my old Gatomon custom, the improvement is quite huge! :)

gatomon_done_wmCustom #313 Torchic, made from a G2 penguin baby. It turned out exactly like I envisioned except that the base figure was problematic. The “highlights” in the eyes were 3D and couldn’t be removed with nail polish remover. This is still visible in the eyes (especially in the right one in this photo) :/ Hmph!

PicsArt_1422570696981Custom #314, Pink Koi Dragon (remake of my old one). Once this one was done I was staring at and realized I might not want to sell this one just yet! I have to keep her for a while and see if my feelings change :)

PicsArt_1422482082250Here is my old Pink Koi Dragon, she’s very similar to this one :)

Pink_koi_dragon_wmCustom #315, Mudkip. Last one of the G3 starters! He was made from a G2 seal head and a G2 cat body. The seam above his nose is not great but as someone already pointed out, I’ll know better next time how to make it :)

PicsArt_1422630418240And the first of my G2 starter Pokemon customs, #316 Chikorita. Made from a G3 bee head and G3 pug that I added a bit of bulk to ^_^

PicsArt_1422802908459Onto something completely random, #317 Catsuit Peach. I planned her when I was playing Super Mario 3D World, I just love the cat bell power-up! :) Peach is so cute with her little “meoow!” ^_^ She’s adorable in Mario Kart 8 too but I’m too attached to my Ludwig to change characters xD She’s made from a G2 cat that I sculpted the hair, earrings, crown and gloves to.

PicsArt_1422902536565Custom #319, the third version of my Vaporeon custom. Nothing new here, he actually looks very similar to my first and second one :) I’m glad there has been a bit of improvement though!


My first Vaporeon:PicsArt_1421078982385Custom #320, Cherry the Valentine’s Day llamacorn-pegasus, an original character by me :) I love the llama LPS, they’re so adorable! When I finally got one I just had to make it really pink and cute! She turned out exactly like I envisioned her!

PicsArt_1423077302155Custom #322 “Perseus” (commission). This one was so much fun to make! :) I got the bear head and seal body sent to me and it was a completely new challenge to fit the heads together and figure out how to make him perfect for his new owner! This is an original design by the commissioner so I hope people won’t replicate it!

PicsArt_1423130686066Custom #323 “Luna” (commission), original character by the commissioner. She’s super cute and mysterious-looking! I’m in love with the dark grey color I used for her body. It looks black but it’s not a harsh color like the black I use for the eyes :)

PicsArt_1423131399835Custom #324 remake of my Sakura Dragon (original character). I edited this one a lot from the original design, hope people still like it! :)


Original Sakura Dragon:IMG_20140929_200954Custom #325 “Hikari”, made for our customs collab account (littlestcustoms). The theme was mythical creatures so I went through a whole bunch of mythical creature descriptions to feel inspired. This is what I came up with, along with a little mythology to explain who she is (because what is a mythical beast without a mythology?):

Hikari is a benevolent spirit who guides the dead into their new reincarnations. She decorates her body with the flowers left at the graves and with the jewelry the dead are wearing. She also absorbs the sadness and mourning of the people visiting the graves and that’s why she has a constant flow of tears streaming down her cheeks.

It’s a tad morbid but I really like her! I had a lot of fun sculpting all the details and painting her tail (it’s got the same pattern as my Koi Dragons except in a monochrome color scheme).

PicsArt_1423127474836And last but not least, another commission, custom #326 “Morgan” (designed by the commissioner). I loved painting the little polka dots on his (?) ears! ^_^

PicsArt_1423130846805That’s it for now! I will be back next Monday/Tuesday with another Face Off recap! :)

Hope you enjoyed all these customs!

– Pia



Face Off Season 8 Episode 3 recap

Last week’s episode of Face Off wasn’t overly exciting in terms of character design but it also didn’t include a single horribly bad design! It really shows that the champion mentors are doing their best to steer their contestants away from making bad decisions.

Now, can we talk about how misleading it was that it was a “Hunger Games inspired challenge”? Tbh it had almost nothing to do with the movie except the fact that Peeta was a guest judge. They could have just said that you have to design a scary exotic plant/deadly animal hybrid. I’m especially confused since I don’t remember seeing any of those in THG (the Mutts were animal / tribute hybrids, no plants involved in their creation). Josh was totally adorable and down-to-earth though so I’m not complaining! I found it so cute how his love for Face Off was so apparent!

Anyways, onto the designs this week (and my completely unprofessional opinion about them):

Kelly & Daniel (safe): They chose the scorpion and Delphinium as the inspiration. Kelly seems to have horrible time management skills with her sculpting, better step it up gurl, I want to see you go far! This design was fine, not one of my favorites though. I loved the paint job on the “hands” though!

Ben & Darla (winning team, Ben winner): They had the ram & Cactus. Is it weird that I found the cactus spikes to be a bit tacky? Other than that the concept was very cool (especially Ben’s cowl). In certain angles the face looked a bit endearing but I’m sure it looked creepy in real life.

Julian & Adam (bottom looks): They chose the bat & Sugarbush Protea. Omg, I loved that it was called a “psychedelic artichoke”, it made me chuckle even though it was sad for the team. Too bad the paint job was a bit wacky, the concept was cool and these guys are obviously very talented!

Anthony & Logan (safe): They chose the warthog & American Pitcher Plant. They seemed to work very well as a team and it certainly deserved to be safe since it wasn’t interesting enough to be top looks.

Emily & Regina (top looks): Chose the hyena & Shampoo Ginger. Despite their confusion with the sculpting the first day, they really pulled it together and has a very solid concept in their final look! I loved the femininity and proportions of it and Emily managed to surprise me with her idea of using hemp for the hair! She has some cool ideas, I have a feeling that she’ll get to the top 5 at least.

Stephanie & Alan (losing team, Alan eliminated): Chose the thorny Dragon and Cockscomb. Poor Alan, I really liked him! The final decision was obviously made because of the venom sacks on the neck and to be honest I do agree with the judges. It wasn’t a horrible design but it was his decision to have those shapes and it clearly bugged the judges. The sculpt around the face and mouth seemed a bit unsymmetrical as well which makes the decision of this being the bottom look even more justified.

Rob & Jamie: They got the piranha & Blue Thistle. How cute were these two together?! They were so excited and worked very well as a team. I loved their final look but their concept might have been a bit too predictable to get them to top looks. In my eyes this one was one of the scariest characters though!

Anyways, onto my own little plant predator custom! I have to admit, the “scary” part of the brief was left out of this design since it’s veeery hard making a LPS scary unless you make it gory. When I first watched the episode I immediately noticed that one of the predators they could choose was a tiger, however no one chose it! Since none of the other predators were particularly interesting to me, I thought it would be perfect for me to choose the tiger and the Aechmea Blue Rain plant. If you’re confused about whether or not this was a real option, here is a screen cap to prove it:

20150128_095657Ta-da! I had to google the plant though to find out its name. A lot of research goes into my designs!

Here’s a better picture of the stunning plant that inspired my color scheme:

AechmeaBleuRainEcu800Photo credit to

I had a few ideas of how to incorporate the flower into the custom so I came up with two different options:

Sketch283171936 Sketch294152514I loved the first design’s albino color scheme but the second one just looked more solid so I went with that one. I still have a feeling that I might make a custom of the first one someday… The color scheme in the final design was (very obviously) inspired by the red/pink body of the plant with the white&purple “spikes”.

So here she is! I named her Raine (pronounced like “rain”) because of the name of the flower.

PicsArt_1422913488474 raine_back

I must admit that I adore her and I probably won’t sell her. It’s always such a thrill to design an original character and then realize it turned out so much better than you ever expected it would! Raine’s species may well become one of my favorite OC species I’ve created ^_^

Anyways, hope you enjoyed my post and my custom! I’m looking forward to tonight’s episode (I hear it’s Tim Burton inspired?!)! Can’t wait to design something completely new and hopefully inspire some of you LPS customizers out there! Until next week!


Five Nights at Pia’s Little Customs, part 2

A few days ago I finished the last of my customs of the characters from the game Five Nights at Freddy’s 2! These were a huge project that included a head-swapped custom, a custom that I only used a LPS head for and sculpted the entire body for as well as two humanoid customs (which are always challenging to make!).

WIP pictures from along the way:


Sketch of Toy Bonnie, Chica and Freddy Sketch2519027

Sketch of Balloon Boy and Marionette / The Puppet Sketch19113288Sketch of broken Mangle (on the left is a reference picture for the body found on Google, I would credit the original artist but I couldn’t find the name! :<)

IMG_20141231_223756PicsArt_1420154225794WIP photos of Toy Freddy, Bonnie and Chica

The first toy animatronic custom I finished was Toy Chica. I made her from a G2 penguin figure and re-shaped her beak as well as added the hair fluff, cheeks and bib to her. She turned out so cute! :)

PicsArt_1421015402213Custom #288, Toy Chica

The second one I finished was Toy Bonnie. He is made from a G2 bunny that I added the cheeks and bow to as well as re-shaped the mouth and nose.

PicsArt_1421276999707Custom #293, Toy Bonnie

After that I made Toy Freddy from a G3 bear / panda figure. I added the hat, cheeks and bow to him as well as re-shaped his mouth.


Custom #294, Toy Freddy PicsArt_1421451418990The three kawaii toy animatronics together! Bonnie is my favorite :)

After making the three main characters I made Balloon Boy. He is so creepy, especially the “HI!” and the giggling! :D I made him from a G2 baby monkey figure that I added the hat, hair and cheeks to. I also re-shaped his nose, mouth and feet. What a creepy little custom he turned out to be!

PicsArt_1421707774519Custom #298, Balloon Boy

The Puppet / Marionette was up next. I made it from a G2 monkey figure that I removed the ears and tail from. I re-shaped the mouth and added the rosy cheeks to it. It turned out way too cute to be creepy in my opinion xD

PicsArt_1421784067718Custom #301, The Puppet

After these customs my two Mangles (fixed and broken) were next. I first made the fixed Mangle using the same base figures as I used for Foxy (G2 musical note panda for the body and G2 fox for the head). I added the cheeks to her as well as the bow and tail. She’s (?) so pretty! ^_^

PicsArt_1422052067036Custom #307, Mangle (fixed / full body)

And last but not least, here is broken Mangle. I used a G4 fox figure for it and sculpted the entire body to it (based on the reference sketch). This was by far one of the most complex customs I’ve ever done! I sculpted it in several steps (three or four in total?) and the paint job wasn’t easy either! I love how it turned out ^_^


Custom #318, Mangle (broken)

As a recap, here are all my FNAF inspired customs in one glance :)



I won’t be selling most of these but I’m remaking the FNAF 1 customs as well as the toy animatronics inspired ones and the Mangle (fixed / full body) one :)

Anyways, that’s it for now! I’ll try to post my Face Off episode 3 recap as well as my (very late) weekly blog post soon! ^_^

Hope you enjoyed this post!


Face Off Season 8 Episode 2 Recap

Time for another Face Off recap! Yay!

Last week’s episode of Face Off was a bit of a snooze since there wasn’t a completely new challenge this time around. I also felt like all three teams saw the monkey alien as a “secondary” character and didn’t put as much time or effort into them as they did with the other aliens. Since I’m pretty confused about who created what I’ll just say my opinion about the designs as a whole:

Team Anthony:

Pilot alien: I did not like this design at all. The eyes just look wonky and the overall color scheme is not great (plus for some reason it looked glossy whereas the other alien looked matte!).

Protector alien: Didn’t like this one either. The mouth looked overworked and the shapes weren’t interesting to me. The eyes looked a lot better on this alien though than on the pilot one. The hands however were awful and too distracting.

Mandrill-inspired alien: It looked very powerful and massive (as Anthony said) and definitely looked like a believable tyrant ruler! The colors were great and it was my favorite design of the team. I think this was the design that saved Anthony’s team members from getting eliminated.

Team Rayce:

Arachnid alien: Very cool detailing and lovely paint job! I love how the shape of the horns was similar to the monkey alien’s crown, it really tied them together.

Higher intelligence alien: I didn’t like this one. The color scheme was nice but the mouth and teeth just looked odd. It looked very lopsided and not very memorable.

White-faced Capuchin-inspired alien: What a lovely creature! It was immediately recognizable as an old monkey queen which was great.

Team Laura:

Younger: I had problems with the mouth and the shape of it, it just looks odd to me. The head and color scheme were pretty though.

Older: Once again I had problems with the mouth but apparently that’s a very standard look for aliens! The shape of the head and around the eyes was pretty and the color scheme was lovely. The transition to the yellow/green colors also worked very well. It definitely read aquatic!

Squirrel Monkey-inspired alien: Oh man. This was a complete train wreck. The shape of the mouth was so odd and its face looked static / not expressive enough compared to the other aliens.

All in all, I don’t disagree with the judges’ choices of winning team and losing team (although it bums me out that Laura’s team is now smaller than the other two!). Logan really surprised me with his adorable old lady monkey alien and Gregory’s simian was elimination worthy. I feel bad for him though, it’s not really fair that one person has to work on one character all alone. Laura’s advice also wasn’t brutal enough to get her point across, she seems to be a bit too careful with stating her opinions. Hopefully things will look up next week for her team! I have to admit that I’m pleasantly surprised by Rayce who seems to be a great team leader!

Anyways, onto my own little monkey alien custom! I decided to be inspired by the Squirrel monkey that Laura’s team chose. Since my last week’s alien was a hatchling, I wanted this alien to be a baby too. Since it had to be a tyrant, I immediately thought of Bowser Jr. and decided to give the alien a little bib like he has. Because the monkey has to be evil, I decided he eats the other aliens and therefore gave him a small bloody paw print on his bib xD He is wearing a black onesie / pajamas because I thought it would be appropriate for a baby.

Reminder of what my other alien looked like:


The monkey’s color scheme was inspired by it:PicsArt_1422362701308 PicsArt_1422362662410They look pretty cute together (even though the monkey is evil)! :)

I can’t wait for tonight’s Hunger Games inspired episode! I bet (or at least hope) that the custom will be easier to make than these aliens were! I’m hoping to see an individual challenge so that the artists can show their own style and what they’re capable of!

Hope you’ve enjoyed these posts so far!<3


Customs #299 -> #310

Hey guys! I will be writing two blog posts today, hurrah! Mainly because I was supposed to write stuff on Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday but somehow I just didn’t have time…

Stuff I’ve been up to since last time I wrote something:

– I’ve started sketching again! Yay! Maybe one day I’ll even try to get some prints done and show them to you guys :)

– I’ve been seriously considering taking 2-3 weeks off work (customizing) and going abroad to refocus my creativity on other things I want to do as well such as photography, sketching / illustration and possibly even writing a thing or two. I feel slightly burned out since I (finally) got my thesis done and the LPS customizing has been very intense the last month or so without me getting the chance of having a proper break in between. We’ll see!

– My commissions are open again (through my website!

– Me and the fiance had a meeting with our lovely catering dudes for the wedding. It’s finally starting to sink in that I’m getting married soon!<3

That’s it in a nutshell I guess! Anyways, on to the customs:

Customs #299 and #300, Helios / Pegasus and Chibi Moon from the anime Sailor moon! I looooved this series when I was little and I always wanted to have pink hair because of Chibiusa xD I decided to make Pegasus as well because I thought he’d look perfect as a LPS!

#299 Pegasus (made from a G2 horse):


I loved sculpting the wings! So much fun! ^_^

#300 Chibi Moon (made from a G2 musical note panda):

PicsArt_1421748619169 PicsArt_1421707936266So kawaiiiii! ^_^ I think they turned out adorable!

I decided to make a few small changes to the way I customize from custom #300 forward:

– At least every 10th custom is an OC (like in the last 100 customs too)

– Every 5th custom is a remake of one of my older customs (this is due to some of the popular ones being requested constantly and me wanting to meet the demands, plus remaking customs is fun so you can see if you’ve improved! :))

– I’m going to start customizing baby LPS D: They’re so tiny but I’m totally up for the challenge!

Anyways, moving on:

Custom #302 & #304 Ayaka and Suzume (commissions, made from the original designs by the commissioner):PicsArt_1421926751601I loved dotting the polkadots on Suzume’s ears! :) Painting the Sakura tree on her chest was a lot of fun too! Ayaka’s little freckles are totally adorable as well!

Custom #303, remake of my Toothless custom:

PicsArt_1421878727498 PicsArt_1421882565207Such a cutie! I loved making him again, it was a lot of fun! :) He’s up for adoption in my eBay shop for a week.

Custom #305 Treecko (made from a G3 kangaroo head and G3 Vinnie Terrio body):


I love how he turned out and how his colors work so well together!

Custom #206, Helmaroc King (baby version). Made from a G2 peacock:

PicsArt_1422113624979I’ve had this little dude planned for ages and finally got around to making him! :) He was fairly challenging with all the tiny details but all in all he was a lot of fun to paint (and sculpt)!

Custom #308, remake of my first Sylveon custom! Made from a G2 blind bag cat:

PicsArt_1422113701158She’s so pretty! :3 It’s been ages since I made her last time (I’ve made three of these previously) so it was strangely fun to remake her! I remember having a lot of trouble with both the sculpting and painting but it was much easier this time around! I think I really have improved!

Custom #309 Cheshire Cat, made by repainting a “Destiny” cat:

PicsArt_1422199075330He was so much fun to paint! I love his details and the shades of blue I used ^_^ He’s also up for adoption in my eBay shop!

Custom #310, “Cooper” my Twin Peaks inspired OC. This one wasn’t originally meant to be inspired by Twin Peaks but one day when I looked at the base coated figure I suddenly thought “The owls are not what they seem” and knew I had to give it some details inspired by the epic TV series. Cooper lives in our Twin Peaks inspired living room / whiskey bar so he’s definitely where he belongs!

PicsArt_1422272314953 cooper_2

Anyways, that’s it for now! I will post my second Face Off recap post later today! You can look forward to seeing my cute but mean monkey alien custom! :D




Face Off Season 8 Episode 1 Recap

Hi guys!

As some of you may know, I am a huge fan of Syfy’s Face Off. The concept is genius, and seeing the entire creative process from concept design to finished makeup has really inspired me to work harder on my sculpting and painting skills when I customize LPS. If there’s one thing I’ve learned that I constantly reminds myself of that Face Off has taught me, it’s that a great paint job can save a  not-so-great sculpting job. It really has pushed me to always do my best and never settle for paint jobs that I’m not entirely satisfied with.

After watching the last season of Face Off I decided it was time for me to step up my LPS customizing and take on the challenge of creating new customs every week based on the spotlight challenges in the episodes! I hope this sounds like an interesting concept for anyone who’s a fan of both my work and Face Off! Hopefully this will inspire you with whatever artistic stuff you’re doing and help you push the limits of what you usually create!

I will also do a small recap on the foundation challenge designs and quickly list my thoughts on the makeups. Please note that these are purely my opinions and they’re not based on any type of expertise in the area whatsoever! :)

Laura’s team:

Darla: Dead ballerina for Rayce’s cellist. Gorgeous, soft colors and very creepy, love the lips in particular! (Also won the foundation challenge)

Julian: “Distant cousin” of Anthony’s creature. The flesh tones made for an interesting concept by making it so humanoid but the final concept was a bit flat.

Emily: Poet for Rayce’s cellist. Very interesting concept, some out-of the box ideas (the hair). I wish they would have showed this one in full size! I didn’t love the choice of color for the face though.

Gregory: Interesting ideas, very ambitious. Wish he had made more details in the “clock” part as well as blended it more into his model’s head.

Stephanie: Laura’s Mother Nature’s baby. Some odd color choices and the flowers looked very stuck on.

Rayce’s team:

Adam: Lion fish monk for Anthony’s fish guy. Very impressive! Some gorgeous detailing going on as well as a very original idea with the markings on the face.

Anthony: Father time for Laura’s Mother nature. I was not impressed by the moss color nor by the pop yellows in the face but maybe they looked better in real life. The mint green wig also cheapened the look but the cavities in the face looked very well made! I applaud Anthony’s ambition to really “go there” with his designs and not settle for something simple or straight forward.

Rob: Wizard for Rayce’s cellist. Gorgeous texture and detailing, Rob seems like an adorable guy! The wizard doesn’t necessarily look like it’s from the same world as the cellist though.

Logan: Angry techno DJ for Rayce’s cellist. I wasn’t impressed by this makeup, too dark and not from the same world as the cellist. I however applaud his idea of doing something completely different from the inspiration!

Regina: Daughter for Laura’s Mother Earth, maybe a bit too precious compared to Laura’s Mother Nature. Very pretty though but nothing out of the ordinary!

Anthony’s team:

Kelly: Evil sea sorceress for Anthony’s fish guy. Gorgeous! Very lovely colors and an intense look, perfect for the character. Looks like it belongs to the same world as the inspiration.

Alan: Protector for Laura’s Mother Nature. I would have liked to see this one close up, it looked pretty interesting (though I felt there was a bit too much moss covering up the chin and face).

Ben: Water Princess for Anthony’s fish guy. Looks like a mermaid drag queen which I kind of love but it doesn’t look like it belongs in the same world as Anthony’s more subtle and realistic design.

Daniel: Younger brother of Anthony’s creature. Not very creative nor mind-blowing. The subtle colors of the makeup were very different from the inspiration.

Jamie: Composer for Rayce’s cellist. There didn’t seem to be too much creativity going on in the design.

So far I’m willing to bet my money that a woman wins this season, there’s a lot of girl power with Kelly, Darla and Emily in particular! I’m really looking forward to seeing what they will create in this season :) Also, I’m totally rooting for Team Laura. She’s my favorite Face Off contestant of all time!

As for my opinion on the  “champions” mentoring the new contestants, it seems like a great idea! I think the designs will be stronger in general but I hope the former winners will let the new contestants do their own thing without interfering too much in the outcome. I’m very excited to see what will happen!

Anyways, onto my Face Off inspired customs this week!

Since Rayce’s cellist was one of my favorite designs ever made on the show, I decided to make a little custom inspired by it!


She’s made from a G2 bunny and I stuck these wings on her head after removing them from a dragonfly LPS (you’ll see why soon!). I gave her withered roses on her head as well as teary eyes since Rayce’s cellist looked so tragic.

Of course I couldn’t resist making a companion custom for it based on Darla’s dead ballerina!

PicsArt_1421539398119 PicsArt_1421582575594They’re so adorable together! I actually didn’t sculpt the flower on her head, instead I used one that I got as a random gift when I ordered some sculpting molds online :) It fit her perfectly! I loved re-painting the flower with the shades of pink!

Onto the spotlight challenge! Not much is known yet about the final outcome since the episode ended with a “cliffhanger” but I decided to go ahead and finish my alien custom nonetheless! :) Please note, I have never, ever designed an alien in my life and I never thought I had to so this was particularly challenging for me! xD First I freaked out and had no idea what to do but then the concept started taking shape. I got inspired by the purple, goo-ey alien eggs that were one of the props to inspire the alien designs and decided to make an alien hatchling. I soon realized I wanted it to look like an insect or reptilian alien (since it hatched from an egg) and decided to do a headswap between a G2 turtle LPS for the head and a G2 dragonfly for the body. I wanted to give it wings but sculpted them attached to its body as if it had just recently hatched and hadn’t opened its wings yet (this is why I cut off the wings from the original figure and donated them to my cellist bunny). I also decided to give it a placenta on its back as if it wasn’t completely ready to take care of itself yet. Sounds gross, I know! :D With my disgusting alien design in mind, I proceeded to sculpt the wings, placenta and some goo on its head (to give it more texture). It was a lot of fun and I got to utilize my texture brushes, yay!

So here he is:

PicsArt_1421655345049 PicsArt_1421600906573

…Eww! But I’d definitely say he was a success! :) The color scheme was inspired by the eggs (hence the purple tones). Painting the placenta was a lot of fun too, I really got to experiment with what made the grossest effect! I even added gloss to it (as well as the eyes, wings and goo on the head) to give it a more moist feel. My mom said she felt sick from looking at the custom so I guess it came across like I wanted it to (sorry mom!) :D Strangely enough he still manages to be endearing and even a little bit cute (like hatchlings should be, right?)!

So there you go! I hope you enjoyed this week’s post and check back in a week for my simian alien! I haven’t started designing him yet (I want to hear the directions given in the upcoming episode) but I can tell I will have a bit of trouble with that as I still don’t feel overly confident with my alien designs xD Good to know though that the alien challenges will be done after that, it gives me hope that the rest of the season will be easier for me and my customs!

Until then!



Almost 300 LPS customs!

Excitement! I’m almost at my custom #300! I can’t believe I’ve made that many already, but seeing my collages of customs 1->100 and 101->200 as well as the almost finished 201->300 reminds me of how far I’ve come!

You’d think that someone who has made that many customs would be bored and not have the energy to put a lot of effort into every single new creation but on the contrary I’ve become even more of a perfectionist and want every new custom to be even better than the last one!

Hopefully I’ll be able to blow your mind with customs 300 onwards! ^_^

Here are all the customs I’ve made since last time (minus the FNAF customs I already showed you in the last post):

Custom #278 Pikachu (cockatiel). Made this one as a commission for the lovely Mary-Ann who already commissioned me for some Pokemon customs some time ago ^_^ It’s based on her adorable cockatiel Pikachu!

PicsArt_1420291983551Custom #280, Babydoll Kitten (original character). Making this one inbetween the commissions and FNAF characters was great for me because I could freestyle as much as I wanted with the details ^_^ I love how she turned out!<3


Custom #281 Patamon, made as a commission ^_^ He turned out so adorable! He looks very different from the first Patamon custom I made!


Custom #283, Puppy inspired by Collie #58, made as a commission for BubbleLPStv<3


Custom #285 Silver Lining, also a commission for BubbleLPStv (it’s her design) :) She received a makeover since this photo was taken, her nose and paw pads are a light pink now. I’m glad these two will join BubbleLPStv’s little chihuahua she commissioned me to make some time ago!<3 I really loved this design so it was an honor to get to make a custom of it! ^_^


Custom #286, Piper. Also a commission! Made for Addison based on her design ^_^ The gradient wings were so much fun to paint! She turned out so adorable!


Custom #287, Bolt from Disney’s Bolt :) Also a commission! Painting the tiny “Bolt” name on his collar was challenging but it turned out great! I’ll try to post a picture of the detail soon ^_^


Custom #289 Mythical Beast (not sure what this is from!), made as a commission as well! The reference picture was really simple so I had a lot of fun trying to design details to it to make it more interesting ^_^ It’s so adorable!

PicsArt_1421084113535Custom #290, Clara the (creepy) porcelain doll. She’s my original design that I felt inspired to make after making Cerise (the kawaii custom made from the same base figure). I have a really irrational fear of old porcelain dolls (or any creepy dolls / puppets in general) but for some reason I felt like I wanted to make a custom to face my fears xD The best part is that Clara’s face makes me uncomfortable when I look at it so I guess it’s a success! :D I’m keeping her though as a reminder that I managed to create something that was exactly as I envisioned!


Custom #291 Dug from Disney’s Up. Made as a commission :) I think he looks adorable! I love how the paint job turned out, he looks so delicious and cream-colored ^_^ Dug and Bolt are going to the same new home!


Custom #292 inspired by Pusheen Cat, made as a commission ^_^ Made from a G3 bear that somehow looked perfect as a cat!


So there we go! I also made Toy Bonnie after this but I’ll post all the FNAF 2 customs together once they’re finished ^_^ 7 customs to go and then I’ll have my 300 customs completed!<3

Other fun stuff:

I bought some “texture brushes” from an amazing seller on Etsy and I really hope this will take my customs to another level ^_^ Clara’s bow was made with one of them and this creature’s horn was made from another. The silicone piece seen in this photo is one of the “brushes”, you basically press it against the sculpted part to get a texture on it :)

texturebrushAlso, my website has a fun feature some of you might like! It’s updating slowly but  I promise it will feature all of my nearly 300 customs one day ^_^ Basically I’ve put up all customs under different categories so you can click them to see all related customs at once. These categories are as large as “Customs 1-100″ (as seen in picture 3) or as small as a specific base figure I used for a custom (as seen in pictures 1&2, it lists all customs made with that figure on one page) :) I really hope this can inspire people who have certain base figures as doubles and don’t know what to do with them!

PicsArt_1420897803094That’s it for this week! Hope to show off my 300th and 301st custom next week along with the customs of the characters from FNAF 2!



Five Nights at Pia’s Little Customs, part 1

A few days ago I finished my customs of the main characters from a game called Five Nights at Freddy’s!

Ever since I started my Instagram account, my followers have been begging me to make them. Originally I wasn’t interested because I hadn’t played the game and I felt it wouldn’t be authentic to make characters from a game I had no experience of. However, after months and months of comments like “Make LPS customs of the FNAF characters please!” I decided to look into the game and see what it was all about. I was pleasantly surprised! :) Since I’m such a huge wuss, I begged my fiance to download the game and play through it while I watched. I would have been way too creeped out to play it xD

After deciding to take on the project of making the customs, I had a dilemma of whether to make the customs cute or not. I had seen plenty of super-cute fanart of the animatronics but I wanted to take a different approach to the customs. I had already seen many adorable LPS customs of the characters but none were particularly creepy-looking so I decided to do my best do replicate the look of the game’s design (with teeth and all)! The first thing I did after deciding which figures to use on them was to cut off parts around their ears and limbs to give them “joints” between the body parts. I did this by using an x-acto knife and carefully carving them out. I actually managed to completely cut off Chica’s legs so I had to re-attach them using Green Stuff xD

WIP pictures from along the way:

Sketch276204730My original sketch of the customs. I hadn’t planned on giving Chica teeth until I realized she looked way too cute without them xD

IMG_20141230_224703My sketch of the Golden Freddy custom.

IMG_20141231_031712Golden Freddy, Bonnie and Chica sculpted.

The first custom I finished was Chica! She’s my favorite animatronic because her face is super creepy and hilarious at the same time :D Toffe really likes her too (and kinda hates her because she has managed to jumpscare him quite a few times!) so I thought I’d give him a good laugh by showing him the finished custom!

PicsArt_1420205597582Custom #276, Chica

I think she turned out really creepy looking! I tried to replicate her face when she looks into the office and you shine the light on her :D Since shadows play a huge role in the game’s design, I wanted to give my FNAF customs a darker and almost withered look. I did this by giving them a dark grey base coat and then dry-brushing the yellow / purple / brown onto them.

Next up was everyone’s favorite bunny animatronic, Bonnie:

PicsArt_1420291747075Custom #277, Bonnie

PicsArt_1420291886451I think he turned out really innocent and sweet looking! He’s adorable in the game too though so I didn’t feel like this was less successful than Chica in any way :)

Then I made Freddy Fazbear (who creeps me out a lot with his super weird laugh):

PicsArt_1420414049168Custom #279, Freddy Fazbear PicsArt_1420418205833I feel like they all go together pretty well! :)

Then came the character whose name I’ve been hearing way too much for the past half a year on Instagram and who everyone seems to think is “the friendly one” (umm, you know he stuffs you in a suit too, right?), every fanboy’s favorite Foxy! I used a G2 fox for his head and a G2 musical note panda for his body.


Custom #282 Foxy PicsArt_1420746005404

Detail shot of his chest “wound”, my favorite thing on this custom!


The crew!

I really love how Foxy turned out! He’s my second favorite after miss Chica :)

Finally there’s this super-creepy dude, Golden Freddy. He’s managed to give me a few jumps when I’ve watched Markiplier’s videos of the first FNAF game xD

PicsArt_1420745901891Custom #284, Golden Freddy

It may not be visible in this photo but his head is pretty tilted compared to regular LPS bears. I actually lodged a piece of plastic into his neck so he’s lopsided xD The things you do for customs…

So that’s it! The customs of the characters from first game are done! Now I just have a huge dilemma of whether or not I should sell them ;____; I really, really love how they turned out… Not sure if my heart could take it if I were to find a new home for them! We’ll see!

Of course I’m also doing the characters from the second game. In case you need to know which ones I’m making, here’s a list:

- Toy Chica, Toy Bonnie, Toy Freddy, Mangle (broken), Mangle (repaired, doing this one because I think it could be quite cute!), Balloon Boy, Marionette / puppet. The last two are causing me headaches because humanoid characters aren’t fun to make from LPS xD

Sneak peeks of the little Toy animatronics (who in my opinion are super cute and not very scary):


Freddy from the first game (left) and Toy Freddy (right)PicsArt_1420154225794Super kawaii Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica!

Part two will be up in a few weeks! :) Hope you enjoyed this post!