I’m still alive! + FAQ

Hey guys!

I haven’t posted anything in this blog for a while so I thought why not give you a little update on everything that’s going on in my life right now! Most of you probably know most of these things already from my videos but I thought it would be fun to write these things down anyway! I’ll also answer some VERY frequently asked questions so that people can check out this blog post in case they were wondering something :)

So here goes!

Our new house

We bought a house in October and we’ve been renovating it since then. This made me a whole lot busier than I’m used to but we’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! Our estimate is that we’ll be moving in at the beginning of next month (April)! I can’t wait! ^_^ Our house is almost twice as big as our current apartment which makes my life a whole lot easier! This means I’ll have a separate office / workshop for my customs and a separate one for my Let’s Play videos, yaay! I can’t wait to get rid of this “Omg we’re moving soon”-stress / panic as well xD

Because of this new project I’ve been unable to work on customs as much as I’ve wanted to, and this has in turn affected my commissions and my progress with my series that I’ve talked about in my videos.


I opened a few slots in January and I already noticed that those were a bit too much for me. Usually I take 2-3 weeks to make a commission but this time around it ended up being more like 4-6 weeks! I didn’t feel good about this and I don’t want a similar thing to happen which is why I won’t be opening new commission slots before we’ve moved into our new house and I’ve settled down into the new workshop. Please have patience! I promise I’ll open up new slots as soon as all that works out ^_^

My series

Ahh… Where do I begin? First off, I got the idea for my series last Summer, before our (awesome) wedding. During our 10-day honeymoon I scripted the entire synopsis for the episodes and I was super excited about getting it all done as soon as possible. When we came back home I continued making the customs for the series and scripting stuff here and there but after we bought the house I just didn’t have time to continue doing that. I promised myself – and you guys – that I wouldn’t be one of those LPSTubers who starts putting up episodes of a series and then takes ages in between episodes. I don’t disagree with what they do, it’s just that I couldn’t handle the stress of the most eager subscribers asking me when the next episode will be out. This means that before I can actually start airing episodes I have to script the entire season and all the episodes, I have to get all the characters, props and backgrounds for it, I have to record all the video and audio material for it, edit it and THEN I can put it up. I know it might seem silly to some of you but I’d hate to start airing it and then potentially never finish it.

However, with all of this being said, I love the story I came up with, I love my cast of characters and I’m very excited to share all that with you when I’m ready to do so! If you want to know the progress of what’s happened so far I’ve scripted the four first episodes and I have all my customs ready. Once I’ve settled into the new house I’m sure I’ll have more time and motivation to continue scripting it!

New projects

In case you didn’t know, I filmed my first Let’s Play video yesterday! I started playing Undertale and immediately failed before the game even started by accidentally unlocking the hard mode xD I’ll have to start over and name my character something else than “Frisk”! I’ll definitely continue playing and posting videos about it – it was more fun than I thought it would be! Maybe I’ll start a separate gaming channel one day ^_^

As for my beloved customs, it seems that I’ll be starting a few new collections soon! One of them being (most likely) Western Zodiac signs made from new LPS and another one being Eeveelutions! I was thinking of making all 9 of them plus “fake” Eeveelutions of the other types (like Fighting, Poison, Steel etc.)! I think it would be lots of fun and very challenging! I’ll also start making Undertale inspired customs someday soon, but I can’t say for sure when that will be. I feel like I need to play the game first so I get a better understanding of all the different characters and their personalities :)

Other fun stuff

Well, since I’m already recapping most of what’s been going on in my life, why not continue for a bit?

My baby niece was born on the 17th of January! She is the most adorable little baby and I love her so much! ;___; My new favorite “treat” for being productive and getting customs done is going to my sister’s and hanging out with her and the baby while watching RuPaul’s Drag Race xD

Speaking of babies, people keep asking me if me and my hubby are thinking of getting any of our own anytime soon so here’s my reply to that: We enjoy being just the two of us (plus our two silly cats), and I want to enjoy that for a little while longer. I love my niece and I want to enjoy hanging out with her without having to think about whether or not I want kids one day. I like my life as it is but I’m not by any means dismissing the thought of having kids one day! I guess we’ll see what happens in the future ^_^


To end this post I thought I’d post photos of some of my recent favorite customs!


My most recently completed LPS custom collection – Birthstones!PicsArt_03-06-01.51.20

One of my favorites of the bunch – October / Tourmaline! She will go up on eBay (along with July, August, September, November & December) next week ^_^ PicsArt_01-03-11.03.04My favorite custom from the collection – February / Amethyst! She is currently listed in my eBay shop (along with January, March, April, May and June).

PicsArt_02-17-11.36.25A little custom I made for my baby niece! <3 This is the way we write dates here in Finland, and I’m aware that it’s different from the way you write it in the US!

PicsArt_12-31-06.59.51A custom I made of Markiplier’s dog Chica :) I hope I’ll get to send it to him one day!

PicsArt_12-27-09.25.18A little Spring kitty that I won’t be selling because I love her too much xD

PicsArt_01-26-11.14.29A little custom inspired by the second episode of Face Off’s season 10! I still make customs based on the episodes even though I stopped recapping them here ^_^

PicsArt_02-15-10.58.19A cupid inspired custom that I made for Valentine’s Day <3

PicsArt_03-04-12.06.06A recent custom I made based on an awesome original character by the person who commissioned me! I had tons of fun bringing this character to life! ^_^

PicsArt_02-15-11.05.04 crazyhair_2

crazyhair_4 crazyhair_5And last but not least – my special custom #600! It’s a self portrait featuring my crazy hair and a bunch of things that I like that are tangled up in it xD

In case you were curious, the things are: A coffee cup (I’m a coffee addict so it was an obvious at choice), a donut (mmm… donuts), a microphone (I love singing!), a camera (I love photography!), an engagement / wedding ring (I’m married! Yaay!), a paint brush (for obvious reasons), an Instagram icon (that’s where I first got a bunch of lovely followers <3), a YouTube icon (because of my channel and my amazing subscribers), a cat (I’m a crazy cat lady!), a NES controller (I love retro games the most) and Berlin’s TV tower (Berlin is my favorite place in the world)!

I guess that explains most of the stuff that’s been going on so I’m going to end this blog post here :) Let me know if you have questions that need to be answered and I might answer them here someday soon! Also let me know what type of blog posts you’d like to see! I’d love to make a post about the different rooms in our new house and how I went about renovating & designing them but I’m not sure if anyone would be interested in reading about that xD

Anyways, hope you’re all doing good and see you again soon!

Love, Pia

One thought on “I’m still alive! + FAQ”

  1. Well I feel late to the party. I can feel your pain of being stress and busy. I love these blogs to much haha! Well I love stuff about houses renos house tours anything like that. Partly because I’m trying to find that special SAFE place to call home haha! I also love cats so maybe more of them. Of course customs but art takes time and I’m not rushing you. But I love when you go through detail and talk about them how you made them the backstory. I enjoy doing that no one seems to listen but eh love listening to others explain their creations. Also love the face off recaps. Anyway hope you’ll maybe keep doing the blogs no rush or stress do it after the move take things slow. Love ya ~Kat

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