Face Off Season 8 Episode 12 recap

Ha-haa! I’ve never posted a recap this early so I’m feeling particularly impressed with my time management skills this week! As I mentioned in my last post I’ll be away from tomorrow to Wednesday next week so I had to get cracking with my custom even before the episode had aired to get it finished in time!

This week’s episode of Face Off was a huge downer for me since it became very clear that this season the judges are prioritizing technical skills over any type of creativity. Yes, Darla may be more technically skilled than Emily, but her concept was so obvious and as inside the box as it could possibly be! Emily’s concept was completely new, inspired and once again she tried lots of new things technically that worked out beautifully! I can’t believe they would award Darla the win for a doll that we’ve seen a hundred times in tons of scary movies and even with last season’s Clown Doll that Sasha made (that was TONS more creative than this doll, might I add). It pisses me off that technical skills is what they’re looking for when concept design and creativity is what makes you stand out as an artist. The same goes for Julian’s super-obvious ventriloquist doll make-up versus Adam’s crazy baby doll. Adam has consistently become better and has been on the top (and won) more than Julian in recent episodes whereas Julian’s designs have gone downhill recently. There’s not one single reason I can think of that justifies keeping Julian over Adam. Even looking back at the Miss Intergalactic challenge (where they both were top looks), Adam’s concept was dramatic and completely unexpected whereas Julian’s (pretty as it was) looked like something we’ve seen before. I’m VERY mad at Face Off this week and if Darla or Julian end up winning this season I’ll be very disappointed (unless they miraculously end up coming up with amazingly creative concepts for their final looks). Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate both of them as technically skilled artists but in particular Darla’s concept design skills are not in any way inspiring. Sorry for the rant, it’s just something that REALLY pissed me off this week.

Right. The challenge this week was to create a creepy killer doll makeup inspired by classic dolls that they got to choose from.

Thoughts about the spotlight challenge:

Julian (Bottom looks): He chose the Ventriloquist dummy for his makeup. I was bored by his concept and it wasn’t painted very well. I also hated how badly defined the facial features were (normally ventriloquist dummies have very expressive faces!). It baffles me that he didn’t get eliminated even though this was his second week in the bottom.

Logan (Safe): He chose a Voodoo doll for his character. Oomph, him an Rayce really clashed this week! I hope it doesn’t bite Logan in the ass next week that he’s so stubborn. His Voodoo doll character looked pretty cool though I though the paint job was a little too monotone. Logan’s my second favorite now that Adam’s gone. At least his designs aren’t boring me to tears!

Darla (Top looks, won): She chose a porcelain doll for her creepy character, and that’s exactly what she did with her makeup (with cracking). What can I say, the concept was as obvious and safe as a concept possibly could be! Technically she executed the makeup very well and she deserved to be in top looks, but I detest the decision the judges made to award her the win over Emily. Also, I hated how high up the hairline was, normally porcelain dolls don’t have freakishly high hairlines like hers had.

Adam (Bottom looks, eliminated): He chose the Baby doll for his demonic creature. I’m a bit disappointed that he didn’t listen to mr. Westmore and Rayce when they both pointed out the flaws in his design. Oh Adam, so stubborn! At least he got eliminated after doing something he loved. The concept was very out there (in my opinion it looked too much like a cyborg) and unfortunately wasn’t executed well enough for the judges but at least it wasn’t a safe, boring design! I’d still take his creepy tentacle baby doll anytime over Julian’s boring ventriloquist dummy.

Emily (Top looks): She chose the Rag doll. I love the decision she made of making a mold from the crepe wool, the texture looked amazing! I also loved the cotton “coming out” from the doll! The wig was really impressive (as always!) and the entire character just looked incredibly well-made and creepy (while still looking beautiful!). Emily just continues to impress me week after week with her creativity and she is totally overlooked by the judges.

The other two dolls that weren’t chosen were Russian nesting dolls (which could have worked really well with Adam’s concept!) and a Papier Mache doll (I think? Not sure though!).

A really stupid week on Face Off. Emily should have won and Julian should have been sent home.


My design for this week is based on a ventriloquist dummy (a very traditional one). The concept is that a puppet maker’s son died under horrific circumstances and his father wanted to make a doll to honor his memory. The doll became possessed by the boy’s vengeful spirit and is now killing people. Very standard :D

So here is custom #373, “Puppet” (in lack of a better name).


I think he looks really creepy! Very standard in terms of design but effectively creepy anyway. He’s made from a boxer LPS in case you were wondering :D

Next week’s episode features the artists creating steampunk cyborg characters based on classic Western characters. Wait what?! I have no experience with steampunk, cyborgs or Western characters :D I’m so screwed! I’ll still try my best though but don’t expect anything amazing from me next week!

Now off to cry silently because of Adam’s elimination and once I’m over that I’ll pack for London! See ya next week!

– Pia

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