Face Off Season 8 Episode 11 recap

For once I’m posting a day before the next episode airs, woop! Speaking of which, I’ll try my hardest to get this week’s episode’s recap + custom up on Friday (I’m going to London on Saturday -> Wednesday) but if I don’t have time to do that I’ll have to post on next week’s Thursday instead. We’ll see how it goes!

So last week’s episode featured creativity at its purest form as the Face Off contestants got to create characters based on six kids’ imaginary friends! I have to admit that I never had an imaginary friend as a kid, I only had plush toys that I’d imagine coming to life during the night (nowadays that thought freaks me out since I recently received a very creepy-looking Chica from FNAF plush…).

It was interesting to see how out of the champion coaches Laura was the only one who pointed out exactly what you shouldn’t do in this type of challenge, mainly trying to do EXACTLY what your kid wanted. If Ben had gotten that memo, I don’t think he would have been eliminated.

Thoughts about the spotlight challenge:

Julian (Bottom looks): He made a character called B-Boy Z for a little breakdancing boy called Andrew. I loved the initial concept but I completely understand why Laura asked him to do something else. The final look was pretty confusing, as the judges pointed out. I liked the bone mohawk on it but ultimately the character looked too much like a skeleton and not enough like a zombie. When I first watched the episode I was shocked that Ben was eliminated but looking back at some of their creations I have to agree that Julian had more top looks than Ben.

Darla (Top looks): She made a diamond-faced character for Jordyn. I have to say, I really, really didn’t like the character. The color of the face, hair and dress clashed for me but I guess the character was alright if you’d have her in a super-colorful children’s movie or TV show. The fact that the button-glasses received a ton of praise was kind of hilarious considering it was Laura’s idea to have them and not Darla’s. Another thing that bugged me was the way the model was smiling, it showed the rough seams around the mouth and looked really creepy! She tends to do that with all her makeups though.

Emily (Safe): I have to say, Emily’s bunny character “Lulu” that she made for Maya ended up looking pretty creepy! However, I love how she was really creative once again and flocked the entire character. Too bad the judges didn’t notice it! I also loved the color palette and wig she made for it. Ve’s comment that Emily should have done a big hairdo was totally uncalled for though, considering she complained about the hair last week!

Ben (Bottom looks, eliminated): He did a monster for a little boy called Blayne who had a long list of features he wanted on the character. I wish Anthony had told him to edit the character a bit but as a coach he didn’t seem to find the balance of helping Ben and force him to think critically. The monster was cute but looked really, really rough and unfinished. With a bit more time I think Ben could have pulled it off and made it into a very cool look! Very sad to see him and Anthony go!

Logan (Safe): He made a Mermaid called Bella for the adorable Alexandra. Logan did a great job, especially considering how reluctant he was to do something so pink and pretty. I loved his reaction to her explanation, he’s pretty hilarious! Logan is really becoming a contender for taking the whole thing (though I’m still rooting more for Emily and Adam)!

Adam (Top looks, won): How has Adam not won a single challenge before this? He has had so many great characters in previous challenges! His big-mouthed character called Lazor was a great example of doing just enough based on the kid’s design and putting your own spin (and editing skills) to it. Lance seemed to like it too even though it didn’t have every single feature he wanted. I really loved the final look, it was super cool!

Overall a very interesting week on Face Off! I didn’t really love any of the characters apart from Adam’s though.

My design for this week is based on Maya’s imaginary friend “Lulu”. The only thing we heard about it was that it’s a bunny and it’s super cute. Sounds like a perfect description for a bunny custom, right?! I also wanted to give a little love to Emily with this one and give the custom really crazy hair. The color scheme was inspired by the character that Emily created. I think she turned out very cute and whimsical!

So here is custom #367, “Lulu”.


Tomorrow’s episode features the artists creating deadly dolls. I’m not looking forward to it for two reasons:

1. I hate dolls. They creep me out.

2. I’ve already made two customs based on creepy dolls. Why do I have to make a third one?! Argh. But, an artist does what has to be done. So the third creepy doll will for sure be the creepiest. At least I’ll try!

Until next week!

– Pia

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