Face Off Season 8 Episode 8 & 9 recap

Oomph! Here is an extremely late recap once again! Very sorry for the delay, I was abroad last week and have been battling a cold ever since I got back :( Not a very inspiring start to get me back to customizing!

This is going to be a very quick recap but I hope you enjoy the customs! :)

Episode 8 was very standard and kind of boring to me. I don’t enjoy horror movies so most of the makeups did nothing for me.

Thoughts about the spotlight challenge:

Emily (Top looks): She got a very funky feathered shirt. I didn’t like the outfit but once again I’m head over heels with Emily’s creation! The “cage” she designed looked amazing and I’m really bummed out that it didn’t work out.

Stephanie (Bottom looks): Oh boy. The outfit she chose was very odd-looking so I understand why she had a hard time coming up with a concept for the makeup! The makeup itself was terrible, I didn’t really know what was going on on the right side of the model’s face.

Darla (Safe): Looked like an alien, not a demon. The model’s expression during the reveal looked really dorky too and the seams around the mouth looked kind of rough. Can’t say much about the outfit since it didn’t seem very interesting.

Adam (Safe): With that absolutely hideous outfit as inspiration I’m shocked Adam managed to create something so cool!  I’m surprised that he wasn’t in top looks, it was really unique and interesting. Good job Adam!

Jamie (Bottom looks, eliminated):  What a terrible makeup. I really like Jamie but everything was wrong with this, both the sculpting and paint looked super rough. The concept itself looked super cool as a sketch but just didn’t translate into the makeup. Sorry to say but Jamie deserved to go home at this stage, her creations were such hit-or-miss quality compared to the rest of the artists.

Julian (Top looks): He managed to do something really cool considering the wacky outfit he chose was supposed to be the inspiration for it! The makeup looked really well-made and super scary.

Ben (Top looks, won): I loved the look Ben chose and he absolutely did everything right in this challenge! He deserved to win this one. The back of the head was super cool and the overall presentation was clean and beautiful as well as futuristic.

Logan (Safe): I loved his concept of the different poisons on his arms but the makeup was really messy-looking unfortunately (both the face and the arms). Logan is an interesting artist, he has such out-of-the-box ideas that sometimes are very hard to read from the final look.

Kelly (Top looks): I just can’t get on board with Kelly’s creations. It was a cool concept and the mask was a super-cool touch but it looked incredibly messy and not “intelligent and stylish”. The cuts on her forehead in particular bothered me, they just looked so clumsy (maybe because of the wacky hairline? I don’t know!). I didn’t like it at all.

My custom for this week’s challenge obviously doesn’t look scary, but it was inspired by avant-garde for sure! I chose this look from Viktor & Rolf Spring / Summer 2015:

Photo from:

She’s a deadly, avant-garde wearing scarecrow. I kind of love how she turned out! ^_^

PicsArt_1426544095095Here’s a WIP photo so you see what I sculpted (yes, those are toothpicks :D):


Onto episode 9! Warning: alien beauties are not my forte at all!

My thoughts on the Holi-powder foundation challenge makeups:

Team Laura:

Stephanie (Won immunity): Wanted to show the transformation from Winter to Spring. Her look was gorgeous and deserved the win!

Emily: She did some very pretty effects by drawing lines using water. Very delicate but not a great use of colors.

Darla: Radiating fingertips seemed to be the only thing about this makeup that was memorable.

Julian: They didn’t really show his final look! But it looked cute (and random).

Team Rayce:

Logan: Used the colors quite randomly. Pretty effect with the drawn lines (though it seemed like he stole that idea from Emily)!

Adam: Tried to show a Phoenix with the colors. Kind of messy-looking but the look he was going for was apparent.

Team Anthony:

Kelly: Her model’s face looked pretty messy, but other than that it was alright!

Ben: The face of his model reminded me of a tropical bird, very pretty!

My thoughts about the absolutely dorky and super funny spotlight challenge:

Emily (Safe): She chose Miss Pinwheel Galaxy though by the end it looked more like Miss Super Glitter Galaxy! She was so excited about this challenge, it was a lot of fun to watch! I loved that she fabricated the dress for her model, it was a really amazing outfit! I agreed with the judges though that the face ultimately didn’t look very “beautiful” compared to the top looks.

Stephanie (Safe): She chose Miss Tadpole Galaxy. The smiling model looked so creepy but kind of funny too! I didn’t love the makeup though, there wasn’t really anything memorable about it unfortunately.

Ben (Bottom looks): He chose Miss Andromeda Galaxy. She just looked super creepy, I don’t really know what else to say! The makeup definitely missed the mark so Ben was lucky his two previous challenge wins kept him from going home!

Adam (Top looks): He chose Miss Cigar Galaxy. Adam managed to strike a great balance between a beautiful but super cool and cute character! I loved the profile, this was definitely one of my favorites this week! Adam is FINALLY stepping up his game!

Logan (Safe): He chose Miss Comet Galaxy. The final look was very forgettable and not very pretty (mainly because of her wonky upper lip). He was rightfully “safe” this week.

Julian (Top looks): He chose Miss Whirlpool Galaxy. She was so gorgeous, I can’t comprehend how he didn’t win this week! Julian keeps getting robbed and is overlooked way too much by the judges.

Kelly (Bottom looks, eliminated): She got Miss Sombrero Galaxy. I can see why a galaxy with that name would confuse Kelly enough to not be able to come up with a solid concept. The sculpt looked really rough around the mouth and the paint job was very wonky so Kelly definitely deserved to go home this week. Poor Anthony, only one of his artists remains in the competition!

Darla(Top looks, won): She chose Miss Sculptor Galaxy. I don’t know why this one won to be honest! It’s a gorgeous sculpt but Julian’s was so much prettier! This character’s face was just so stern-looking and the black dress added to the weirdly dark feel of the design. I love Darla and I’m glad she’s on top again but I just can’t get on board with the judges’ decision.

Here is my own creation, Miss Sunflower Galaxy! The petal shapes on her head were inspired by the galaxy’s name:


I loved painting her! But I don’t think she’ll be winning Miss Intergalactic anytime soon xD I’m not great with aliens and making a pretty one was even more challenging! I still think I did alright! In case it’s not obvious, I used a G3 chipmunk as the base figure for her.

Tonight’s episode will feature the artists as superheroes! No clue what my superpower would be but I guess I have to start figuring it out soon! :D

See you next week!

– Pia

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