Face Off Season 8 Episode 7 recap

Time for another very late Face Off recap! I’ll make this a very quick one since I still have to pack for Berlin today! :)

Thoughts about this episode: Bodypainting is a ridiculous and stupid challenge for makeup / special effect artists. I disliked the episode because the person who went home obviously wasn’t experienced with bodypainting and would have deserved to stay longer.

Foundation challenge makeups:

Team Laura:

Stephanie: Chose the Dandelion hat. I loved the hat! It had so much potential but the end result was not great! I thought the final makeup looked pretty terrible from afar.

Emily (Won immunity): She chose the metal and rhinestone hat and created a character based on the concept of an Emperor’s daughter. Absolutely gorgeous and deserved to win!

Darla: She made a Nomadic warrior. Not great at all, I didn’t understand the concept.

Julian: He made an ugly-looking demon thing. Forgettable.

Team Rayce:

Logan: Ship hat. Really ugly, no real concept and didn’t match the dramatic hat at all.

Rob (Top looks): He chose a top hat and based his character on Pinocchio. He had a lovely concept and makeup! I kind of wish he has won this challenge to keep him safe from elimination.

Adam: Looked pretty alright from a distance.

Team Anthony:

Kelly: She chose a toy hat. The final look was whimsical but looked really unoriginal.

Jamie: She made an evil Victorian Queen. Very average and unforgettable.

Ben: He made a  Geisha / Japanese-looking makeup. Pretty, but not a standout.

Thoughts about the spotlight challenge:

Emily & Jamie (Top looks): They chose the Honey Bee. Both looks were absolutely gorgeous, especially up close! Super, duper pretty!

Darla & Stephanie (Safe): They chose the Jewel Beetle. The boobs looked kinda awkwardly positioned…! The second model was barely utilized which was a shame. I’m very surprised they were safe and not bottom looks!

Adam & Rob (Bottom looks, Rob eliminated): They chose the Ladybug. Oh boy. The larvae looked terrible (almost like muscle tissue) and I totally agree with the judges that the Ladybug looked terrible. Her hair was especially distracting. I felt sad that Rob was eliminated, he was such a sweet and talented guy!

Julian & Logan (Top looks, Logan won): They chose the Cuckoo Wasp. It was gorgeous and clever so they totally deserved to win! They owe it all to Laura though!

Ben & Kelly (Bottom looks): They chose the European Hornet and completely forgot about what team work means. Ben is way too stubborn and clearly only thought about himself in this challenge.

Anyways, here is my own creation was inspired by Emily’s Queen Bee:


I love how she turned out, especially since this was only a repaint!

Next week there won’t be a recap since I’m in Berlin on holiday (FINALLY!!!) but there will be a double episode recap in a few weeks :)

See you again in a few weeks!

– Pia

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