Face Off Season 8 Episode 6 recap

Hellooo! Another week, another Face Off recap! I’m slowly getting back into customizing after having a rough couple of weeks so it’s getting better! :) I promise I’ll write a customs #326 -> #340 post  soon!

If there’s one thing about last week’s episode that I want to talk about, it’s how trolls are my least favorite fantasy creatures. I hate their aesthetics and as you saw with the outcome of this episode, that’s something you apparently can’t change up too much without accidentally making it a non-troll. I love pretty creatures and the standard troll features are everything but that. With my custom I luckily found a little loop-hole in the aesthetics that made my design both cute and troll-like! We’ll get to that in a bit!

The trolls and my super-biased opinions on the designs:

Emily (Bottom looks): She chose the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. I loved her design (mainly because I’m a huge fan of hers) apart from the mouth but I agree with the judges that it didn’t look like a troll. I like how she’s going for very feminine looks every week but I hope she shows us more variety in her designs soon!

Darla (Safe): She chose the Python Bridge in Amsterdam. I didn’t really like it but I agree that the paint job was great. I’m glad she was safe though since I’m rooting for her!

Anthony (Bottom looks, eliminated): He got the Helix Bridge in Sinpagore. Poor Anthony! He had a whole complex backstory worked out for the character and the judges completely misunderstood the concept. I think he’s really talented (and I also liked the design!) but he just didn’t know how to give the judges what they wanted. Also, the way Rayce screwed up the challenge for his entire team was kind of sad and showed that even a seasoned Face Off veteran doesn’t always know what the judges are looking for! To be completely honest I don’t understand why the judges were so incredibly conservative with their thoughts on troll aesthetics. I understand why Rayce gave his team the advice to do something unexpected but clearly it didn’t pay off!

Adam (Safe): He chose the Dragon Bridge in Bali. I love Adam and his designs, this one included (though the stone chin was a bit weird)! I was super impressed by his sketch during the design phase, I hope he makes it far!

Julian (Safe): He chose the Corvin Bridge in Transylvania. I thought his design was very traditional and quite ugly. The proportions were really odd too.

Ben (Top looks): He chose the Python Bridge in Amsterdam. Oh man, I don’t really know what to say about this one! I like that he thought completely outside the box (and he absolutely deserved to be in top looks) but MAN was that face ugly! The belly button was terrible too but maybe it looked better in real life? I just didn’t like it at all, probably because the troll aesthetics do nothing for me.

Rob (Bottom looks): He chose the Tower Bridge in London. I actually liked this one (apart from the mouth) but it definitely looked more like a goblin than a troll.

Kelly (Top looks): She chose the Tower Bridge in London. I just can’t get on board with Kelly’s designs, I’m sorry. I thought the sculpt was too similar to her Queen of Spades and she’s a one-trick pony for me. I’m waiting for her to step it up and show variety or go home. This also didn’t look like a troll to me.

Jamie (Top looks, winner): She chose the Dragon Bridge in Bali. I loved her troll and she absolutely deserved to win this one. The wood texture was lovely and it was a perfect concept for this challenge! Good job Jamie! Keep it up!

Stephanie (Safe): She chose the Corvin Castle Bridge in Transylvania. This was super ugly and overworked, sorry Stephanie!

Logan (Safe): He chose the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Another misstep from Rayce’s team. There was way too much going on and it didn’t work with the challenge since it looked nothing like a troll.

All in all a pretty unsuccessful week since I didn’t love a single one of the designs apart from Jamie’s!

Anyways, onto my own creation!

I’ll tell you my inspiration behind this week’s custom as it’s not the stereotypical troll! I chose the same bridge as Adam & Jamie, and decided to draw inspiration from these troll toys I used to have as a kid (photo from Wikipedia):

So here you go, here’s my little forest troll (with a huge branch on the head instead of hair):

PicsArt_1424788553922I’m really happy with how it turned out! He’s pretty adorable but looks sufficiently troll-like to me :)

Hope you enjoyed my post and my custom! Can’t wait to watch tonight’s episode!

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