First post of the year!

Hi guys! Long time no see! Happy New Year! :)

Also, happy one year anniversary to my Etsy shop! ^_^


It’s been an amazing year!<3

I’ll try to make this blog post as short as possible since I’m in panic mode once again!

I was supposed to have a real Christmas holiday and go to Stockholm this week but unfortunately my fiance got a mild case of pneumonia just before the trip so we had to stay in Finland :( This just goes to show how much I enjoy my job – and how much of a workaholic I am – instead of trying to have a chill week I decided to take on the challenge of making 10 additional customs (11 once I get the base figure for Mangle) based on the characters from Five Nights at Freddy’s! I will post more about this project once the customs are done :)

Anyways, customs made since last time I posted:

#264 Kiako, the winner of my Husky Design competition that I hosted to celebrate my Etsy shop’s one-year anniversary! ^_^ I think he turned out really beautiful, I personally loved this design a lot due to its simplicity and delicate details :) I hope lps_mystic loves the custom once it arrives to her!

PicsArt_1419020888763 PicsArt_1419020794604 #265 Sugar Rush (OC), inspired by Christmas candy (and the feeling you get after eating too much of them!) :) This custom has been sold already<3

PicsArt_1419020269283 PicsArt_1419509675962

#266 Lemur, made this one for my mum as a Christmas present! She really loved it ^_^ The head is from a Penny Ling figure and the body is from a G3 cat.


#267 Dachshund #675 (Savvy from LPS Popular) G3 version :) This one will be up for sale soon! The tip of the tail has been painted white since this photo was taken :D


#268 Doge, made from a G3 husky figure :) I love how it turned out! He will be up for sale soon too!

doge_meme PicsArt_1419597761866

#269 Kokoro (Japanese word for heart), original character by me. Made from a G2 poodle figure. I think he looks super cute, just like a little cupid :) He will be for sale soon<3


#270 Scarlet the Snowy owl Griffin, made from a G2 owl head and G3 lion body.¬† She’s an original character of mine :) To swap heads like this, the plastic ring in the neck of the head has to be removed completely.

Originally I wanted to paint the eyes yellow but I decided to make them red so she would look different from my owl-dragon Honey. Scarlet is a demon whose powers are limited to being so cute she’ll steal your heart :) She will be up for sale soon!

PicsArt_1419597607807 PicsArt_1419598374194

#271 Matt Berry, a very odd custom I made for Toffe as a Christmas present :D I used a G3 lion head and a G3 Penny Ling body for him.


#272 Mimi in its usual state :D Also made this for Toffe as a Christmas present. She’s made from a G3 otter figure.


#273 Teto (from Nausicaä), made from a G2 corgi figure. I sculpted additional mass on his legs to make him more well-proportioned :) He will be up for sale soon!


#274 Bowser, made from a G2 turtle. He turned out way too innocent-looking xD But he’s very cute nonetheless! He will also be up for sale soon!

PicsArt_1420205417813 PicsArt_1420205467570#275 Birdo, made from a G2 seal head and a G2 kangaroo body. This will be a going-away gift for my friend Rob once he leaves for Japan :)


Sneak peeks for my next post which will be all about my FNAF customs :)

Golden Freddy sketch:


Golden Freddy, Bonnie and Chica sculpted:


Freddy from FNAF 1 and Toy Freddy sculpted:


Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica sculpted:


So excited to make them! :) I finished Chica yesterday and she looks terrifying xD Can’t wait to show the finished customs to you all!

Until next week!

Love, Pia

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