Valentine’s Day LPS customs

I’m super excited about Valentine’s Day this year because we’re going to Berlin tomorrow to celebrate it! It’s going to be super romantic! <3 ^_^

I decided to make a LPS customs couple and since I’ve been planning to make Disney themed customs for a long time, I thought Bambi and Faline would be perfect for the occasion!

So here are Disney’s sweethearts, Bambi and Faline as LPS customs:

IMG_4242ps IMG_4246ps

I think they look super cute together! ^_^ I had to change their ear design because I had a hard time understanding how the colors are distributed on them, but I think they look nice nonetheless :)

The fawns were made from these two LPS figures (Bambi first, Faline second):

deer2 deer1

I repainted both completely and sculpted some fluff on Bambi’s head to give him a more boyish look.

Hope you like them!

Happy Valentine’s day! <3

(P.S. I actually made Toffe watch Bambi a few weeks ago because he had never seen the movie from beginning to end. I started crying hysterically when Bambi’s mom died. Yes, I’m turning 25 this year and still cry at children’s movies :D Some things just scar you for life…)

8 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day LPS customs”

  1. Wow these are so cut I had some plan deer’s and I made both of them. Your such a good artist and love your five nights at freedys customs. I live to watch you videoes I think I subscribed. And love all your customs. And can you check out my channel its lpsgreatdane. I haven’t made it yet so it wont pop up. And mist wanted to say that your so cool and awesome. One other thing that I wanted to tell you is that I had made a deer custom that you wold like and if we talk on instant gram or something like google what ever you want hp that’s fine and I will send y

  2. woah…. I didn’t know you were that talented… like I couldn’t even do that. you are talented. P.S are you Piaslittlecustoms? if you are PLEASE SUB ME my youtube is and that boxing vid ya did I was first vewer. but I was logged off my youtube then… and I couldn’t comment… Thank You! Love LpsWillowCatProductions

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