Little miracle

Hi all!

I haven’t posted anything on this blog in a very long time but I thought it might be nice to at least make a short (or long!) post to talk about something incredible that has been a big part of my life for the past 9 months!

As most of you know (through my Instagram posts or YouTube videos) I’m pregnant! We’re expecting a little baby boy and my due date is THIS WEEK! I very much doubt he’ll be arriving anytime soon though since I haven’t really had any signs that he would be joining us in the next few days :)

I thought it might be fun to tell you all about how we got to this point, and look back at these months and do a little reflecting.

This was a totally planned pregnancy and we didn’t have to try for very long. However, I’ve prepared myself for this incredible journey for a few years already as I’ve looked into hypnobirthing, something that changed my whole outlook on pregnancy and motherhood!

A little background…

Before I heard about hypnobirthing I had a massive fear of giving birth; in fact it was so bad that I told my husband I might never even want to have kids! I went back and forth with the idea of doing a planned c-section just to avoid natural childbirth and it all seemed like a horrible ordeal I would have to deal with while my husband wouldn’t have to suffer in any way (which to me seemed totally unfair!).

Fast forward a year or so and I randomly see the word “hypnobirthing” pop up on an Instagram profile I follow. I got intrigued (mostly because I thought it would be something very strange and fascinating, like actual stage hypnosis) and started looking into the subject. Turns out this whole way of thinking is just about making women aware that childbirth is totally safe, natural, beautiful and not necessarily painful! Hypnobirthing teaches women to relax, breath and flow with the process of birth rather than fight it, therefore making the whole experience a calmer, more peaceful event than what you’d see in most movies or TV series. It also involves your birth partner, and it just so happens I have the most amazing, supportive husband in the world. He has been completely involved in this whole process, coming to every doctor’s appointment and birth class with me and he has never made me feel like I’m alone in this whole ordeal. I know he will be with me throughout labor and together we will make it the most amazing thing we ever get to experience.

So, in short, I went from being panicked about childbirth to actually looking forward to it! My plans are to not interfere with the process of birth at all (=no drugs or an epidural) but I’m not completely against pain medication either. If I really feel like I need to manage the pain with other methods than those I’ve learned in my hypnobirthing class, I’ll do what’s best for me. As with everything in my pregnancy so far (and hopefully with motherhood once the baby is born) I intend to just take it easy and see what happens. As long as I have my husband’s support I’ll make it through anything just fine :)

So what’s going on right now?

I’ve really enjoyed these (soon) 40 weeks of pregnancy and I don’t feel like I’m in a rush to meet my baby boy. He’ll come when he’s ready and I’ll just do my best to enjoy the last few days / weeks me and my hubby have as a twosome :) As for my art, the first trimester sucked me dry of any energy I had so I got very little work done. In my second trimester I felt pretty good and actually managed to get a few customs done here and there (but not nearly as much as I should!). Now, in my third trimester, I’ve been pretty tried too but luckily I got a few customs made and sold before I started my maternity leave. I have no idea how long my break will be, I guess it mostly depends on how well I recover from labor and if our baby will be calm or difficult! Either way having a baby won’t mean it’s the end of customizing for me :)

Here’s a little ultrasound picture of our darling at only 12 weeks, time really flies!:


My bump at 33 weeks (size of a pineapple):


Speaking of my bump (warning: this will get VERY personal), I’ve gotten questions about how I feel about my body changing so much during pregnancy. The truth is that I feel amazing! It’s incredible that my body can grow an actual human and I’ve cherished every moment with this ever-growing bump. Something I’ve never shared on my social media is that I have a large abdominal scar that reaches horizontally across my stomach (I’ve had it since I was a child due to undergoing surgery multiple times for my cancer treatment) and I’ve always been worried how it would react to a possible pregnancy. Turns out it’s stretched out perfectly without any complications, and seeing my imperfect bump is proof that my body is capable of amazing things. If I were to feel bad about my looks I’d both neglect the fact that I survived cancer and that my body managed to create this wonderful little miracle in me. I’d never take either experience for granted, and I will continue to cherish my body and every scar and bump that shows what I’ve been though. I encourage every lady out there to take a long hard look in the mirror and tell themselves they are incredible <3

So here ends this rather long and very personal blog post, I hope this was an interesting read to anyone out there who was wondering why I’m not as active on my Instagram profile / YouTube channel and I hope this answered your questions ^_^ It’s crazy to think that our baby boy could join us at any moment! These past nine months have just flown by and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for our little family <3

Lots of love,