Face Off Season 8 Episode 14 recap

Whoops, this Finale recap is way overdue! Very sorry for that! :D I got so bummed out by Darla winning that it was hard to feel inspired to write anything! I think I’ve calmed down now though xD

The reason I was so bummed out was because ONCE AGAIN the most obvious concept was awarded the win. Really Darla? The four Elements? That’s the first thing that pops into your head when you have a group of four characters. It’s so uncreative. I also hated how pretty much the only creative decisions made in the designs came from other contestants in her team. I’m sure she led the team well and the concepts fit her vision but the fact that those small details were someone else’s ideas kind of took away from her deserving the win. To me Logan’s characters were much more creative and fun and really looked like a team. Emily’s were the weakest unfortunately but I’m glad she made something that she was happy about.

Thoughts about the individual characters:

Emily’s four Post-Apocalyptic characters:

Glass: I loved this one, the colors were beautiful and the glass was really well made. Definitely one of her better characters.

Wood: I didn’t love this one. The wood looked nice and realistic but the character didn’t really have a solid design concept nor did the face stand out enough to give it an expression.

Leather: Such a beautiful and cool character! I loved her hair and beauty makeup, it looked perfect for a post-apocalyptic assassin. Probably my favorite out of all four characters by Emily.

Metal: Once again, not a great concept for a character. The face also looked muddy and messy. I wish the face would have stood out a bit more and had more contrast to the rest of the head. The blemishes and bulges also didn’t look realistic enough.

All in all her characters weren’t edited enough and sadly only two of them stood out. The group wasn’t really cohesive, they didn’t look like a team to me.

Darla’s four Fantasy characters:

Air: Definitely the best of the bunch. Her color palette was subtle and pretty and all the details were stunning.

Fire: This looked more like a Stone Elemental to me. I didn’t like the lip nor the hair, it was way too pink and didn’t look like fire to me. If the hair was supposed to be fire or fire-y, they should also have somehow showed that in the surrounding stone by adding highlights to it.

Earth:  I just couldn’t get on board with this one, there was simply too much going on on her head, her dress and her staff. The face almost looked out of place in the middle of it all. I wish they would have added more contrast to the design of her head versus the rest of her and not made her into one big lump of flowers and mushrooms. She also looked really bulky, which added to the “too much” feel of the character.

Water: I didn’t like this one either, sadly. The mouth looked really strange and they definitely could have added something interesting to the silhouette. Seems like this character had the least thought put into it.

I liked her Air Spirit but the rest were very under- or overwhelming. I still can’t believe she won the whole thing by making such predictable and uninspired choices.

Logan’s four Sci-Fi characters:

Skunk: How adorable was she?! I loved the neon green pops of color, it really worked with the story of her being smelly and having to be locked up because of that. She had a great silhouette and looked great.

Lizard: I loved his silhouette too, but I feel like all the shapes and details could have been toned down just a little bit (maybe by making the spikes shorter or a more muted color?).  He definitely looked like the leader of the group.

Armadillo: I really liked this one too apart from the asymmetry of the face as well as the eyes being a bit too sunk in. His teeth were also a bit silly-looking but his silhouette was great.

Hammerhead shark: I wish they would have made him slightly more saturated or darker colors since his color palette was a bit too different from the rest. His sculpted parts were a bit rough as well. I still loved his alien-esque look and thought it was a great and unusual choice of an animal for the fourth character.

I thought his characters were solid and I loved all of them (the Skunk in particular!). They definitely looked cohesive and looked like a team.

So there we go, even though I might have sounded horribly critical I still think that that was a pretty good cast of characters over all. I think the champion coaches really helped improve the quality of the designs throughout the entire competition. It was a great season!

Here are my two customs that I made. I chose Fantasy since it was the theme I was most comfortable with. I made a (big sister) Fire Dragon and a (little brother) Ice Dragon. I wanted to make them as detailed as possible so I chose to go with a wood texture theme on both.

Miss Fire Dragon:

PicsArt_1431290761430 fire4 fire2

She’s supposed to look like burned charcoal / wood.

Little Baby Ice Dragon:

PicsArt_1431290808565 ice2 ice4

He’s supposed to look like frosty / snowy dead trees.

I’m really excited to start making more Face Off customs later this month when season 9 starts! :) See ya then!

Thanks for reading my recaps, I’ve enjoyed writing them! ^_^

– Pia