Face Off Season 8 Episode 11 recap

For once I’m posting a day before the next episode airs, woop! Speaking of which, I’ll try my hardest to get this week’s episode’s recap + custom up on Friday (I’m going to London on Saturday -> Wednesday) but if I don’t have time to do that I’ll have to post on next week’s Thursday instead. We’ll see how it goes!

So last week’s episode featured creativity at its purest form as the Face Off contestants got to create characters based on six kids’ imaginary friends! I have to admit that I never had an imaginary friend as a kid, I only had plush toys that I’d imagine coming to life during the night (nowadays that thought freaks me out since I recently received a very creepy-looking Chica from FNAF plush…).

It was interesting to see how out of the champion coaches Laura was the only one who pointed out exactly what you shouldn’t do in this type of challenge, mainly trying to do EXACTLY what your kid wanted. If Ben had gotten that memo, I don’t think he would have been eliminated.

Thoughts about the spotlight challenge:

Julian (Bottom looks): He made a character called B-Boy Z for a little breakdancing boy called Andrew. I loved the initial concept but I completely understand why Laura asked him to do something else. The final look was pretty confusing, as the judges pointed out. I liked the bone mohawk on it but ultimately the character looked too much like a skeleton and not enough like a zombie. When I first watched the episode I was shocked that Ben was eliminated but looking back at some of their creations I have to agree that Julian had more top looks than Ben.

Darla (Top looks): She made a diamond-faced character for Jordyn. I have to say, I really, really didn’t like the character. The color of the face, hair and dress clashed for me but I guess the character was alright if you’d have her in a super-colorful children’s movie or TV show. The fact that the button-glasses received a ton of praise was kind of hilarious considering it was Laura’s idea to have them and not Darla’s. Another thing that bugged me was the way the model was smiling, it showed the rough seams around the mouth and looked really creepy! She tends to do that with all her makeups though.

Emily (Safe): I have to say, Emily’s bunny character “Lulu” that she made for Maya ended up looking pretty creepy! However, I love how she was really creative once again and flocked the entire character. Too bad the judges didn’t notice it! I also loved the color palette and wig she made for it. Ve’s comment that Emily should have done a big hairdo was totally uncalled for though, considering she complained about the hair last week!

Ben (Bottom looks, eliminated): He did a monster for a little boy called Blayne who had a long list of features he wanted on the character. I wish Anthony had told him to edit the character a bit but as a coach he didn’t seem to find the balance of helping Ben and force him to think critically. The monster was cute but looked really, really rough and unfinished. With a bit more time I think Ben could have pulled it off and made it into a very cool look! Very sad to see him and Anthony go!

Logan (Safe): He made a Mermaid called Bella for the adorable Alexandra. Logan did a great job, especially considering how reluctant he was to do something so pink and pretty. I loved his reaction to her explanation, he’s pretty hilarious! Logan is really becoming a contender for taking the whole thing (though I’m still rooting more for Emily and Adam)!

Adam (Top looks, won): How has Adam not won a single challenge before this? He has had so many great characters in previous challenges! His big-mouthed character called Lazor was a great example of doing just enough based on the kid’s design and putting your own spin (and editing skills) to it. Lance seemed to like it too even though it didn’t have every single feature he wanted. I really loved the final look, it was super cool!

Overall a very interesting week on Face Off! I didn’t really love any of the characters apart from Adam’s though.

My design for this week is based on Maya’s imaginary friend “Lulu”. The only thing we heard about it was that it’s a bunny and it’s super cute. Sounds like a perfect description for a bunny custom, right?! I also wanted to give a little love to Emily with this one and give the custom really crazy hair. The color scheme was inspired by the character that Emily created. I think she turned out very cute and whimsical!

So here is custom #367, “Lulu”.


Tomorrow’s episode features the artists creating deadly dolls. I’m not looking forward to it for two reasons:

1. I hate dolls. They creep me out.

2. I’ve already made two customs based on creepy dolls. Why do I have to make a third one?! Argh. But, an artist does what has to be done. So the third creepy doll will for sure be the creepiest. At least I’ll try!

Until next week!

– Pia


Face Off Season 8 Episode 10 recap

Hey hey!

Last week was Superhero / -villain week at FaceOff! It was a really interesting episode since the artists created characters based on themselves as well as used themselves as models for the makeups. It was really cool getting to know the artists a bit better and overall I think they all did well (though I feel like several of them weren’t really using themselves as alter egos). Once again I really loved how the artists were helping each other in last looks. This is why I love this show! ^_^

Thoughts about the spotlight challenge:

Logan (Top looks, won the challenge): I think Logan did a great job with the face and the overall look but the wings looked kind of sloppy to me. He seemed really comfortable on stage with the acting and his voice as Slayer was super funny! Good job Logan (though I’m still not rooting for you, sorry)!

Julian (Safe): I’m sorry,  but his face looked kind of hilarious with that makeup. It looked so juvenile, like he was a little demon teenager! I would have liked to see less flesh tones in the face, it might have helped to give it a more severe look.

Stephanie (Bottom looks, eliminated): She went for a black and white look but I really feel like she should’ve changed up her color scheme last minute if she thought it didn’t work the way it was. She’s been having some trouble with time management throughout the season and it showed in this character because it lacked a solid concept. I really liked Stephanie though so it was sad to see her go (…and kind of hilarious because she was still wearing the makeup from the challenge).

Darla (Safe): She went for a guardian angel character. I wish they would have showed her cowl more, it looked really cool when she was sculpting it! I liked her concept and her color scheme but the parts around her chin made it look like she had a skin disease of some sort. Sorry Darla, I was not a fan of this one.

Ben (Safe): Normally I’m not really into horror-type villains but Ben did an amazing job this week! He drew a lot of inspiration from his real life and the makeup was super well made (and kind of gross-looking). “It’s time for me to apply the bald cap. Just kidding.” Okay, I kinda love Ben now, that comment made me laugh out loud :D

Emily (Bottom looks): Boo. I loved her huge hair (it’s her thing!) but for some reason the judges are getting fed up with it. She did a lot of great and smart things this week, like trying a test makeup way before painting the final look as well as successfully making a silicone face appliance for the first time. I think she looked gorgeous, though I guess I can agree with the judges that it wasn’t necessarily very superhero-esque.

Adam (Top looks): How did Adam not win this one?! He’s the only one who really used himself as the alter ego and it was clear that he really enjoyed himself throughout the challenge. I loved his look, in particular those super cool arms and the way he used his own hair to inspire the color scheme. Adam’s definitely my favorite contestant along with Emily, I really hope they both make it into the finals!

Overall a really great week and challenge on FaceOff!

My design for this week is based on my mascot who is also the alter ego for this custom (she’s the yellow/pink kitty in the second photo). I had a hard time thinking of what my superpower would be so I went with a guardian angel type of character for my superhero.

So here is “Blue Skies” (custom #361)! Her superpower is her undying optimism and she spreads positive energy to people around her.

PicsArt_1427228977563 PicsArt_1427229093559

Blue Skies and my regular mascot custom.

I think she turned out super cute! Who knows, maybe one day I’ll make a YouTube series about these two! :)

Today I also made this little Face Off custom based on Adam’s Miss Cigar Galaxy makeup from a few weeks back! He re-posted my photo on his Instagram account which kinda made me fangirl a whole lot :D I’m so glad he liked it!


Littlest Miss Cigar Galaxy (custom #362)!

Making this custom was a lot of fun! The sculpting and painting was challenging but I really enjoyed it (particularly the painting)! :) I don’t use an airbrush so I kind of impressed myself with my drybrushing skills around the “mohawk” :D Guess I still keep improving even after 300+ customs!

Anyways, I can’t wait to watch tonight’s Face Off episode! I see a lot of potential for more LPS versions of the makeups since tonight’s designs are based on kids’ imaginary friends :)

Until next week!

– Pia


Face Off Season 8 Episode 8 & 9 recap

Oomph! Here is an extremely late recap once again! Very sorry for the delay, I was abroad last week and have been battling a cold ever since I got back :( Not a very inspiring start to get me back to customizing!

This is going to be a very quick recap but I hope you enjoy the customs! :)

Episode 8 was very standard and kind of boring to me. I don’t enjoy horror movies so most of the makeups did nothing for me.

Thoughts about the spotlight challenge:

Emily (Top looks): She got a very funky feathered shirt. I didn’t like the outfit but once again I’m head over heels with Emily’s creation! The “cage” she designed looked amazing and I’m really bummed out that it didn’t work out.

Stephanie (Bottom looks): Oh boy. The outfit she chose was very odd-looking so I understand why she had a hard time coming up with a concept for the makeup! The makeup itself was terrible, I didn’t really know what was going on on the right side of the model’s face.

Darla (Safe): Looked like an alien, not a demon. The model’s expression during the reveal looked really dorky too and the seams around the mouth looked kind of rough. Can’t say much about the outfit since it didn’t seem very interesting.

Adam (Safe): With that absolutely hideous outfit as inspiration I’m shocked Adam managed to create something so cool!  I’m surprised that he wasn’t in top looks, it was really unique and interesting. Good job Adam!

Jamie (Bottom looks, eliminated):  What a terrible makeup. I really like Jamie but everything was wrong with this, both the sculpting and paint looked super rough. The concept itself looked super cool as a sketch but just didn’t translate into the makeup. Sorry to say but Jamie deserved to go home at this stage, her creations were such hit-or-miss quality compared to the rest of the artists.

Julian (Top looks): He managed to do something really cool considering the wacky outfit he chose was supposed to be the inspiration for it! The makeup looked really well-made and super scary.

Ben (Top looks, won): I loved the look Ben chose and he absolutely did everything right in this challenge! He deserved to win this one. The back of the head was super cool and the overall presentation was clean and beautiful as well as futuristic.

Logan (Safe): I loved his concept of the different poisons on his arms but the makeup was really messy-looking unfortunately (both the face and the arms). Logan is an interesting artist, he has such out-of-the-box ideas that sometimes are very hard to read from the final look.

Kelly (Top looks): I just can’t get on board with Kelly’s creations. It was a cool concept and the mask was a super-cool touch but it looked incredibly messy and not “intelligent and stylish”. The cuts on her forehead in particular bothered me, they just looked so clumsy (maybe because of the wacky hairline? I don’t know!). I didn’t like it at all.

My custom for this week’s challenge obviously doesn’t look scary, but it was inspired by avant-garde for sure! I chose this look from Viktor & Rolf Spring / Summer 2015:

Photo from:

She’s a deadly, avant-garde wearing scarecrow. I kind of love how she turned out! ^_^

PicsArt_1426544095095Here’s a WIP photo so you see what I sculpted (yes, those are toothpicks :D):


Onto episode 9! Warning: alien beauties are not my forte at all!

My thoughts on the Holi-powder foundation challenge makeups:

Team Laura:

Stephanie (Won immunity): Wanted to show the transformation from Winter to Spring. Her look was gorgeous and deserved the win!

Emily: She did some very pretty effects by drawing lines using water. Very delicate but not a great use of colors.

Darla: Radiating fingertips seemed to be the only thing about this makeup that was memorable.

Julian: They didn’t really show his final look! But it looked cute (and random).

Team Rayce:

Logan: Used the colors quite randomly. Pretty effect with the drawn lines (though it seemed like he stole that idea from Emily)!

Adam: Tried to show a Phoenix with the colors. Kind of messy-looking but the look he was going for was apparent.

Team Anthony:

Kelly: Her model’s face looked pretty messy, but other than that it was alright!

Ben: The face of his model reminded me of a tropical bird, very pretty!

My thoughts about the absolutely dorky and super funny spotlight challenge:

Emily (Safe): She chose Miss Pinwheel Galaxy though by the end it looked more like Miss Super Glitter Galaxy! She was so excited about this challenge, it was a lot of fun to watch! I loved that she fabricated the dress for her model, it was a really amazing outfit! I agreed with the judges though that the face ultimately didn’t look very “beautiful” compared to the top looks.

Stephanie (Safe): She chose Miss Tadpole Galaxy. The smiling model looked so creepy but kind of funny too! I didn’t love the makeup though, there wasn’t really anything memorable about it unfortunately.

Ben (Bottom looks): He chose Miss Andromeda Galaxy. She just looked super creepy, I don’t really know what else to say! The makeup definitely missed the mark so Ben was lucky his two previous challenge wins kept him from going home!

Adam (Top looks): He chose Miss Cigar Galaxy. Adam managed to strike a great balance between a beautiful but super cool and cute character! I loved the profile, this was definitely one of my favorites this week! Adam is FINALLY stepping up his game!

Logan (Safe): He chose Miss Comet Galaxy. The final look was very forgettable and not very pretty (mainly because of her wonky upper lip). He was rightfully “safe” this week.

Julian (Top looks): He chose Miss Whirlpool Galaxy. She was so gorgeous, I can’t comprehend how he didn’t win this week! Julian keeps getting robbed and is overlooked way too much by the judges.

Kelly (Bottom looks, eliminated): She got Miss Sombrero Galaxy. I can see why a galaxy with that name would confuse Kelly enough to not be able to come up with a solid concept. The sculpt looked really rough around the mouth and the paint job was very wonky so Kelly definitely deserved to go home this week. Poor Anthony, only one of his artists remains in the competition!

Darla(Top looks, won): She chose Miss Sculptor Galaxy. I don’t know why this one won to be honest! It’s a gorgeous sculpt but Julian’s was so much prettier! This character’s face was just so stern-looking and the black dress added to the weirdly dark feel of the design. I love Darla and I’m glad she’s on top again but I just can’t get on board with the judges’ decision.

Here is my own creation, Miss Sunflower Galaxy! The petal shapes on her head were inspired by the galaxy’s name:


I loved painting her! But I don’t think she’ll be winning Miss Intergalactic anytime soon xD I’m not great with aliens and making a pretty one was even more challenging! I still think I did alright! In case it’s not obvious, I used a G3 chipmunk as the base figure for her.

Tonight’s episode will feature the artists as superheroes! No clue what my superpower would be but I guess I have to start figuring it out soon! :D

See you next week!

– Pia


Face Off Season 8 Episode 7 recap

Time for another very late Face Off recap! I’ll make this a very quick one since I still have to pack for Berlin today! :)

Thoughts about this episode: Bodypainting is a ridiculous and stupid challenge for makeup / special effect artists. I disliked the episode because the person who went home obviously wasn’t experienced with bodypainting and would have deserved to stay longer.

Foundation challenge makeups:

Team Laura:

Stephanie: Chose the Dandelion hat. I loved the hat! It had so much potential but the end result was not great! I thought the final makeup looked pretty terrible from afar.

Emily (Won immunity): She chose the metal and rhinestone hat and created a character based on the concept of an Emperor’s daughter. Absolutely gorgeous and deserved to win!

Darla: She made a Nomadic warrior. Not great at all, I didn’t understand the concept.

Julian: He made an ugly-looking demon thing. Forgettable.

Team Rayce:

Logan: Ship hat. Really ugly, no real concept and didn’t match the dramatic hat at all.

Rob (Top looks): He chose a top hat and based his character on Pinocchio. He had a lovely concept and makeup! I kind of wish he has won this challenge to keep him safe from elimination.

Adam: Looked pretty alright from a distance.

Team Anthony:

Kelly: She chose a toy hat. The final look was whimsical but looked really unoriginal.

Jamie: She made an evil Victorian Queen. Very average and unforgettable.

Ben: He made a  Geisha / Japanese-looking makeup. Pretty, but not a standout.

Thoughts about the spotlight challenge:

Emily & Jamie (Top looks): They chose the Honey Bee. Both looks were absolutely gorgeous, especially up close! Super, duper pretty!

Darla & Stephanie (Safe): They chose the Jewel Beetle. The boobs looked kinda awkwardly positioned…! The second model was barely utilized which was a shame. I’m very surprised they were safe and not bottom looks!

Adam & Rob (Bottom looks, Rob eliminated): They chose the Ladybug. Oh boy. The larvae looked terrible (almost like muscle tissue) and I totally agree with the judges that the Ladybug looked terrible. Her hair was especially distracting. I felt sad that Rob was eliminated, he was such a sweet and talented guy!

Julian & Logan (Top looks, Logan won): They chose the Cuckoo Wasp. It was gorgeous and clever so they totally deserved to win! They owe it all to Laura though!

Ben & Kelly (Bottom looks): They chose the European Hornet and completely forgot about what team work means. Ben is way too stubborn and clearly only thought about himself in this challenge.

Anyways, here is my own creation was inspired by Emily’s Queen Bee:


I love how she turned out, especially since this was only a repaint!

Next week there won’t be a recap since I’m in Berlin on holiday (FINALLY!!!) but there will be a double episode recap in a few weeks :)

See you again in a few weeks!

– Pia