Hi there!

My week has been extremely unproductive! I’ve been feeling slightly burnt out because of all the commissions and not being able to move forward with my own projects. Speaking of commissions, I need to get something off my chest.

This week I’ve had some unfortunate incidents with my commissions. I would like to take a moment and remind anyone who wants to commission me that even though you might have a certain idea of what you want, the end result will be my interpretation of your design. If you can’t give me specific instructions on the design, I can’t make the custom you’re envisioning. I’m also the artist after all, and people who commission me must respect the fact that the commission will be my take on the design. It will not always turn out 100% like in the sketch.

Anyways, moving on to this week’s customs:

#233 and #234, Puppy inspired by Great Dane #577 and kitten inspired by Short hair cat #1170. I made these because someone commissioned me to make them a long time ago but I didn’t have the base figures back then. I thought it was a super cute idea to make adult LPS into babies! :) Might even do the opposite at some point (I’ve gotten some adorable baby LPS that you’ll see at the end of the post)!

PicsArt_1416783515682 PicsArt_1416578473329These two cuties are up for sale in my Ebay shop ^_^

Custom #235, Squirtle! Finally got the three G1 starters done :) I love how they turned out, but I still think I’ll sell Bulbasaur anyway. Squirtle and Charmander look adorable together! Just to recap what figures they are made of: Squirtle was made with a seal head and a turtle body, Bulbasaur was made from a G2 hamster and Charmander from a seal head and an opossum body.

PicsArt_1416864365676Custom #236, Kyubey from Madoka Magica. Never seen that anime, but Kyubey seemed to be a very popular character in my anime character voting so I decided to make him after all ^_^

PicsArt_1417113316920Kyubey was made from a G2 cat head and a Pepper Clark body, I think it turned out super cute xD He will be for sale in my Ebay shop on Sunday!

Custom #237 Charmmy Kitty, version 2 (made as a commission).


PicsArt_1417113100832Meep! I still prefer the original one though :)

Custom #238, Wood Nymph (OC). This one was a commission but the commissioner didn’t want to buy it after all. She will be for sale in my Ebay shop on Sunday  :)

PicsArt_1417116259170 deerprincess_3 deerprincess_4 deerprincess_2 PicsArt_1417113223194I think she turned out gorgeous! ^_^ The warmer colors make me feel all Christmas-y!

That’s all the customs I’ve made this week unfortunately! I can’t believe how unproductive I’ve been! Here are some WIP photos of upcoming customs, as well as a few random photos from this week:

PicsArt_1416837514704Finishing my last commission tomorrow ^_^ I think she will turn out super pretty and creepy!


Got into a new collaboration on Instagram! It’s a custom collab with me and six super talented LPS customizers! Next week’s theme is kawaii so I have to make a super adorable custom until then (using the figure in the photo as my base for the custom)!


I bought a whole bunch of LPS yesterday! The baby LPS are so cute!


My super cute Ludwig and drunk-looking Roy plushies arrived! They’re so adorable!

Until next week! I hope I get more motivated to customize once I finish my last commission! …though Pokemon ORAS just came out so there is a slight risk I will be even more unproductive next week… :D


…and more commissions!

Phew. This week has been a really stressful one! I’ve had so many orders to finish that I actually decided to stop taking commissions for a while. I need to get my own projects finished too! Until I finish my 250th custom I won’t take any more orders :)

New customs this week:

Custom #224, Lucario. Someone commissioned me looong ago to make a Lucario LPS custom but they never got back to me about it. I was thrilled that a person on Instagram now asked me to make one for her instead!


I made him from a purple Musical Note panda (like many of my other customs) :)

#250 Flicker <3 She’s the little sister of my OC, Freckles. I made her for a sweet friend on Instagram who I’m also trading a huge LPS package with! I’m super excited about it ^_^

IMG_20141114_183343 frecklesflicker flicker_3 flicker_1

Normally I wouldn’t want to make a custom this similar to my OC but since Cece provided me with the base figure and since I appreciate her so much I just couldn’t resist making one for her ^_^

Custom #226, Baby Totoro! Also a commission by one of my favorite Instagrammers! I think he turned out super cute even though Totoro’s proportions are pretty much the exact opposite of this custom (small head and big body)!


As you can see I’m getting pretty lazy with my watermarks…

Custom #227, Flashy the Bengal kitty! This was yet another commission, but very different since it was the commissioner’s own cat that I got to paint onto the LPS ^_^ I loved painting all the details, I hope she likes how it turned out!


#228, Orca / Killer whale. Also a commission (see, this is why I need to take a tiny break!) :) So simple yet so cute!<3


Custom #229 “Yona”, the commissioner’s OC. He has a very exciting design, I had a lot of fun painting all the details! ^_^

yona1 yona3

Custom #230, NOT a commission (!) my OC Imp Princess Lilith ^_^

PicsArt_1416417036199 lilith_3Sketch70231127freaks ocs_small

I love how she turned out and I’m glad I finally got the last one of these weird head swap OCs done :) She’s my favorite one because her design was the most fun to create! I’m now trying to make customs so that at least every tenth custom I make is an OC of mine. Look forward to #240, I promise you it will be adorable (you’ve already seen a sketch of it and you’ll see a WIP photo of her later in this post)!

#231, another commission, it’s an Ice Princess Ferret :) She was fun to make, I got very inspired to try something new with her crown / tiara so instead of sculpting a snowflake on it (which I originally wanted to try), I found snowflake stickers that were just perfect for the purpose! The stickers also seemed to stick to the Kneadatite really well so I’m very happy with the result! I also used tons of glitter on her so that made me happy xD

PicsArt_1416492029838 PicsArt_1416490364160 iceprincess3 iceprincess2 iceprincess4And last but not least, custom #232, a simple Chihuahua LPS repaint (designed by the commissioner). I loved painting her eyes! ^_^

chihuahua1 chihuahua2Other random photos from this week:

PicsArt_1416492414312Custom #240, another OC! ^_^

PicsArt_1416492546785Kyubey WIP photo!

PicsArt_1416492656066The remaining three Koopalings (Iggy, Wendy & Morton) are still waiting to be finished >_< Wendy’s lips are looking veeery weird!

Other news this week: I got myself a new computer (that I currently hate due to the insanely annoying Windows 8.1) and a very exciting commission that I can’t wait to finish :)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! I know mine will be filled with customs, customs and more customs ^_^’


Commissions, commissions!

Eek, I’ve been really busy lately responding to commission requests and getting the current commissions under way. It’s all very exciting but a tiny bit stressful too ^_^’

I promised a long time ago that I would upload my commission info here too so here is my illustration with a few additional notes:

IMG_20141012_013707This illustration should hopefully be quite self-explanatory :) Other than what it says, it should be noted that I don’t customize rare LPS (such as shorthair cats, Cocker Spaniels, Great Danes, collies and dachshunds) for commissions.

Customs that I managed to make during this week:

#216, Snowflake dog (a commission). Design by the person who commissioned me :)


#217 Bulbasaur. Made from a LPS G2 hamster. I’m glad I finally got the G1 Pokémon starters customs started ^_^


Derpy little Bulbasaur<3 Not sure yet if I want to sell him!

#218 Grumpy cat. Made from a repainted Persian cat :) She’s for sale in my Ebay shop!

IMG_20141106_170522Grumpy little LPS!

#219 Chibi Amaterasu from Okami. This little guy was made because Amaterasu came second in my anime character voting :) He’s for sale in my Ebay shop too!


So kawaii <3

I painted the markings on him so that the brush strokes can be seen. I wanted the overall look to be organic and similar to the style from Okami :)

#220 Mint the Catfish (original character). Project name Karl from the previous posts xD His design changed a lot and he’s a she now! She’s the “accidental” headswap that occurred when I made Charmander from a seal head and opossum body (Mint is made from the opossum head and seal body).

IMG_20141110_005737Not for sale! The head is a bit too tight on the neck so the paint doesn’t want to stick too well :(

#221 Lemmy Koopa! Will be for sale once all the Koopalings are done.

IMG_20141110_231542I’ll have to post better photos of his hair at some point :)

#222 Charmander! This is the headswap that also resulted in the creation of Mint ^_^

IMG_20141112_195027Charmander will not be for sale, he has similar problems to Mint with the neck :( (Plus Charmander is my favorite starter so I’m happy he’s staying with me!)

Last but not least, custom #223, my Rare Sphynx Lion that you saw a sketch of last week! He is not for sale!

PicsArt_1415871203367Meep! So cute!

I loved painting his mane! The character from Zookeeper Battle has a square-shaped mane so I had to freestyle a bit with his design! His eyes are a lot more blue in real life, too bad the photos don’t capture it ^_^’

Other fun stuff: I started using a macro filter on my 50mm lens, I like it though I have to practice  a lot more before anything will look good! Also, I loooove some of the new (?) PicsArt filters!

IMG_20141112_144056My custom #151, Unicorn inspired by the one in the book “The Unicorn and the Sea”

PicsArt_1415869162759I love these baby LPS! So adorable!

PicsArt_1415869416317Awesome new PicsArt filters!

PicsArt_1415869588098My #100th custom Effie Trinket and #210 Moss (my OC) <3

PicsArt_1415869747864This little bubba is still available in my Etsy shop for a few days! I might put him on Ebay soon ^_^

PicsArt_1415870082130Crane Air Dragon (OC), one of my favorite customs!


Traditional Fire Dragon (OC), love him too ^_^

Not taken with the macro lens filter but cute anyway! Here are my forest creature OC’s together (sorry for the white borders!):

IMG_20141110_232940Also a few sneak peeks for my commissions that I’m trying to get done this week!

PicsArt_1415868935058“Flicker” for Cece! She is my custom Freckles’ sister :) IMG_20141021_140730A sketch of Flicker! So excited to see her and Freckles together ^_^IMG_20141110_002206

Totoro! Made from a G2 panda :)


Bengal Bon Bon kitty ^_^

These aren’t commissions, but I want to make them one day soon! Can you tell that I’m excited about AlphaSapphire and OmegaRuby? :)

Sketch134104411Mudkip and Treecko are  head swaps. I hope they’ll look cute once I make them xD

Completely random photo to end this week’s post:


Have a wonderful weekend!

Love, Pia


Amazing week!

This week has been pretty crazy! Though not because of customs :) Yesterday they (FINALLY!!) announced that Majora’s Mask is coming to the 3DS, can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting to hear that!<3

Other fun stuff: Probably going to London in April again to watch the world’s best supergroup perform! We’ll see if I get tickets before they are sold out though!

Other other fun stuff: Next year will be crazyamazing! (Yes that’s a real word.) Coming up in 2015: Game of Thrones season 5, new season of Workaholics, new season of Face Off (looooove that show, also have something special in mind to show you just how much I love it!), Majora’s Mask on 3DS, trip to London, numerous trips to Berlin, tons of customs (I’m optimistic!), OUR WEDDING (let’s not forget that one!), our honeymoon (which will be amazing no doubt!) and all sorts of other great stuff. 2015, I love you already!<3

New customs this week:

#208, Roy Koopa! Second one in my Koopalings project :) I made Ludwig first because I always play with him in Mario Kart 8 and Roy after him because my friend/rival Rob always chooses him (might have to send Roy to him as a Christmas pressie because why not) ^_^ They look so cute together! I can’t wait to get all of them done so I can see them together!

ludwig_royThese two will also be battling to the death in Super Smash Bros (if they indeed are playable characters).

Another MK 8 character (though I would never use him, he’s not great to drive with), custom #209 Yoshi! You already saw a WIP photo of him next to Freckles, I made the two of them together when I swapped the heads of a G2 Kangaroo and an Iguana :)

PicsArt_1414700827653He’s a bit funny looking. But very cute!<3

Yoshi is currently for sale in my Ebay shop! ( )

Another little original character, custom #210, the shy little Faun Prince Moss<3 I really don’t know if I want to sell him, he just has the cutest little face! As with my Faun Princess, he looks completely different from the sketch I made!

The sketch for my Faun Princess and Prince:

Sketch283203333My handwriting is beautiful.

How they turned out:

PicsArt_1414700906196Little Moss<3 (Yes he is named after my favorite character in the IT-crowd!)

faun2Little Faun Princess (who has been sold to a loving home!)<3

This just goes to show that you should trust your guts when designing creatures rather than stick to your sketch that you might not like anymore :)

Anyways, A month or so ago I had an anime character voting on my Instagram page so I could decide which two anime creatures I would make customs of.

IMG_20141012_1134321 – Amaterasu , 2 – Charmmy Kitty, 3 – Haku, 4 – Kero, 5 – Kyubey, 6 – Happy, 7 – Kuromi, 8 – Kirara, 9 – Teto

The winner of the voting was Charmmy Kitty, so I decided to make her first:

IMG_20141031_172014Super kawaii! She is my custom #211

She’s for sale in my Ebay shop too!

On Saturday I finished another original character, custom #212, a Wood Nymph / Princess of the Forest inspired deer :)

IMG_20141102_224709 pof_3She took forever to make but I think she turned out quite lovely! She’s also up for grabs in my Ebay shop (

On Monday I finished an adorable commission. This custom is based on the commissioner’s cat who had passed away, so it was an absolute honor to get to make a custom of her. The entire thing reminded me of Suzu, which brings back a lot of heartache, but I’m very happy I got to do this custom :’)

IMG_20141103_181058Custom #213, Little Maisy <3

PicsArt_1386875391588My custom of Suzu who unexpectedly passed away in May. I still miss her so much, she was such a sweetheart<3

I know how much losing a pet hurts, so I hope this custom will remind the owner of what a lovely cat Maisy was. I know my custom of Suzu helps me remember her every day :)

Anyways, getting all teary eyed here but have to keep writing…! A few more customs were made this week!

Custom #214, Larry Koopa:


So cute!IMG_20141104_232836Looking adorable with his brothers (yes, they’re all siblings and Bowser’s children. Very weird.)!

I really love how Larry’s hair turned out! It just goes to show that Green Stuff is the best thing ever to sculpt with! It defies gravity!

And last but not least, another (crazy complicated but amazing) commission:

IMG_20141105_213350Custom #215, a little Unicorn Princess!

I added the horn, the flowers and extra hair to her :) The commissioner loved her so it was definitely worth every second I spent on it ^_^

A few little things I still want to share before I go! People keep asking me how I make the miniatures in the photos I take with my customs. I don’t make them, they have all been bought from various sellers! I’ll share my favorites with you:

camp21Adorable tea set by Etsy seller NattyCollection (

camp20Sneasel and Purrloin really love this sushi set by Etsy seller NattyCollection (

camp31Flowers and champagne by Ebay seller li.felice (

zoruaumbreonShiny Zorua and Shiny Umbreon are looking cozy with Etsy seller NattyCollection’s ( adorable Starbucks cups and Etsy seller SophieToffeeCo’s delicious-looking cupcake (

camp22Jolteon and Pikachu enjoying Etsy seller JessieRaye’s ( amazing lemonade.

cottoncandy_done2Cotton Candy looking sweet as sugar with Ebay seller fan21_hk’s ( miniature macaroons.

halloween_campHalloween might already have come and gone but these miniatures look super cute nonetheless! Pumpkins and jar of candy corn by Etsy seller JessieRaye ( , other jar of candy bought from Ebay seller fan21_hk (

So there you go! I just love miniatures, they really inspire me to take photos of my LPS customs :)

Another thing I want to address are some of my sculpted parts that have been done using tiny little molds (without them it would have taken forever to get these customs done!):

effie_doneMy 100th custom, Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The tiny butterflies were made from a mold that I got from the lovely Etsy seller WhysperFairy (

IMG_20140929_200954Custom #176, Sakura Earth Dragon featuring Sakura flowers made from a mold by Etsy seller MiniatureSweet (

I actually ordered a bunch of new molds today… Can’t wait to get them! I got super inspired just browsing them on Etsy! ^_^

So, just when I thought that I might run out of ideas after 200 customs, I got inspired and created a whole bunch of new ideas!

Here are some sneak peeks for upcoming customs:

Sketch5302258Another OC! Someone might be commissioning me to make this, but in any case I’m making one of them for myself because I totally fell in love with this character ^_^


What will these become?Sketch70231127

“Karl” and “Lilith” should hopefully be done this week :3 I’m especially excited to make Lilith!


And another Zookeeper character that no one will recognize xD He’s my favorite avatar though so I have to make a custom of him! …


…And because it’s a matter of pride for me what my Zookeeper rank is and the previous picture didn’t do it any justice, here is one of the highest ranks I’ve reached. Yes I’m very proud of myself, thank you very much.

Alright then! Hope you all have a lovely week and weekend, see you again next Wednesday or Thursday!<3