Slow start to customs 200->

Hi there! I’ve been super slow lately, somehow I’m just busy all the time and don’t get as many customs done as I would have liked! :( Commissions have been coming in and sorting everything out takes quite a bit of time! Oh well. I’ll just show you what I did this week and hope that next week will be more productive.

First up is my sugar-sweet super-kawaii girly Cocker Spaniel, Cotton Candy (an original character by me). She’s my custom #202.

candy1 candy4 cottoncandy_done2Normally I don’t customize rare LPS but this one was in such bad shape that I decided it was okay to repaint it.

Cotton Candy’s design process started when I saw a really cool photo of a young lady with ombre hair that went from pink to a baby blue (like my custom’s ears do). Originally I wanted to make her a bit more edgy with tattoos and stuff but once I had painted her pink I realized I wanted to keep her relatively simple after all. She has white freckles on her face and body which make her super cute! :3 She’s for auction in my Ebay shop ( for a few more days ^_^

Custom #203 is also a repainted dog LPS and also an OC:

pepper1 pepper2His name is Pepper and he’s a Pomeranian. His design process started when I saw a Pomeranian LPS figure and I thought it would look super cute as a custom. I then thought I’d make a Toothless inspired dog that was all black with lime-green eyes but my plans changed in Berlin when I saw a gorgeous black husky with odd eyes (one blue and one brown one, like my custom) and it inspired me to make this little fella. He’s also for sale in my Ebay shop though I’m still questioning if I really want to sell him or not ^_^’ He’s just so cute!

After Pepper I made a Pokemon custom again, here is Shinx. I had him planned forever and finally got him done :)

shinx_done shinx_2Shinx was made from a chihuahua figure and I reshaped the ears, the fluff on his head and his tail. He will be for sale soon too, I just have too many customs at home so I can’t keep him!

Custom #205 is also a Pokemon that was commissioned by another amazing LPS custom maker on Instagram:

hawlucha2_1It’s a shiny Hawlucha! I personally never even considered making a custom of him until I got the commission, but looking at him now I think he makes an adorable LPS! ^_^ He has the head of a puffin LPS and the body of a musical note panda.

WIP photos:

somekindofa IMG_20141023_145704My table is always so messy… xD

Custom #207 was another commission, a Unicorn LPS:

unicorn2He’s so cute! I decided to use a metallic paint on his hair and eyes so he shimmers in a lovely way ^_^

Other Unicorns I’ve made (because why not show them?):

unicorn_done2Pink unicorn, also a commission :)

loveOn the right: War Unicorn from the game Heroes of Might and Magic III (on the left is a Silver Pegasus from the same game).

And last but not least, here is my custom #207, Molly the Meowl (formerly known as project name: Alice the cat-owl):

molly_done2Such a little darling!<3 She stays with me :)

freaksWIP: Head swap photo of Molly (on the right) with her strange friends (project names) Karl (on the left) and Lilith (in the middle) :D

I love head swaps! I’ve started doing them much more nowadays because it triggers some weird creative thing in my head that makes me design weird creatures xD Anyways, Molly was an “accident”, not a planned head swap. The lamb LPS’ body was used for my Hiro (Fruits Basket) custom and the head of the owl LPS was used for my Royal Griffin custom (from HoMM3). The remaining parts just happened to look cute together so I decided to combine them.

Molly’s colors and patterns were largely influenced by my adorable Maine Coon, Mimi. Just to remind you of Mimi, here is a photo of her and a custom I made of her last year:


To end this post, I’ll show you some sneak peeks of upcoming customs:

IMG_20141027_162146Choose your starter! (Bulbasaur – Charmander – Squirtle) Can’t wait to get these done!

20141024_161514More OC Fauns, because why not!

IMG_20141023_160120This one is completely different from what I sketched when I designed him. I just tend to stray from the sketches when I get excited about sculpting :)

Sketch260125546Chibi-Amaterasu from Okami! Many of these have been done from collies and husky LPS so I decided to take a slightly different approach ^_^Sketch28218351Kyubey from Madoka Magica. This sketch is pretty bad but it shows that I intend to make a head swap to make the cutest Kyubey LPS custom ever! :3 I’m actually really excited to start making him!

Also coming up: Several Koopalings, Charmmy Kitty and lots of OCs!

Hope you all have a lovely week! See you next Wednesday or Thursday!

- Pia


Berlin, Berlin…

Hello dear readers!

Last week I posted about my customs ->#198 and was in panic mode to finish my customs #199 & 200. This week I’ll be telling you all about what has happened since, mainly about my birthday trip to Berlin (since it took up most of the week in between) and a little bit about a few new customs. I’ll also let you in on a few secrets about what I have in mind for my next 100 customs! ;)

First off, I’d like to present my super special customs #199 and #200: Zelda and Link (Wind Waker style)!


I think they turned out super cute! ^_^

I made them both from the same base figure, the musical note panda bear:

meowsticThis is one of my favorite LPS to customize, I’ve used it for my Meowstic customs, Impmon, Renamon and Blaziken as well :)


Zelda and Link after one layer of sculpting (I added another layer after this).


Here they are with their horses:

link_eponaLink & Epona


Zelda and her horse from Ocarina of Time.

Both horses are for sale but my Link and Zelda will stay with me :)

Here is a photo of my 100 first customs and my customs 101-200:



I can’t believe I’ve made this many already! Most importantly, I’m still not bored with it so I definitely want to keep making more! ^_^

Anyways! On to my birthday trip to Berlin! It was absolutely amazing, as always! My sister, her husband and my fiance had planned an entire day of activities for my birthday and it was brilliant! I had so much fun!


My birthday started with an amazing breakfast with my fiance at Chipps. We had a proper breakfast with eggs, waffles, coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice and sparkling wine! It was so good! ^_^

PicsArt_1414052971365 IMG_5821_small IMG_5826_small IMG_5861 IMG_5812

After breakfast, me and my fiance went to Modulor, a crafts shop in Kreuzberg. It’s ridiculous, you can literally find anything that you need for whatever crafty hobby you may have! It was great, though the customer service was a bit snobbish. After that, we were joined by my sister and her hubby and together we went all the way out to Neukölln to visit the cat café (Pee Pee’s Katzencafé). The cats were pretty aloof (as always) but they were cute nonetheless :) I had an amazing raspberry cheesecake and a cup of coffee and it was all very nice!

After stuffing our faces with cake, we went to TeamEscape in Kreuzberg. The concept is that you have one hour in a room full of riddles and hidden clues and if you successfully solve the mystery within the hour you get to escape. Not going to spoil the details of what we did there, but I can tell you it was great fun! :) We managed to escape within the hour so it was definitely a success!

After solving the mystery we took a well-deserved relaxing pause in a wonderful new bar in Potsdamer Platz. It is called Fragrances Bar and the concept is that you choose your drink after smelling the perfumes that the drinks are based on. It was a very interesting experience! The service was lovely (they even brought me a little birthday cake!<3) and the drinks were served with some very interesting props!


My drink was served in a very strange little box with fake leaves. It was almost like a work of art!

We moved on to have dinner after the drinks and finished the evening in a bar close to our hotel. It was a very successful birthday indeed! ^_^

Other things we did during the trip included visiting the Gardens of the World. I took so many photos there! Here are my favorites:


My love ^_^


Bokeh! I love my lens so much!


Winter is coming…

IMG_6126 IMG_6107 IMG_6053 IMG_5921 IMG_5904_smallIMG_5987



Flowers! Plus my little mascot ^_^

A few other photos from my trip:

IMG_5689IMG_5722IMG_5882The Festival of Lights and the Time Guardians.

IMG_5284  Inspirational text in our hotel lobby! ^_^

During the last day in Berlin I found a shop where they sold G2 LPS for 1€ each (= really, really cheap!). Since I am 25 years old and FABULOUS, I didn’t care about the people staring and just bought the entire box of blind bags that they had :D One of the perks of being an adult is that you can do whatever you want with your money ;)



All the LPS I bought :)

Anyways, back to reality and customizing! My new customs have been coming along very slowly since I have had so much correspondence to answer after my trip! I finished my custom #201 yesterday because it was already base coated a long time ago.

Here is #201 – Shiny Zorua:


Upcoming customs:


My original character – Alice the Cat-Owl :3




Cocker Spaniel that will be repainted into something pretty :3 (Normally I don’t customize rare figures but it was so badly blemished that I decided it was okay to customize it!)


Some new head-swaps! Shiny Hawlucha (a commission), Froslass (trying to make it because it will be challenging and I love challenges!) and an accidental Bear-Seal (will be made into an original character) :3

Anyways, that’s it for this week! See you again next Wednesday or Thursday! ^_^




Happy Halloween (customs)!

Haha, of course I failed on the first week already when I decided to post every Wednesday xD Oh well, I’ll try harder next week!

During the past week I’ve been in panic mode to finish my customs up to #200. Today I still have 199&200 to finish and my plane (to Berlin, duh) leaves at 18:40, eeeep! Wish me luck!

The customs I made since last time (including the ones that are horribly bad!):


Custom #184: Unfezant. Made from a G2 flamingo LPS. Will be for sale when I get back from Berlin.

delcatty_skittyCustoms #116 Delcatty and #186 Skitty. Delcatty stays with me due to her overwhelming cuteness and Skitty will hopefully move to Canada to my favorite Instagram friend :)



Custom #187, My original character, the Day of the Dead Princess. I made her as a special Halloween custom! She’s so gorgeous! I’m selling her because even if she’s detailed and probably the most well-sculpted thing I’ve ever done, I don’t feel an emotional bond to her like with the customs that I decide to keep. Is that weird? :D If she doesn’t sell I’ll be happy to keep her, but I really want her to find a home where she gets the attention she deserves :)

I was inspired by a gorgeous photo of a young lady wearing Day of the Dead-themed makeup but I can’t seem to find the original source for that photo so I won’t post it :/

reaperpanda_done Sketch25421817

Custom #188 was also a special Halloween-themed  one, inspired by my favorite app in the world: Zookeeper Battle. There was a Zoo Vandal called the Grim Reaper Panda that I thought looked adorable so I decided to make a custom of it’s rare form, the Rare Grim Reaper Panda xD It’s sooo cute! It looks so friendly and innocent but it’s really a bringer of death. Mwahaha! It’s also for sale (though I bet my Zookeeper-obsessed sister would be quite happy to get her hands on it!) :)


Customs #190 Glameow and #95 Purugly. Almost 100 customs in between these two, can you tell? :) I bought a pink G3 cat because I thought it looked cute and soon realized it would look amazing as a Glameow. I’ve been waiting to make her ever since, and finally I got it done! Neither one is for sale, this Crazy Cat Lady Pokemon trainer needs to have more cat Pokemon in her collection >:3


Custom #191, Pumpkaboo. Another Halloween custom! …though I’m not sure if this qualifies as a LPS custom since I used a G3 Ladybug head for the body xD He’s so cute though!

Here is a group shot of the first three Halloween customs together:


I love the little miniatures! They’re so cute and look perfect with my customs!

Anyways, moving along with the customs #192-> 198


Custom #193, Amaura! It turned out so cute, much cuter than I anticipated! I used a G2 giraffe body and a dragonfly/butterfly head for her. I removed the tail and and the “spots” from the body and sculpted a bit more mass on it to cover the entire body. I also reshaped the mouth of the dragonfly head and sculpted the “ears” on it. The “ears” were a pain in the butt to paint since there is supposed to be a gradient from a cream-colored yellow to a peachy pink on them. First off, the sculpt was pretty rough so it was hard to make the paint look good when it just highlighted the flaws, secondly both the yellow and pink I used are quite “thin” and don’t really want to cover anything even if I had base coated the ears with white. Finally, I used the yellow and pink without diluting them too much, got the gradient done (which was way too dark for Amaura), tried my luck with a thinned-out lighter yellow on the entire “ear” and voila, it almost looks like it’s supposed to!


Custom #194, Sparky from Frankenweenie. I haven’t seen that movie but when I saw this figure I thought he would be perfect for Sparky! He is also one of my special Halloween customs and is for sale in my Etsy shop. With this custom I noticed that Green Stuff can be very hard to file down so it’s smooth. With the sculpt around the mouth I tried my hardest to file it smooth but instead the green stuff started to peel off! :S Clearly I still need to work on my technique!


Custom #195, Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas. ….Hahahahah!!! He is the worst custom I’ve ever made! xD His face has a serious lack of symmetry and he just looks creepy! From this angle he’s almost presentable but I would never share a photo of him from the other side. This all can be blamed on the fact that I used a Zoe Trent figure for him (because I had no idea what to do with it until I got the brilliant idea to destroy it and make Zero), you can see the wonderful WIP photo here, he is the one next to Pumpkaboo on the right:


Hey, at least I tried! xD And no, he will not be for sale, I have too much self-respect to sell a custom this bad :’D


Customs #180 Lopmon, #183 Calumon, #185 Terriermon, #189 Guilmon, #192 Renamon and #196 Impmon. Finally got the last of my Digimon customs done! Yay! I love Impmon the most! I remember watching Digimon Season 3 as a kid and hoping to one day own an Impmon toy (I even made one of Play Dough but it got all gooey when I accidentally left it in the sun) and here he is! ^_^


Custom #197, Smoochum. Made from a G3 Ladybug. She looks very cute from the front but the sculpting on her hair on the backside looks terrible. She will not be for sale for the same reason as Zero.

And last, but definitely not least, I present to you one of my all-time favorite customs I’ve made:


My baby dragon Freckles (original character)!<3 He is so cute and was born as an accident!


I was head swapping an iguana head onto a kangaroo body to get a base figure for Yoshi (coming up at some point!) and I thought it would be fun to pair up the remaining head and body. When I saw it I got so inspired that I had to make a sketch immediately:


And that’s how my little darling dragon was born. He will not be for sale even though many claim that he’s the cutest custom I’ve ever made! Since I made a bit of extra money on a custom I sold on Ebay,  I decided it was okay to keep him all for myself :)



Other things I did during the past week:

– I got a video camera so I can finally start filming my customizing process! …I also realized I’m terribly awkward talking to the camera but hopefully I’ll get better as I make more videos! ^_^’

– We went to the Carnival of Lights in Helsinki’s amusement park! It was as pretty as always but nothing really new compared to the past years. I was being a weirdo of course as I tried to get good shots of my LPS mascot with the bokeh from the lights xD

IMG_5376 IMG_5315

So there we go! Now you know what I’ve been up to during the past week. Today after finishing customs #199 & #200, I’m taking a well-deserved break in my favorite city with my favorite people! I’m also turning 25 tomorrow so there are many reasons to celebrate! ^_^ To be honest, I’m also kind of looking forward to going to some shops there to buy more LPS… hehehe. Being 25 years old doesn’t mean you have to be boring or that you can’t have strange hobbies!

So, farewell for now and see you again next week!









Weird Wednesdays

Hello dear reader(s)! As some of you who have been following me for a while now (talking to you Jonny, not sure anyone else has read my blog :D) might have noticed, I deleted most of my old posts! This is because my life is now centered around making LPS customs so all my irrelevant posts needed to disappear. I will try to start writing something every Wednesday, mostly posting photos and telling you about my customs and their progress. I will also try to continue the 100 Happy things posts because they made me happy! ^_^

So what’s new? Nothing much I guess. Except I’ve made nearly 200 LPS customs so far! I just love to create them and make people who buy them happy :) I’ve also become very active on Instagram (Piaslittlecustoms, if you want to follow me there) and love the LPS community there. There are so many amazing photographers, it’s all very inspiring! ^_^ And in general people are very supportive and lovely so it really boosts me to make more customs!

What’s new with my personal life? Nothing much there either, except that we actually started planning our wedding! And surprisingly, it’s not going to be Pokémon or cat themed (though our Save the Date cards are)! xD

Related photos:

Some of my favorite customs so far!

1. My Elemental Dragon customs, they’re all original characters by me :) From left to right: Fire Dragon, Sakura inspired Earth dragon, Koi inspired Water Dragon and Crane inspired Air Dragon.


2. Faun Princess custom, also an original character by me<3 She will be sold because my house is overflowing with customs xD


3. My current face/hair with two of my customs.


4. Ludwig von Koopa from Mario Kart 8! I love that game and I always use Ludwig, he’s just so cute :) I had to make a custom of him, just look at how awesome his hair is!


5. WIP photo of some Halloween customs I’m making! (Sorry about the borders, it’s because of Instagram that I have to put them there >_<)


6. Save the date for a very strange wedding with a very strange bride and groom. <3 I’m also totally making us LPS custom wedding cake toppers. Because I can. Oh and the card isn’t exactly my own design, it is very heavily influenced by a picture I found online. I did draw it though!


More posts coming soon! I promise!<3