Fruits Basket: Kyo LPS custom & other silly things


Thought I’d share my newest custom (well, repaint, really) with you and also tell you about how I actually make my customs and what I do most days.

What you might not know is that I’m actually working on 15-16 customs at one time, and I already have over 50 planned and waiting to be done. During one day I always finish one custom and either sculpt or base coat three figures. Every four days I prep 6 figures to keep the flow going. It’s somewhat of an OCD :D

Here’s what’s going on right now:

These are ready to be painted (Yuki from Fruits Basket, Meowth, Crystal Dragon, Bone Dragon, Green Dragon and Rust Dragon from HoMM3):


These are waiting to be base coated (Azure Dragon, Wolf Link and Black Dragon):


These will be prepped next (Momiji & Kagura from Fruits Basket and Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtles):


So there you go, this is what’s going on :P

And here is Kyo:


He was made based on this sketch (hence the cute big eyes rather than angry ones):


Now I’m off to Berlin! See ya later!<3


Valentine’s Day LPS customs

I’m super excited about Valentine’s Day this year because we’re going to Berlin tomorrow to celebrate it! It’s going to be super romantic! <3 ^_^

I decided to make a LPS customs couple and since I’ve been planning to make Disney themed customs for a long time, I thought Bambi and Faline would be perfect for the occasion!

So here are Disney’s sweethearts, Bambi and Faline as LPS customs:

IMG_4242ps IMG_4246ps

I think they look super cute together! ^_^ I had to change their ear design because I had a hard time understanding how the colors are distributed on them, but I think they look nice nonetheless :)

The fawns were made from these two LPS figures (Bambi first, Faline second):

deer2 deer1

I repainted both completely and sculpted some fluff on Bambi’s head to give him a more boyish look.

Hope you like them!

Happy Valentine’s day! <3

(P.S. I actually made Toffe watch Bambi a few weeks ago because he had never seen the movie from beginning to end. I started crying hysterically when Bambi’s mom died. Yes, I’m turning 25 this year and still cry at children’s movies :D Some things just scar you for life…)


50th custom ~ Making of Faerie Dragon


I’m the worst at updating this blog. I probably shouldn’t even be allowed to have a blog because I’m so terrible. But here I am anyway! Several months have passed since the last update but not a lot has happened. I’ve yet to write a post about how awesome our new(ish) home is and about our trips to Berlin, but I thought I’d start by writing about the same theme as the last post: My LPS customs! Since last time I posted, I’ve made 50 customs in total so I thought I’d share the creation of my 50th custom with you!

As you might remember from the last post, I started making Heroes of Might and Magic III creatures from Littlest Pet Shop figures. I also started making Pokemon customs and other random ones but I decided my 50th custom would be one that I’m particularly fond of so I chose to make a HoMM3 creature again. After choosing base figures for all the ones I’m going to make (20 in total, 13 done so far), I decided that the Faerie Dragon would be particularly interesting (and probably very cute!). First I thought of making a head swap between a sea horse figure and something else, but soon I realized that it would be easier to just sculpt legs and wings straight onto the sea horse.

The base figure looks like this:

faerie_dragon And my sketch looked like this:

Sketch6103728I then proceeded to remove the paint with nail polish remover and sculpted the additional parts.


It’s starting to look a lot more like a dragon already!

After that I base painted it. Normally I’d use spray for it but since it’s so cold outside it’s not possible at the moment.


Base painted creatures always look a bit creepy…

And here it is completed!


The wings were a bit tricky to paint but I think they turned out great (especially on the left side) :) I first painted the base a lime green, then made the “veins” with a light purple, shaded the upper parts with yellow and lower parts with blue. Finally I added a bit of pink on top.

After 50 customs I can say that I’ve really gotten a lot better at sculpting and painting. Nowadays I try to put a lot of effort into the details, such as the eyes and the pink rosy cheeks (they look so cute!) and I hope it shows! :3

Here is a picture of the other 49 custom I’ve made:


I’ll try to be better with the posting! <3