More LPS animals

Sigh, I’m so bad at updating… Mainly because some computers have a bit of trouble accessing the admin site of my blog and I’m too lazy to fix it.

Anyways, thought I’d show you a few more LPS figures that I’ve made recently!

Here goes:

Thunderbird (HoMM 3)

PicsArt_1381003903461 PicsArt_1381004308095

Even though I think it’s cute, there’s nothing really that makes it look specifically like a Thunderbird. Ah well, I’d say it’s a successful attempt nonetheless.

My new favorite, the Hell Hound:

PicsArt_1380820584972 PicsArt_1380820828932

I think it’s adorable! And it’s pretty true to the inspiration, especially because it’s supposed to be a baby version of a Hell Hound so it can be chubby and cute instead of skinny and raggedy-looking like the character in the game.

Yesterday I finished a Firebird, but I didn’t manage to get any good pictures of it, it’s really not this orange/bright in real life… I tried to make it as fire-y as possible with the colors and I’m quite happy with it although there’s not much (once again) that makes it look specifically like a Firebird :/ Thankfully it should be the last bird of the HoMM series that I’m making.


That’s it for now, I’ve been playing Pokemon X so much lately that I haven’t had time to make more :D I’ll be back with more creatures soon, I promise!