Littlest customs & what’s next


I’ve been super slow with updating the blog but such is life! A few days ago I finished my fourth LPS custom so I thought I’d show it off here, along with the other three (they were the mystery creatures I talked about in the last post) :) I’ll also tell you about my upcoming LPS & MLP customs!

So here goes! Several years ago I came up with the idea to draw chibi-style Heroes of Might and Magic III creatures, mainly a Manticore baby because I thought it looked so cute (I might scan the picture and add it here later if I have time) :D One day when we were moving stuff from our old apartment, I came across one of the pictures of a baby Manticore and I realized it looked just like a Littles Pet Shop creature. That’s when I realized I should try making one. And other ones as well!

I still love HoMM3 and play it very often so I started looking for creatures that might be suitable as LPS customs. This led me into a obsession with LPS customs and I ordered way too many several LPS:es. I’ve also started planning some other collections of creatures, such as the Fruits Basket animals and others (don’t wanna spoil too much!)…

Anyways, I finally decided it was time to start making them and I chose to do the Greater Basilisk and Manticore (obviously) first.

I chose this lizard/crocodile (not really sure what it is…) for my Greater Basilisk and this cat for my Manticore. Originally I had planned on using a lion LPS for it but none of them were cute enough for me.



After prepping them (removing all the additional colors with nail polish remover) I sculpted ears, horns and additional legs for the Basilisk and a mane, wings and a tail for the Manticore (I have to admit I was really impatient with the first one and much more careful with the second one, hence the sculpting on the lizard looks pretty awful). I’m still not very happy with the result but what can you do when you’re not great at sculpting… -_-‘

IMG_3078 PicsArt_1380140413506

After that I sprayed both creatures with black spray. I thought it would look good as both creatures are quite dark and the spray serves as a good starting point for dry brushing.

I then proceeded to finish the Greater Basilisk, and here he is!


I’m really pleased with the colors, but the sculpted parts still annoy me.

I then got my Manticore done:


The colors look pretty good, although they’re not as vivid as the Basilisk’s. Then again, Manticores aren’t as colorful so it stays quite true to the HoMM3 one.

Next I proceeded with sculpting parts and spraying several LPS creatures since it’s the part I hate the most and I want to minimize the time doing it. I’m not going to post pictures of the ones that aren’t done, but I’ll tell you about my Royal Griffin and Serpent Fly, which I finished next.

The Griffin was one of the creatures I’d been looking forward most to making since it included a head swap and I’ve never done that before. I did this prior to the sculpting and spraying. Here’s what happened:


I thought it looked insanely cute and strange so I decided to proceed with it even if the head’s HUGE compared to the body :D

Then I sculpted some additional bits and pieces:PicsArt_1380402373342

It drove me completely nuts. The wings were such a huge pain in the ass. Plus they look terrible. Hmph. I’m really just not good at sculpting.

I then painted the little bird-lion, and here she is!


Loyal to the Royal Griffin’s look, her eagle head, wings and neck fluff are a light grey, while her lion body is a darker brown. The lighter part was done with an extremely dry brush so the color is a bit uneven and it adds a bit more life and texture to it. The front paws were painted to look like talons (they are so small that I didn’t bother sculpting claws, it would have looked terrible), and she’s wearing a blue and gold bow on her head (those two colors are prominent in Castle so I thought it would be appropriate).

I think she’s quite cute, even if she looks a little silly compared to HoMM3:s Royal Griffins. I wasn’t trying to make her look fierce, so I guess she turned out the way I wanted her to.

Then there’s the Serpent Fly. I guess I’ll just show you a picture that includes all the different stages, since only the wings were sculpted and all in all this one was a lot easier to do than the other three:


There’s really not a lot to tell you about this one! I painted the eyes with several thick layers of paint to achieve a really uneven, insect-like look. The wings were painted with several layers to achieve a similar look to the wings of the Serpent Flies from HoMM. They’re attached to the body quite badly so he’s very fragile, just like a real dragonfly ;) I think he’s quite cute as well!

All in all I think the HoMM creatures are turning out nice (not sure if many HoMM fans would agree but I hope they do)! The ones I’ll be working on next are Gorgon, Thunderbird, Hellhound and Firebird. After that I’ll start tackling the most annoying HoMM creatures I can imagine sculpting: dragons. There will also be a few other creatures coming up. In terms of MLP customs, I’m either going to start making Pegasusmon & Nefertimon from some G4’s I bought a few days ago or “house ponies” for our apartment (one inspired by our office’s look and one inspired by our living room so a Twin Peaks one, I guess…).

So many plans, so little time…

Oh yeah, that’s right, I should be working on my thesis and not this blog/customs! Hmph.