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Five Nights at Pia’s Little Customs, part 2

A few days ago I finished the last of my customs of the characters from the game Five Nights at Freddy’s 2! These were a huge project that included a head-swapped custom, a custom that I only used a LPS head for and sculpted the entire body for as well as two humanoid customs (which are always challenging to make!).

WIP pictures from along the way:


Sketch of Toy Bonnie, Chica and Freddy Sketch2519027

Sketch of Balloon Boy and Marionette / The Puppet Sketch19113288Sketch of broken Mangle (on the left is a reference picture for the body found on Google, I would credit the original artist but I couldn’t find the name! :<)

IMG_20141231_223756PicsArt_1420154225794WIP photos of Toy Freddy, Bonnie and Chica

The first toy animatronic custom I finished was Toy Chica. I made her from a G2 penguin figure and re-shaped her beak as well as added the hair fluff, cheeks and bib to her. She turned out so cute! :)

PicsArt_1421015402213Custom #288, Toy Chica

The second one I finished was Toy Bonnie. He is made from a G2 bunny that I added the cheeks and bow to as well as re-shaped the mouth and nose.

PicsArt_1421276999707Custom #293, Toy Bonnie

After that I made Toy Freddy from a G3 bear / panda figure. I added the hat, cheeks and bow to him as well as re-shaped his mouth.


Custom #294, Toy Freddy PicsArt_1421451418990The three kawaii toy animatronics together! Bonnie is my favorite :)

After making the three main characters I made Balloon Boy. He is so creepy, especially the “HI!” and the giggling! :D I made him from a G2 baby monkey figure that I added the hat, hair and cheeks to. I also re-shaped his nose, mouth and feet. What a creepy little custom he turned out to be!

PicsArt_1421707774519Custom #298, Balloon Boy

The Puppet / Marionette was up next. I made it from a G2 monkey figure that I removed the ears and tail from. I re-shaped the mouth and added the rosy cheeks to it. It turned out way too cute to be creepy in my opinion xD

PicsArt_1421784067718Custom #301, The Puppet

After these customs my two Mangles (fixed and broken) were next. I first made the fixed Mangle using the same base figures as I used for Foxy (G2 musical note panda for the body and G2 fox for the head). I added the cheeks to her as well as the bow and tail. She’s (?) so pretty! ^_^

PicsArt_1422052067036Custom #307, Mangle (fixed / full body)

And last but not least, here is broken Mangle. I used a G4 fox figure for it and sculpted the entire body to it (based on the reference sketch). This was by far one of the most complex customs I’ve ever done! I sculpted it in several steps (three or four in total?) and the paint job wasn’t easy either! I love how it turned out ^_^


Custom #318, Mangle (broken)

As a recap, here are all my FNAF inspired customs in one glance :)



I won’t be selling most of these but I’m remaking the FNAF 1 customs as well as the toy animatronics inspired ones and the Mangle (fixed / full body) one :)

Anyways, that’s it for now! I’ll try to post my Face Off episode 3 recap as well as my (very late) weekly blog post soon! ^_^

Hope you enjoyed this post!


Five Nights at Pia’s Little Customs, part 1

A few days ago I finished my customs of the main characters from a game called Five Nights at Freddy’s!

Ever since I started my Instagram account, my followers have been begging me to make them. Originally I wasn’t interested because I hadn’t played the game and I felt it wouldn’t be authentic to make characters from a game I had no experience of. However, after months and months of comments like “Make LPS customs of the FNAF characters please!” I decided to look into the game and see what it was all about. I was pleasantly surprised! :) Since I’m such a huge wuss, I begged my fiance to download the game and play through it while I watched. I would have been way too creeped out to play it xD

After deciding to take on the project of making the customs, I had a dilemma of whether to make the customs cute or not. I had seen plenty of super-cute fanart of the animatronics but I wanted to take a different approach to the customs. I had already seen many adorable LPS customs of the characters but none were particularly creepy-looking so I decided to do my best do replicate the look of the game’s design (with teeth and all)! The first thing I did after deciding which figures to use on them was to cut off parts around their ears and limbs to give them “joints” between the body parts. I did this by using an x-acto knife and carefully carving them out. I actually managed to completely cut off Chica’s legs so I had to re-attach them using Green Stuff xD

WIP pictures from along the way:

Sketch276204730My original sketch of the customs. I hadn’t planned on giving Chica teeth until I realized she looked way too cute without them xD

IMG_20141230_224703My sketch of the Golden Freddy custom.

IMG_20141231_031712Golden Freddy, Bonnie and Chica sculpted.

The first custom I finished was Chica! She’s my favorite animatronic because her face is super creepy and hilarious at the same time :D Toffe really likes her too (and kinda hates her because she has managed to jumpscare him quite a few times!) so I thought I’d give him a good laugh by showing him the finished custom!

PicsArt_1420205597582Custom #276, Chica

I think she turned out really creepy looking! I tried to replicate her face when she looks into the office and you shine the light on her :D Since shadows play a huge role in the game’s design, I wanted to give my FNAF customs a darker and almost withered look. I did this by giving them a dark grey base coat and then dry-brushing the yellow / purple / brown onto them.

Next up was everyone’s favorite bunny animatronic, Bonnie:

PicsArt_1420291747075Custom #277, Bonnie

PicsArt_1420291886451I think he turned out really innocent and sweet looking! He’s adorable in the game too though so I didn’t feel like this was less successful than Chica in any way :)

Then I made Freddy Fazbear (who creeps me out a lot with his super weird laugh):

PicsArt_1420414049168Custom #279, Freddy Fazbear PicsArt_1420418205833I feel like they all go together pretty well! :)

Then came the character whose name I’ve been hearing way too much for the past half a year on Instagram and who everyone seems to think is “the friendly one” (umm, you know he stuffs you in a suit too, right?), every fanboy’s favorite Foxy! I used a G2 fox for his head and a G2 musical note panda for his body.


Custom #282 Foxy PicsArt_1420746005404

Detail shot of his chest “wound”, my favorite thing on this custom!


The crew!

I really love how Foxy turned out! He’s my second favorite after miss Chica :)

Finally there’s this super-creepy dude, Golden Freddy. He’s managed to give me a few jumps when I’ve watched Markiplier’s videos of the first FNAF game xD

PicsArt_1420745901891Custom #284, Golden Freddy

It may not be visible in this photo but his head is pretty tilted compared to regular LPS bears. I actually lodged a piece of plastic into his neck so he’s lopsided xD The things you do for customs…

So that’s it! The customs of the characters from first game are done! Now I just have a huge dilemma of whether or not I should sell them ;____; I really, really love how they turned out… Not sure if my heart could take it if I were to find a new home for them! We’ll see!

Of course I’m also doing the characters from the second game. In case you need to know which ones I’m making, here’s a list:

- Toy Chica, Toy Bonnie, Toy Freddy, Mangle (broken), Mangle (repaired, doing this one because I think it could be quite cute!), Balloon Boy, Marionette / puppet. The last two are causing me headaches because humanoid characters aren’t fun to make from LPS xD

Sneak peeks of the little Toy animatronics (who in my opinion are super cute and not very scary):


Freddy from the first game (left) and Toy Freddy (right)PicsArt_1420154225794Super kawaii Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica!

Part two will be up in a few weeks! :) Hope you enjoyed this post!