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Weird Wednesdays

Hello dear reader(s)! As some of you who have been following me for a while now (talking to you Jonny, not sure anyone else has read my blog :D) might have noticed, I deleted most of my old posts! This is because my life is now centered around making LPS customs so all my irrelevant posts needed to disappear. I will try to start writing something every Wednesday, mostly posting photos and telling you about my customs and their progress. I will also try to continue the 100 Happy things posts because they made me happy! ^_^

So what’s new? Nothing much I guess. Except I’ve made nearly 200 LPS customs so far! I just love to create them and make people who buy them happy :) I’ve also become very active on Instagram (Piaslittlecustoms, if you want to follow me there) and love the LPS community there. There are so many amazing photographers, it’s all very inspiring! ^_^ And in general people are very supportive and lovely so it really boosts me to make more customs!

What’s new with my personal life? Nothing much there either, except that we actually started planning our wedding! And surprisingly, it’s not going to be Pok√©mon or cat themed (though our Save the Date cards are)! xD

Related photos:

Some of my favorite customs so far!

1. My Elemental Dragon customs, they’re all original characters by me :) From left to right: Fire Dragon, Sakura inspired Earth dragon, Koi inspired Water Dragon and Crane inspired Air Dragon.


2. Faun Princess custom, also an original character by me<3 She will be sold because my house is overflowing with customs xD


3. My current face/hair with two of my customs.


4. Ludwig von Koopa from Mario Kart 8! I love that game and I always use Ludwig, he’s just so cute :) I had to make a custom of him, just look at how awesome his hair is!


5. WIP photo of some Halloween customs I’m making! (Sorry about the borders, it’s because of Instagram that I have to put them there >_<)


6. Save the date for a very strange wedding with a very strange bride and groom. <3 I’m also totally making us LPS custom wedding cake toppers. Because I can. Oh and the card isn’t exactly my own design, it is very heavily influenced by a picture I found online. I did draw it though!


More posts coming soon! I promise!<3