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100 happy things, 11-20

Continuing with part 2/10 of things that make me happy!

11. My Little Pony

Another pretty obvious one since I love customizing them ;) But I also love the retro MLP design, like the one on this t-shirt that I bought today:


12. Allison Harvard

Yes, the lovely runner-up of two seasons of America’s Next Top Model. She’s just so beautiful and her art is inspiring! I just get really happy every time I have a look at her Tumblr (! I’ve tried to draw her many times but the images never do her justice : ) Here’s an attempt at it anyway:

PicsArt_1394748618154She’s a million times more beautiful in real life!

13. Berlin

Ehehe, another obvious one. Berlin inspires me to do fashion design and improve my photography skills! It’s my favorite city in the world!



Both photos are from the Festival of lights, 2012 & 2013.

14. Peanut M&M’s

Just realized again how good they are. Mmmmmm…

15. H&M clothes

Yes, yes, H&M is a cheap brand, but I LOVE some of their clothes! More importantly they frequently have CAT THEMED CLOTHES!! How can I not love them?! Plus they also have cool Star Wars clothes at times:

IMG_2625 IMG_7036Seriously. That Darth Vader sweater is the coolest thing I own.

16. Christmas, Valentine’s Day and other holidays

I just love them because you can invest as much effort into them as you want! You can have totally cheesy-over-the-top romantic dates on Valentine’s, decorate the house on Christmas and Halloween and hide eggs around the house on Easter. They’re just nice days that give you permission to be a little crazy ^_^

IMG_3797 IMG_3677

Last year I went completely over the top with the Christmas stuff. I even made Game of Thrones-themed snowflakes at work to decorate my colleague’s wall!


Valentine’s Day was spent in Berlin this year. Soo romantic!

17. Face Off

The TV series. I’m OBSESSED with it. I just love seeing the creative process that goes into creating a character/creature design. It’s really fascinating. It’s also a bit similar to customizing because of the sculpting and painting ; ) It really inspires me to put more effort into my customs! Tyler from this season (season 6) also makes me happy, he’s just so positive and talented!

18. Video game music

I think I’ve mentioned this before? I love video game music, especially from old Nintendo games. My favorite right now is Stickerbrush Symphony from Donkey Kong Country 2. It’s soooooo good!

19. Zelda N64 games

Speaking of video games, some of the best music ever comes from The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. The games are also incredible, I have to play them over and over again! They just make me really happy! I also have a few MM-themed customs planned ; )

20. Sushi

Sushi always makes me happy! It reminds me of my sister (we used to have a lot of DIY sushi evenings at her place when she still lived in Finland) and it’s often really good! We actually had sushi one night here in Tokyo and it turned out to be one of the most hysterically funny dinners I’ve experienced in a long time! Yet another good sushi memory!


Some amazingly good sushi in Amsterdam.

This is fun! Writing about things that make me happy makes me really happy! ^_^


100 happy things, 1-10

I decided to write a list of things that make me happy because it’s a great way to remind myself of all the small (or big!) wonderful things in life. I’m going to share it with you because I thought you might get to know me a bit better if you know what sort of things I like :)

These are in no particular order:

1. Cats

Duh. We’ve established the fact that I’m a crazy cat lady. But seriously, almost anything cat related makes me smile! Especially cat videos! And cat photos! And cat related objects! And cats! =^o_._o^=


Katten kabinett in Amsterdam, it had lots of cat-related things! Meow!

PicsArt_1373455358762 Baaba <3

2. Littlest Pet Shop figures

Another pretty obvious one! I love some of the figures the way they are (because they’re very cute) but mostly I love them because they inspire me to make customs! I also admire other people’s customs, they’re usually very beautiful and creative! I can’t wait to get back home and make new customs… ^_^

IMG_3042Most of these have already been turned to customs. (HoMM3 on the left, Fruits basket animals on the right etc.)

3. Playing the guitar

Yes, I’m horrible at it. But it makes me really happy when I manage to play the right chords while singing some random song :P The best part of it is playing together with Toffe<3 ^_^


Three of our guitars.

4. My ring

Because it reminds me of my fiancee and the amazing proposal<3 Plus it reminds me that I can now officially start planning the wedding (which makes me excited because I love weddings)! ;)

pic1My precioussss…..

5. Crazy cat clothes

Yes, it’s related to #1 but I felt I had to mention it separately because it’s something that just makes me ridiculously happy. For example, the sweater I’m wearing in the photo underneath was an impulsive buy. I was shopping alone in H&M and I actually laughed out loud when I saw it (people looked at me strangely, yes). I knew I had to have it because it just makes me laugh whenever I see it! …and this is just one of maaaaaany (way too many) cat-related pieces of clothing that I have xD


Neon rainbow colored cat heads. It’s purrfect!

6. Earrings

Another random one, but I love earrings. Wearing them makes me very happy! I can’t get enough of them!


Some of my earrings.

7. Game of Thrones

I’m so bummed out that I still haven’t seen the new GoT episode. Before I found out about this business trip I was planning on making a Ghost (Jon’s direwolf) LPS custom to celebrate the season 4 premiere of GoT but I actually didn’t have time to make it before the trip. It will just have to wait! Here’s the sketch for it anyway (it’s going to look very cute with my Jon Snow figure that is waiting for me back at home :3):


8. Sparkling wine

It just makes me happy, what can I say :D I always connect sparkling wine to some sort of celebration so drinking it randomly makes me feel very festive! It’s just a happy drink (although drinking too much of it will make you very unhappy the next day)!

201_pSparkling wine in Amsterdam!

9. Let it go!

Yes, the song from Disney’s Frozen. It took a while to grow on me but now I really like it! Hearing it makes me really happy and makes me let go of my negative feelings :)

10. My Pikachu onesie

It makes me feel like I’m 10 years old again. I just love spending the entire day in it, curled up on the sofa and randomly going “Pika pikaa!” to confuse Toffe and the cats.

PicsArt_1378391246451Pika pikaa!

I’ll tell you more about things that make me happy after I’ve done a bit of shopping here in Tokyo. It’s my last day here! Sad to leave Japan but super excited to come back home and get back to the usual stuff :)