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Almost 300 LPS customs!

Excitement! I’m almost at my custom #300! I can’t believe I’ve made that many already, but seeing my collages of customs 1->100 and 101->200 as well as the almost finished 201->300 reminds me of how far I’ve come!

You’d think that someone who has made that many customs would be bored and not have the energy to put a lot of effort into every single new creation but on the contrary I’ve become even more of a perfectionist and want every new custom to be even better than the last one!

Hopefully I’ll be able to blow your mind with customs 300 onwards! ^_^

Here are all the customs I’ve made since last time (minus the FNAF customs I already showed you in the last post):

Custom #278 Pikachu (cockatiel). Made this one as a commission for the lovely Mary-Ann who already commissioned me for some Pokemon customs some time ago ^_^ It’s based on her adorable cockatiel Pikachu!

PicsArt_1420291983551Custom #280, Babydoll Kitten (original character). Making this one inbetween the commissions and FNAF characters was great for me because I could freestyle as much as I wanted with the details ^_^ I love how she turned out!<3


Custom #281 Patamon, made as a commission ^_^ He turned out so adorable! He looks very different from the first Patamon custom I made!


Custom #283, Puppy inspired by Collie #58, made as a commission for BubbleLPStv<3


Custom #285 Silver Lining, also a commission for BubbleLPStv (it’s her design) :) She received a makeover since this photo was taken, her nose and paw pads are a light pink now. I’m glad these two will join BubbleLPStv’s little chihuahua she commissioned me to make some time ago!<3 I really loved this design so it was an honor to get to make a custom of it! ^_^


Custom #286, Piper. Also a commission! Made for Addison based on her design ^_^ The gradient wings were so much fun to paint! She turned out so adorable!


Custom #287, Bolt from Disney’s Bolt :) Also a commission! Painting the tiny “Bolt” name on his collar was challenging but it turned out great! I’ll try to post a picture of the detail soon ^_^


Custom #289 Mythical Beast (not sure what this is from!), made as a commission as well! The reference picture was really simple so I had a lot of fun trying to design details to it to make it more interesting ^_^ It’s so adorable!

PicsArt_1421084113535Custom #290, Clara the (creepy) porcelain doll. She’s my original design that I felt inspired to make after making Cerise (the kawaii custom made from the same base figure). I have a really irrational fear of old porcelain dolls (or any creepy dolls / puppets in general) but for some reason I felt like I wanted to make a custom to face my fears xD The best part is that Clara’s face makes me uncomfortable when I look at it so I guess it’s a success! :D I’m keeping her though as a reminder that I managed to create something that was exactly as I envisioned!


Custom #291 Dug from Disney’s Up. Made as a commission :) I think he looks adorable! I love how the paint job turned out, he looks so delicious and cream-colored ^_^ Dug and Bolt are going to the same new home!


Custom #292 inspired by Pusheen Cat, made as a commission ^_^ Made from a G3 bear that somehow looked perfect as a cat!


So there we go! I also made Toy Bonnie after this but I’ll post all the FNAF 2 customs together once they’re finished ^_^ 7 customs to go and then I’ll have my 300 customs completed!<3

Other fun stuff:

I bought some “texture brushes” from an amazing seller on Etsy and I really hope this will take my customs to another level ^_^ Clara’s bow was made with one of them and this creature’s horn was made from another. The silicone piece seen in this photo is one of the “brushes”, you basically press it against the sculpted part to get a texture on it :)

texturebrushAlso, my website has a fun feature some of you might like! It’s updating slowly but  I promise it will feature all of my nearly 300 customs one day ^_^ Basically I’ve put up all customs under different categories so you can click them to see all related customs at once. These categories are as large as “Customs 1-100″ (as seen in picture 3) or as small as a specific base figure I used for a custom (as seen in pictures 1&2, it lists all customs made with that figure on one page) :) I really hope this can inspire people who have certain base figures as doubles and don’t know what to do with them!

PicsArt_1420897803094That’s it for this week! Hope to show off my 300th and 301st custom next week along with the customs of the characters from FNAF 2!



Future plans!

Hi again!

This week I’ll be updating you mostly about what the future looks like for me, especially concerning commissions (but also a little sneak peek about what customs I’ll be making before Christmas!).

First however, customs 243 – 251 (yay!):

#243 is Pichu! I had this one planned for a long time and thought I’d make it from a G3 mouse LPS. I decided to change the body to a ladybug LPS instead though because I thought it would look a lot cuter. I think it turned out adorable! :) He’s for sale in my eBay shop.

PicsArt_1417901921199Custom #244 is Wendy Koopa. It felt great to know that there was only one more Koopaling to make after her! :) I personally think she turned out really cute even though her lips are a bit ridiculous. I think I’ll keep her, my Ludwig von Koopa custom needs a friend!

wendy_donewendy_ludwig_smallCustom #245 might seem random but I had her planned for ages ever since I first bought the G3 Cocker Spaniel I used as a base for her! She was inspired by Presea from one of my favorite games ever, Tales of Symphonia. I say inspired because Presea doesn’t show emotions and this custom looks way too happy to be her :D

IMG_20141207_224119Custom #246, the final Koopaling custom: Morton Koopa Jr. ! So excited to finally be done with this project! For some reason it always feels stressful when there’s a project that isn’t moving forward as you hoped it would. I’m glad the Koopalings are done now :)

morton_done koopalings_wmSorry for the white borders once again!

Custom #247, Lumi (original character). She was the custom I made for our custom collaboration’s Winter theme this week :) Her name means snow in Finnish (ironic since there is no snow here at the moment!). I really love my snowflake mold that I got from an Etsy seller so I figured it would be a great idea to use it to make a crown to my snow creature. I’d love to keep her because I really adore the way she looks, it’s just getting awfully crammed in my office so therefore she’s available in my eBay shop :)


#248 Stitch (from Disney’s Lilo & Stitch). This is one of the first customs I ever made a sketch of because someone on Etsy contacted me about wanting a custom of him. They never got back to me but since I already had a sketch of him I figured why not make him :) He’s also available in my eBay shop ( )!

PicsArt_1418161048406Customs #249 & #250, my original Geisha kitty customs! :) I really wanted to make two different Geisha customs, one inspired by the wonderful movie “Memoirs of a geisha” (and Japanese culture in general, I really love traditional Japanese textile patterns!) and another one inspired by a more Western take on what Japanese culture is (Hello Kitty, super kawaii pink girly things etc.). Here are WIP photos of them as well as final shots:

Sketch171145457Initial sketch of my more traditional Geisha. I changed the head of the figure as well as the pattern on the kimono after making this sketch.


Initial sketch of my over-the-top Kawaii Geisha, I changed the pattern of the kimono while painting the custom.


WIP of the traditional Geisha kitty. I used a different head for this custom because the figure I intended to use wasn’t available after all. I’m glad I did though, her face suited her a lot better this way! This is what she looked like after two rounds of sculpting. It took me a few hours in total to sculpt her.


WIP photo of the Kawaii Geisha kitty after one round of sculpting. All the flowers, bows and the bunny in her hair were made from a mold.


Dramatic sneak peek of custom #249…


Ta-daaah! Here they are! :) They probably took around 6h to complete in total. Very time-consuming but totally worth it!

PicsArt_1418232422024 PicsArt_1418232112452

Custom #249, traditional Geisha inspired custom. I love how her kimono turned out and her neck detail is one of my favorite things ever. I also made her a small golden fan (upper picture) from a mold.

PicsArt_1418317777655 PicsArt_1418317707891

Custom #250, Kawaii Geisha inspired custom. Her hair and kimono have tons of details: Bows, flowers, hearts and even two stuffed bunnies. Unfortunately you can’t see it in the photos but her kimono features the same pattern as the traditional Geisha in a very subtle white on pink instead of black on white. I made a small, pink kawaii fan for her too :)



I really love these two :) They were worth all the pain of painting the little details! Definitely keeping these, they are priceless to me.

Last (and kind of least), custom #251 is Altaria. I had this one planned for a very long time and finally had the energy to finish him. I won’t say I dislike him (because there’s nothing wrong with him) but after making the Geisha kitties he’s a bit… underwhelming xD


He might be for sale one day, I don’t know yet!

Those are the customs I’ve managed to make during the past week! Very glad to see I’ve been more productive than last time I wrote a post here :)

Anyways, on to commission info and future plans!

I will not be taking commissions until the 4th of January (or possibly even the 9th, depending on how quickly I get my thesis done). I will have to come up with a new way of taking commissions as I currently have way too many communication channels (Instagram, deviantart, eBay, Etsy, Facebook etc.). This will probably mean I’ll get my own domain and website where I’ll gather all the info you need and where I’ll post updates on my commission status. This also means I probably won’t be taking any more commissions through Instagram or deviantart. We’ll see! I promise you that the new method won’t be hard to understand, it will just help me be more organized :)

Future customs that I will try to make before my Christmas “holiday” (=thesis writing) starts are the following:

Suicune (commission), Houndoom (commission), Clefairy (commission), Mega Audino (commission), Flower Cocker Spaniel (commission), Zigzagoon, Bowser Jr., Seel, Dragon OC, Lil Bub (commission), Superhero OC (for our collab), Bowser, Savvy G3 style, Birdo, Griffin OC and a poodle OC. :)

I will definitely finish the commissions but we’ll see how many of the other ones I manage to make in one and a half weeks!

Also, let’s not forget that I’ll make the winner of my Husky design competition! It was so much fun hosting this contest, there were some amazing designs in the bunch! :) This one was always a standout to me because of its beautiful simplicity and delicate colors, let me present to you Kiako by @mystic_lps!<3

IMG_20141210_200644Cannot wait to show you the finished custom! I really hope the winner will like it once it’s done! ^_^

Anyways, off to get some well-deserved sleep now! See you again next week!<3


Valentine’s Day LPS customs

I’m super excited about Valentine’s Day this year because we’re going to Berlin tomorrow to celebrate it! It’s going to be super romantic! <3 ^_^

I decided to make a LPS customs couple and since I’ve been planning to make Disney themed customs for a long time, I thought Bambi and Faline would be perfect for the occasion!

So here are Disney’s sweethearts, Bambi and Faline as LPS customs:

IMG_4242ps IMG_4246ps

I think they look super cute together! ^_^ I had to change their ear design because I had a hard time understanding how the colors are distributed on them, but I think they look nice nonetheless :)

The fawns were made from these two LPS figures (Bambi first, Faline second):

deer2 deer1

I repainted both completely and sculpted some fluff on Bambi’s head to give him a more boyish look.

Hope you like them!

Happy Valentine’s day! <3

(P.S. I actually made Toffe watch Bambi a few weeks ago because he had never seen the movie from beginning to end. I started crying hysterically when Bambi’s mom died. Yes, I’m turning 25 this year and still cry at children’s movies :D Some things just scar you for life…)