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My Little Pony Customs: Bride & Groom ponies

FINALLY I can post these without spoiling the surprise for my sister (who got married this Saturday, congrats!)!

I’ve been working on these the entire Summer, doing little things one at a time and not attempting to do everything at once. Of course they could be improved in lots of ways, but I’m happy with the result, and so were the bride and groom :)

I’m just going to post all the pictures from the entire process and explain a little what was done.

1. Choose ponies

I chose two baby ponies, G1 Baby Blossom and G1 Baby Moondancer, for this project since I haven’t actually ever re-rooted a MLP before and I figured baby ponies won’t take as long. I found these pictures of them online to use as reference for the planning process.

ponies2. Plan

I apologize for this part, since the picture is so awful :D This part is just for your own reference so you actually know what you’re doing! These plans don’t match the final design since I decided that less is more after all; doing the veil and tuxedo would’ve been hard, especially since I’m not great at sculpting. The ponies have a white, shimmery base coat as well that is really easy to mess up so I tried to keep it simple.


3. Spraying the base coat

This part was done by my friend Jonny since I’ve never sprayed anything before :D I covered the eyes with paper so they didn’t get spray on them (it’s much easier to paint on top of existing eyes to keep the authentic MLP look). The spray covers the existing color quite well and makes the rest of the paint layers stick better.


4. Painting the final layer, details and symbols + sculpting

I painted the ponies with a final layer of white shimmery paint (white + metallic), which I chose because I thought it went well with the wedding theme. The bride’s eyes are blue and the groom’s are brown, so obviously I decided to make the ponies’ eyes the same. The symbols are two interlocked rings (on the display side) and the initials of the happy couple on the non-display side. I apologize for the terrible, shaky symbols but I think I had had a bit too much coffee the day I painted them :D The sculpted part on the groom is a bow tie and the one for the bride is a leg garter. I’m quite happy how it turned out!


5. Re-rooting and final touches

The last part was the most difficult since I’ve never really re-rooted a MLP before. The idea is to remove the hair from the old bait pony and replace it with new, fresh hair. For my ponies I didn’t try to replicate the real couple’s hair but tried to make interesting combinations of colors for both.

The groom is re-rooted with three shades of nylon hair (bought from Dollyhair), which are called “Black Magick” (black), “Kiss of Death” (dark purple) and “Chocolate Fudge” (Dark chocolatey brown). I mainly used “Chocolate Fudge” and only did some highlights with the other two colors. For the bride I used “Oyster shell” (lovely pink-ish silvery color), “Virgin Snow” (white) and “Moonlight” (Silver). “Moonlight” was only used for highlights whereas the two others were used equally much. I lovelovelove how the bride’s hair turned out!

The last part was to paint the sculpted parts, style the hair and do a few finishing touches.


6. Done!

So here they are, all finished and nice :)


I’m very happy with the result and intend to keep customizing ponies as gifts for friends and family. The next ones I’m going to do are a gift for Toffe’s mom and a “Dark side of the moon” rainbow pony for Toffe who’s a huge Pink Floyd fan. I’ll post more pictures when I get them done!