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Customs #299 -> #310

Hey guys! I will be writing two blog posts today, hurrah! Mainly because I was supposed to write stuff on Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday but somehow I just didn’t have time…

Stuff I’ve been up to since last time I wrote something:

– I’ve started sketching again! Yay! Maybe one day I’ll even try to get some prints done and show them to you guys :)

– I’ve been seriously considering taking 2-3 weeks off work (customizing) and going abroad to refocus my creativity on other things I want to do as well such as photography, sketching / illustration and possibly even writing a thing or two. I feel slightly burned out since I (finally) got my thesis done and the LPS customizing has been very intense the last month or so without me getting the chance of having a proper break in between. We’ll see!

– My commissions are open again (through my website!

– Me and the fiance had a meeting with our lovely catering dudes for the wedding. It’s finally starting to sink in that I’m getting married soon!<3

That’s it in a nutshell I guess! Anyways, on to the customs:

Customs #299 and #300, Helios / Pegasus and Chibi Moon from the anime Sailor moon! I looooved this series when I was little and I always wanted to have pink hair because of Chibiusa xD I decided to make Pegasus as well because I thought he’d look perfect as a LPS!

#299 Pegasus (made from a G2 horse):


I loved sculpting the wings! So much fun! ^_^

#300 Chibi Moon (made from a G2 musical note panda):

PicsArt_1421748619169 PicsArt_1421707936266So kawaiiiii! ^_^ I think they turned out adorable!

I decided to make a few small changes to the way I customize from custom #300 forward:

– At least every 10th custom is an OC (like in the last 100 customs too)

– Every 5th custom is a remake of one of my older customs (this is due to some of the popular ones being requested constantly and me wanting to meet the demands, plus remaking customs is fun so you can see if you’ve improved! :))

– I’m going to start customizing baby LPS D: They’re so tiny but I’m totally up for the challenge!

Anyways, moving on:

Custom #302 & #304 Ayaka and Suzume (commissions, made from the original designs by the commissioner):PicsArt_1421926751601I loved dotting the polkadots on Suzume’s ears! :) Painting the Sakura tree on her chest was a lot of fun too! Ayaka’s little freckles are totally adorable as well!

Custom #303, remake of my Toothless custom:

PicsArt_1421878727498 PicsArt_1421882565207Such a cutie! I loved making him again, it was a lot of fun! :) He’s up for adoption in my eBay shop for a week.

Custom #305 Treecko (made from a G3 kangaroo head and G3 Vinnie Terrio body):


I love how he turned out and how his colors work so well together!

Custom #206, Helmaroc King (baby version). Made from a G2 peacock:

PicsArt_1422113624979I’ve had this little dude planned for ages and finally got around to making him! :) He was fairly challenging with all the tiny details but all in all he was a lot of fun to paint (and sculpt)!

Custom #308, remake of my first Sylveon custom! Made from a G2 blind bag cat:

PicsArt_1422113701158She’s so pretty! :3 It’s been ages since I made her last time (I’ve made three of these previously) so it was strangely fun to remake her! I remember having a lot of trouble with both the sculpting and painting but it was much easier this time around! I think I really have improved!

Custom #309 Cheshire Cat, made by repainting a “Destiny” cat:

PicsArt_1422199075330He was so much fun to paint! I love his details and the shades of blue I used ^_^ He’s also up for adoption in my eBay shop!

Custom #310, “Cooper” my Twin Peaks inspired OC. This one wasn’t originally meant to be inspired by Twin Peaks but one day when I looked at the base coated figure I suddenly thought “The owls are not what they seem” and knew I had to give it some details inspired by the epic TV series. Cooper lives in our Twin Peaks inspired living room / whiskey bar so he’s definitely where he belongs!

PicsArt_1422272314953 cooper_2

Anyways, that’s it for now! I will post my second Face Off recap post later today! You can look forward to seeing my cute but mean monkey alien custom! :D