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Face Off Season 8 Episode 3 recap

Last week’s episode of Face Off wasn’t overly exciting in terms of character design but it also didn’t include a single horribly bad design! It really shows that the champion mentors are doing their best to steer their contestants away from making bad decisions.

Now, can we talk about how misleading it was that it was a “Hunger Games inspired challenge”? Tbh it had almost nothing to do with the movie except the fact that Peeta was a guest judge. They could have just said that you have to design a scary exotic plant/deadly animal hybrid. I’m especially confused since I don’t remember seeing any of those in THG (the Mutts were animal / tribute hybrids, no plants involved in their creation). Josh was totally adorable and down-to-earth though so I’m not complaining! I found it so cute how his love for Face Off was so apparent!

Anyways, onto the designs this week (and my completely unprofessional opinion about them):

Kelly & Daniel (safe): They chose the scorpion and Delphinium as the inspiration. Kelly seems to have horrible time management skills with her sculpting, better step it up gurl, I want to see you go far! This design was fine, not one of my favorites though. I loved the paint job on the “hands” though!

Ben & Darla (winning team, Ben winner): They had the ram & Cactus. Is it weird that I found the cactus spikes to be a bit tacky? Other than that the concept was very cool (especially Ben’s cowl). In certain angles the face looked a bit endearing but I’m sure it looked creepy in real life.

Julian & Adam (bottom looks): They chose the bat & Sugarbush Protea. Omg, I loved that it was called a “psychedelic artichoke”, it made me chuckle even though it was sad for the team. Too bad the paint job was a bit wacky, the concept was cool and these guys are obviously very talented!

Anthony & Logan (safe): They chose the warthog & American Pitcher Plant. They seemed to work very well as a team and it certainly deserved to be safe since it wasn’t interesting enough to be top looks.

Emily & Regina (top looks): Chose the hyena & Shampoo Ginger. Despite their confusion with the sculpting the first day, they really pulled it together and has a very solid concept in their final look! I loved the femininity and proportions of it and Emily managed to surprise me with her idea of using hemp for the hair! She has some cool ideas, I have a feeling that she’ll get to the top 5 at least.

Stephanie & Alan (losing team, Alan eliminated): Chose the thorny Dragon and Cockscomb. Poor Alan, I really liked him! The final decision was obviously made because of the venom sacks on the neck and to be honest I do agree with the judges. It wasn’t a horrible design but it was his decision to have those shapes and it clearly bugged the judges. The sculpt around the face and mouth seemed a bit unsymmetrical as well which makes the decision of this being the bottom look even more justified.

Rob & Jamie: They got the piranha & Blue Thistle. How cute were these two together?! They were so excited and worked very well as a team. I loved their final look but their concept might have been a bit too predictable to get them to top looks. In my eyes this one was one of the scariest characters though!

Anyways, onto my own little plant predator custom! I have to admit, the “scary” part of the brief was left out of this design since it’s veeery hard making a LPS scary unless you make it gory. When I first watched the episode I immediately noticed that one of the predators they could choose was a tiger, however no one chose it! Since none of the other predators were particularly interesting to me, I thought it would be perfect for me to choose the tiger and the Aechmea Blue Rain plant. If you’re confused about whether or not this was a real option, here is a screen cap to prove it:

20150128_095657Ta-da! I had to google the plant though to find out its name. A lot of research goes into my designs!

Here’s a better picture of the stunning plant that inspired my color scheme:

AechmeaBleuRainEcu800Photo credit to

I had a few ideas of how to incorporate the flower into the custom so I came up with two different options:

Sketch283171936 Sketch294152514I loved the first design’s albino color scheme but the second one just looked more solid so I went with that one. I still have a feeling that I might make a custom of the first one someday… The color scheme in the final design was (very obviously) inspired by the red/pink body of the plant with the white&purple “spikes”.

So here she is! I named her Raine (pronounced like “rain”) because of the name of the flower.

PicsArt_1422913488474 raine_back

I must admit that I adore her and I probably won’t sell her. It’s always such a thrill to design an original character and then realize it turned out so much better than you ever expected it would! Raine’s species may well become one of my favorite OC species I’ve created ^_^

Anyways, hope you enjoyed my post and my custom! I’m looking forward to tonight’s episode (I hear it’s Tim Burton inspired?!)! Can’t wait to design something completely new and hopefully inspire some of you LPS customizers out there! Until next week!


Five Nights at Pia’s Little Customs, part 2

A few days ago I finished the last of my customs of the characters from the game Five Nights at Freddy’s 2! These were a huge project that included a head-swapped custom, a custom that I only used a LPS head for and sculpted the entire body for as well as two humanoid customs (which are always challenging to make!).

WIP pictures from along the way:


Sketch of Toy Bonnie, Chica and Freddy Sketch2519027

Sketch of Balloon Boy and Marionette / The Puppet Sketch19113288Sketch of broken Mangle (on the left is a reference picture for the body found on Google, I would credit the original artist but I couldn’t find the name! :<)

IMG_20141231_223756PicsArt_1420154225794WIP photos of Toy Freddy, Bonnie and Chica

The first toy animatronic custom I finished was Toy Chica. I made her from a G2 penguin figure and re-shaped her beak as well as added the hair fluff, cheeks and bib to her. She turned out so cute! :)

PicsArt_1421015402213Custom #288, Toy Chica

The second one I finished was Toy Bonnie. He is made from a G2 bunny that I added the cheeks and bow to as well as re-shaped the mouth and nose.

PicsArt_1421276999707Custom #293, Toy Bonnie

After that I made Toy Freddy from a G3 bear / panda figure. I added the hat, cheeks and bow to him as well as re-shaped his mouth.


Custom #294, Toy Freddy PicsArt_1421451418990The three kawaii toy animatronics together! Bonnie is my favorite :)

After making the three main characters I made Balloon Boy. He is so creepy, especially the “HI!” and the giggling! :D I made him from a G2 baby monkey figure that I added the hat, hair and cheeks to. I also re-shaped his nose, mouth and feet. What a creepy little custom he turned out to be!

PicsArt_1421707774519Custom #298, Balloon Boy

The Puppet / Marionette was up next. I made it from a G2 monkey figure that I removed the ears and tail from. I re-shaped the mouth and added the rosy cheeks to it. It turned out way too cute to be creepy in my opinion xD

PicsArt_1421784067718Custom #301, The Puppet

After these customs my two Mangles (fixed and broken) were next. I first made the fixed Mangle using the same base figures as I used for Foxy (G2 musical note panda for the body and G2 fox for the head). I added the cheeks to her as well as the bow and tail. She’s (?) so pretty! ^_^

PicsArt_1422052067036Custom #307, Mangle (fixed / full body)

And last but not least, here is broken Mangle. I used a G4 fox figure for it and sculpted the entire body to it (based on the reference sketch). This was by far one of the most complex customs I’ve ever done! I sculpted it in several steps (three or four in total?) and the paint job wasn’t easy either! I love how it turned out ^_^


Custom #318, Mangle (broken)

As a recap, here are all my FNAF inspired customs in one glance :)



I won’t be selling most of these but I’m remaking the FNAF 1 customs as well as the toy animatronics inspired ones and the Mangle (fixed / full body) one :)

Anyways, that’s it for now! I’ll try to post my Face Off episode 3 recap as well as my (very late) weekly blog post soon! ^_^

Hope you enjoyed this post!


Five Nights at Pia’s Little Customs, part 1

A few days ago I finished my customs of the main characters from a game called Five Nights at Freddy’s!

Ever since I started my Instagram account, my followers have been begging me to make them. Originally I wasn’t interested because I hadn’t played the game and I felt it wouldn’t be authentic to make characters from a game I had no experience of. However, after months and months of comments like “Make LPS customs of the FNAF characters please!” I decided to look into the game and see what it was all about. I was pleasantly surprised! :) Since I’m such a huge wuss, I begged my fiance to download the game and play through it while I watched. I would have been way too creeped out to play it xD

After deciding to take on the project of making the customs, I had a dilemma of whether to make the customs cute or not. I had seen plenty of super-cute fanart of the animatronics but I wanted to take a different approach to the customs. I had already seen many adorable LPS customs of the characters but none were particularly creepy-looking so I decided to do my best do replicate the look of the game’s design (with teeth and all)! The first thing I did after deciding which figures to use on them was to cut off parts around their ears and limbs to give them “joints” between the body parts. I did this by using an x-acto knife and carefully carving them out. I actually managed to completely cut off Chica’s legs so I had to re-attach them using Green Stuff xD

WIP pictures from along the way:

Sketch276204730My original sketch of the customs. I hadn’t planned on giving Chica teeth until I realized she looked way too cute without them xD

IMG_20141230_224703My sketch of the Golden Freddy custom.

IMG_20141231_031712Golden Freddy, Bonnie and Chica sculpted.

The first custom I finished was Chica! She’s my favorite animatronic because her face is super creepy and hilarious at the same time :D Toffe really likes her too (and kinda hates her because she has managed to jumpscare him quite a few times!) so I thought I’d give him a good laugh by showing him the finished custom!

PicsArt_1420205597582Custom #276, Chica

I think she turned out really creepy looking! I tried to replicate her face when she looks into the office and you shine the light on her :D Since shadows play a huge role in the game’s design, I wanted to give my FNAF customs a darker and almost withered look. I did this by giving them a dark grey base coat and then dry-brushing the yellow / purple / brown onto them.

Next up was everyone’s favorite bunny animatronic, Bonnie:

PicsArt_1420291747075Custom #277, Bonnie

PicsArt_1420291886451I think he turned out really innocent and sweet looking! He’s adorable in the game too though so I didn’t feel like this was less successful than Chica in any way :)

Then I made Freddy Fazbear (who creeps me out a lot with his super weird laugh):

PicsArt_1420414049168Custom #279, Freddy Fazbear PicsArt_1420418205833I feel like they all go together pretty well! :)

Then came the character whose name I’ve been hearing way too much for the past half a year on Instagram and who everyone seems to think is “the friendly one” (umm, you know he stuffs you in a suit too, right?), every fanboy’s favorite Foxy! I used a G2 fox for his head and a G2 musical note panda for his body.


Custom #282 Foxy PicsArt_1420746005404

Detail shot of his chest “wound”, my favorite thing on this custom!


The crew!

I really love how Foxy turned out! He’s my second favorite after miss Chica :)

Finally there’s this super-creepy dude, Golden Freddy. He’s managed to give me a few jumps when I’ve watched Markiplier’s videos of the first FNAF game xD

PicsArt_1420745901891Custom #284, Golden Freddy

It may not be visible in this photo but his head is pretty tilted compared to regular LPS bears. I actually lodged a piece of plastic into his neck so he’s lopsided xD The things you do for customs…

So that’s it! The customs of the characters from first game are done! Now I just have a huge dilemma of whether or not I should sell them ;____; I really, really love how they turned out… Not sure if my heart could take it if I were to find a new home for them! We’ll see!

Of course I’m also doing the characters from the second game. In case you need to know which ones I’m making, here’s a list:

- Toy Chica, Toy Bonnie, Toy Freddy, Mangle (broken), Mangle (repaired, doing this one because I think it could be quite cute!), Balloon Boy, Marionette / puppet. The last two are causing me headaches because humanoid characters aren’t fun to make from LPS xD

Sneak peeks of the little Toy animatronics (who in my opinion are super cute and not very scary):


Freddy from the first game (left) and Toy Freddy (right)PicsArt_1420154225794Super kawaii Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica!

Part two will be up in a few weeks! :) Hope you enjoyed this post!


First post of the year!

Hi guys! Long time no see! Happy New Year! :)

Also, happy one year anniversary to my Etsy shop! ^_^


It’s been an amazing year!<3

I’ll try to make this blog post as short as possible since I’m in panic mode once again!

I was supposed to have a real Christmas holiday and go to Stockholm this week but unfortunately my fiance got a mild case of pneumonia just before the trip so we had to stay in Finland :( This just goes to show how much I enjoy my job – and how much of a workaholic I am – instead of trying to have a chill week I decided to take on the challenge of making 10 additional customs (11 once I get the base figure for Mangle) based on the characters from Five Nights at Freddy’s! I will post more about this project once the customs are done :)

Anyways, customs made since last time I posted:

#264 Kiako, the winner of my Husky Design competition that I hosted to celebrate my Etsy shop’s one-year anniversary! ^_^ I think he turned out really beautiful, I personally loved this design a lot due to its simplicity and delicate details :) I hope lps_mystic loves the custom once it arrives to her!

PicsArt_1419020888763 PicsArt_1419020794604 #265 Sugar Rush (OC), inspired by Christmas candy (and the feeling you get after eating too much of them!) :) This custom has been sold already<3

PicsArt_1419020269283 PicsArt_1419509675962

#266 Lemur, made this one for my mum as a Christmas present! She really loved it ^_^ The head is from a Penny Ling figure and the body is from a G3 cat.


#267 Dachshund #675 (Savvy from LPS Popular) G3 version :) This one will be up for sale soon! The tip of the tail has been painted white since this photo was taken :D


#268 Doge, made from a G3 husky figure :) I love how it turned out! He will be up for sale soon too!

doge_meme PicsArt_1419597761866

#269 Kokoro (Japanese word for heart), original character by me. Made from a G2 poodle figure. I think he looks super cute, just like a little cupid :) He will be for sale soon<3


#270 Scarlet the Snowy owl Griffin, made from a G2 owl head and G3 lion body.  She’s an original character of mine :) To swap heads like this, the plastic ring in the neck of the head has to be removed completely.

Originally I wanted to paint the eyes yellow but I decided to make them red so she would look different from my owl-dragon Honey. Scarlet is a demon whose powers are limited to being so cute she’ll steal your heart :) She will be up for sale soon!

PicsArt_1419597607807 PicsArt_1419598374194

#271 Matt Berry, a very odd custom I made for Toffe as a Christmas present :D I used a G3 lion head and a G3 Penny Ling body for him.


#272 Mimi in its usual state :D Also made this for Toffe as a Christmas present. She’s made from a G3 otter figure.


#273 Teto (from Nausicaä), made from a G2 corgi figure. I sculpted additional mass on his legs to make him more well-proportioned :) He will be up for sale soon!


#274 Bowser, made from a G2 turtle. He turned out way too innocent-looking xD But he’s very cute nonetheless! He will also be up for sale soon!

PicsArt_1420205417813 PicsArt_1420205467570#275 Birdo, made from a G2 seal head and a G2 kangaroo body. This will be a going-away gift for my friend Rob once he leaves for Japan :)


Sneak peeks for my next post which will be all about my FNAF customs :)

Golden Freddy sketch:


Golden Freddy, Bonnie and Chica sculpted:


Freddy from FNAF 1 and Toy Freddy sculpted:


Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica sculpted:


So excited to make them! :) I finished Chica yesterday and she looks terrifying xD Can’t wait to show the finished customs to you all!

Until next week!

Love, Pia


Future plans!

Hi again!

This week I’ll be updating you mostly about what the future looks like for me, especially concerning commissions (but also a little sneak peek about what customs I’ll be making before Christmas!).

First however, customs 243 – 251 (yay!):

#243 is Pichu! I had this one planned for a long time and thought I’d make it from a G3 mouse LPS. I decided to change the body to a ladybug LPS instead though because I thought it would look a lot cuter. I think it turned out adorable! :) He’s for sale in my eBay shop.

PicsArt_1417901921199Custom #244 is Wendy Koopa. It felt great to know that there was only one more Koopaling to make after her! :) I personally think she turned out really cute even though her lips are a bit ridiculous. I think I’ll keep her, my Ludwig von Koopa custom needs a friend!

wendy_donewendy_ludwig_smallCustom #245 might seem random but I had her planned for ages ever since I first bought the G3 Cocker Spaniel I used as a base for her! She was inspired by Presea from one of my favorite games ever, Tales of Symphonia. I say inspired because Presea doesn’t show emotions and this custom looks way too happy to be her :D

IMG_20141207_224119Custom #246, the final Koopaling custom: Morton Koopa Jr. ! So excited to finally be done with this project! For some reason it always feels stressful when there’s a project that isn’t moving forward as you hoped it would. I’m glad the Koopalings are done now :)

morton_done koopalings_wmSorry for the white borders once again!

Custom #247, Lumi (original character). She was the custom I made for our custom collaboration’s Winter theme this week :) Her name means snow in Finnish (ironic since there is no snow here at the moment!). I really love my snowflake mold that I got from an Etsy seller so I figured it would be a great idea to use it to make a crown to my snow creature. I’d love to keep her because I really adore the way she looks, it’s just getting awfully crammed in my office so therefore she’s available in my eBay shop :)


#248 Stitch (from Disney’s Lilo & Stitch). This is one of the first customs I ever made a sketch of because someone on Etsy contacted me about wanting a custom of him. They never got back to me but since I already had a sketch of him I figured why not make him :) He’s also available in my eBay shop ( )!

PicsArt_1418161048406Customs #249 & #250, my original Geisha kitty customs! :) I really wanted to make two different Geisha customs, one inspired by the wonderful movie “Memoirs of a geisha” (and Japanese culture in general, I really love traditional Japanese textile patterns!) and another one inspired by a more Western take on what Japanese culture is (Hello Kitty, super kawaii pink girly things etc.). Here are WIP photos of them as well as final shots:

Sketch171145457Initial sketch of my more traditional Geisha. I changed the head of the figure as well as the pattern on the kimono after making this sketch.


Initial sketch of my over-the-top Kawaii Geisha, I changed the pattern of the kimono while painting the custom.


WIP of the traditional Geisha kitty. I used a different head for this custom because the figure I intended to use wasn’t available after all. I’m glad I did though, her face suited her a lot better this way! This is what she looked like after two rounds of sculpting. It took me a few hours in total to sculpt her.


WIP photo of the Kawaii Geisha kitty after one round of sculpting. All the flowers, bows and the bunny in her hair were made from a mold.


Dramatic sneak peek of custom #249…


Ta-daaah! Here they are! :) They probably took around 6h to complete in total. Very time-consuming but totally worth it!

PicsArt_1418232422024 PicsArt_1418232112452

Custom #249, traditional Geisha inspired custom. I love how her kimono turned out and her neck detail is one of my favorite things ever. I also made her a small golden fan (upper picture) from a mold.

PicsArt_1418317777655 PicsArt_1418317707891

Custom #250, Kawaii Geisha inspired custom. Her hair and kimono have tons of details: Bows, flowers, hearts and even two stuffed bunnies. Unfortunately you can’t see it in the photos but her kimono features the same pattern as the traditional Geisha in a very subtle white on pink instead of black on white. I made a small, pink kawaii fan for her too :)



I really love these two :) They were worth all the pain of painting the little details! Definitely keeping these, they are priceless to me.

Last (and kind of least), custom #251 is Altaria. I had this one planned for a very long time and finally had the energy to finish him. I won’t say I dislike him (because there’s nothing wrong with him) but after making the Geisha kitties he’s a bit… underwhelming xD


He might be for sale one day, I don’t know yet!

Those are the customs I’ve managed to make during the past week! Very glad to see I’ve been more productive than last time I wrote a post here :)

Anyways, on to commission info and future plans!

I will not be taking commissions until the 4th of January (or possibly even the 9th, depending on how quickly I get my thesis done). I will have to come up with a new way of taking commissions as I currently have way too many communication channels (Instagram, deviantart, eBay, Etsy, Facebook etc.). This will probably mean I’ll get my own domain and website where I’ll gather all the info you need and where I’ll post updates on my commission status. This also means I probably won’t be taking any more commissions through Instagram or deviantart. We’ll see! I promise you that the new method won’t be hard to understand, it will just help me be more organized :)

Future customs that I will try to make before my Christmas “holiday” (=thesis writing) starts are the following:

Suicune (commission), Houndoom (commission), Clefairy (commission), Mega Audino (commission), Flower Cocker Spaniel (commission), Zigzagoon, Bowser Jr., Seel, Dragon OC, Lil Bub (commission), Superhero OC (for our collab), Bowser, Savvy G3 style, Birdo, Griffin OC and a poodle OC. :)

I will definitely finish the commissions but we’ll see how many of the other ones I manage to make in one and a half weeks!

Also, let’s not forget that I’ll make the winner of my Husky design competition! It was so much fun hosting this contest, there were some amazing designs in the bunch! :) This one was always a standout to me because of its beautiful simplicity and delicate colors, let me present to you Kiako by @mystic_lps!<3

IMG_20141210_200644Cannot wait to show you the finished custom! I really hope the winner will like it once it’s done! ^_^

Anyways, off to get some well-deserved sleep now! See you again next week!<3



So, once again I’ve been super unproductive. I have a totally legit reason though; I read in the newspapers that the sun was visible for a total of 13h during the entire month of November in Helsinki! I get energy from the sun, hence I’m tired and lazy all the time during the winter :(

Anyways, this blog post only has four customs (yes, it’s that bad!) but I’m going to tell you a bit about my future plans :) Hope next week would energize me a bit more!

Custom #139, Deadly Beautiful Deer for the lovely Tee who I’ve gotten to know and admire through Instagram<3 She’s a huuuuge inspiration to me so making a custom for her was truly an honor!

This was a really great commission too because Tee gave me a lot of space for my own creativity to shine through! She only sent me this image (which is based on a photograph that I unfortunately couldn’t find the source for) and said she likes creepy/beautiful things. I wanted the makeup to be very similar as in the image and add details to her that were my own.

deadly_beauty_by_emomaycry-d5rk09zInspiration for my custom. Image by deviantart artist EmoMayCry.

Sketch20401434The initial sketch for the custom. Tee said she’d rather have bows instead of flowers in the hair.


I decided to sculpt flowers on the left side and a bow on the right side to make her even more two-faced.PicsArt_1417307596613I added more bows in her hair so she’d be even cuter! ^_^

Finally I added tons of blood splatter on her right side and in her hair. It was so much fun! It was weirdly fun to make a slightly gory/creepy custom!

Custom #240, Honey (my original character)<3


She turned out sooo cute! Her head was a corgi and her body was a G2 dalmatian. I also have another similar base and I thought I’d make another owl-inspired fox-dragon :D Scops owls have amazing bright orange eyes so I might make a custom inspired by them!

Custom #241, Cerise (original character)

This one was made because the theme in our custom collaboration (@littlestcustoms on Instagram) this week was kawaii! I thought the base figure was super cute and a bit odd looking so I wanted to make a kawaii custom from it.

PicsArt_1417637762995 cherise_kawaii_smallI think she turned out adorable! I also got totally inspired to sketch my idea for a “creepy porcelain doll” inspired custom :D I need to figure out how to make it even more creepy though…


Custom #242 Iggy Koopa! Fifth in my Koopalings series! Only Wendy and Morton Jr. are missing :)

iggylemmy_smallLemmy and Iggy looking adorable!

This is it for now! Here are some sneak previews for customs #249 and #250! Not revealing the theme for them though ;)

20141121_151235 20141128_165241Some sketches for future customs:


Winter theme is coming up in LittlestCustoms! ^_^ I adore my snowflake mold so I have to make the most out of it!


One of four Pokemon customs I’m doing as a commission :) Can’t wait to make this one! It’s so cute!

Also a little update so people are aware of my future plans: I’m taking a little time off customs between 22.12-4.1 because I really need to finish my Master’s Thesis. I’m going to finish all the commissions I’ve gotten before that but then I really need to focus on graduating. I might not take any more commissions before that, we’ll see!

Anyways, gotta try to make some more customs now! Wish me luck! :)


Commissions, commissions!

Eek, I’ve been really busy lately responding to commission requests and getting the current commissions under way. It’s all very exciting but a tiny bit stressful too ^_^’

I promised a long time ago that I would upload my commission info here too so here is my illustration with a few additional notes:

IMG_20141012_013707This illustration should hopefully be quite self-explanatory :) Other than what it says, it should be noted that I don’t customize rare LPS (such as shorthair cats, Cocker Spaniels, Great Danes, collies and dachshunds) for commissions.

Customs that I managed to make during this week:

#216, Snowflake dog (a commission). Design by the person who commissioned me :)


#217 Bulbasaur. Made from a LPS G2 hamster. I’m glad I finally got the G1 Pokémon starters customs started ^_^


Derpy little Bulbasaur<3 Not sure yet if I want to sell him!

#218 Grumpy cat. Made from a repainted Persian cat :) She’s for sale in my Ebay shop!

IMG_20141106_170522Grumpy little LPS!

#219 Chibi Amaterasu from Okami. This little guy was made because Amaterasu came second in my anime character voting :) He’s for sale in my Ebay shop too!


So kawaii <3

I painted the markings on him so that the brush strokes can be seen. I wanted the overall look to be organic and similar to the style from Okami :)

#220 Mint the Catfish (original character). Project name Karl from the previous posts xD His design changed a lot and he’s a she now! She’s the “accidental” headswap that occurred when I made Charmander from a seal head and opossum body (Mint is made from the opossum head and seal body).

IMG_20141110_005737Not for sale! The head is a bit too tight on the neck so the paint doesn’t want to stick too well :(

#221 Lemmy Koopa! Will be for sale once all the Koopalings are done.

IMG_20141110_231542I’ll have to post better photos of his hair at some point :)

#222 Charmander! This is the headswap that also resulted in the creation of Mint ^_^

IMG_20141112_195027Charmander will not be for sale, he has similar problems to Mint with the neck :( (Plus Charmander is my favorite starter so I’m happy he’s staying with me!)

Last but not least, custom #223, my Rare Sphynx Lion that you saw a sketch of last week! He is not for sale!

PicsArt_1415871203367Meep! So cute!

I loved painting his mane! The character from Zookeeper Battle has a square-shaped mane so I had to freestyle a bit with his design! His eyes are a lot more blue in real life, too bad the photos don’t capture it ^_^’

Other fun stuff: I started using a macro filter on my 50mm lens, I like it though I have to practice  a lot more before anything will look good! Also, I loooove some of the new (?) PicsArt filters!

IMG_20141112_144056My custom #151, Unicorn inspired by the one in the book “The Unicorn and the Sea”

PicsArt_1415869162759I love these baby LPS! So adorable!

PicsArt_1415869416317Awesome new PicsArt filters!

PicsArt_1415869588098My #100th custom Effie Trinket and #210 Moss (my OC) <3

PicsArt_1415869747864This little bubba is still available in my Etsy shop for a few days! I might put him on Ebay soon ^_^

PicsArt_1415870082130Crane Air Dragon (OC), one of my favorite customs!


Traditional Fire Dragon (OC), love him too ^_^

Not taken with the macro lens filter but cute anyway! Here are my forest creature OC’s together (sorry for the white borders!):

IMG_20141110_232940Also a few sneak peeks for my commissions that I’m trying to get done this week!

PicsArt_1415868935058“Flicker” for Cece! She is my custom Freckles’ sister :) IMG_20141021_140730A sketch of Flicker! So excited to see her and Freckles together ^_^IMG_20141110_002206

Totoro! Made from a G2 panda :)


Bengal Bon Bon kitty ^_^

These aren’t commissions, but I want to make them one day soon! Can you tell that I’m excited about AlphaSapphire and OmegaRuby? :)

Sketch134104411Mudkip and Treecko are  head swaps. I hope they’ll look cute once I make them xD

Completely random photo to end this week’s post:


Have a wonderful weekend!

Love, Pia


Amazing week!

This week has been pretty crazy! Though not because of customs :) Yesterday they (FINALLY!!) announced that Majora’s Mask is coming to the 3DS, can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting to hear that!<3

Other fun stuff: Probably going to London in April again to watch the world’s best supergroup perform! We’ll see if I get tickets before they are sold out though!

Other other fun stuff: Next year will be crazyamazing! (Yes that’s a real word.) Coming up in 2015: Game of Thrones season 5, new season of Workaholics, new season of Face Off (looooove that show, also have something special in mind to show you just how much I love it!), Majora’s Mask on 3DS, trip to London, numerous trips to Berlin, tons of customs (I’m optimistic!), OUR WEDDING (let’s not forget that one!), our honeymoon (which will be amazing no doubt!) and all sorts of other great stuff. 2015, I love you already!<3

New customs this week:

#208, Roy Koopa! Second one in my Koopalings project :) I made Ludwig first because I always play with him in Mario Kart 8 and Roy after him because my friend/rival Rob always chooses him (might have to send Roy to him as a Christmas pressie because why not) ^_^ They look so cute together! I can’t wait to get all of them done so I can see them together!

ludwig_royThese two will also be battling to the death in Super Smash Bros (if they indeed are playable characters).

Another MK 8 character (though I would never use him, he’s not great to drive with), custom #209 Yoshi! You already saw a WIP photo of him next to Freckles, I made the two of them together when I swapped the heads of a G2 Kangaroo and an Iguana :)

PicsArt_1414700827653He’s a bit funny looking. But very cute!<3

Yoshi is currently for sale in my Ebay shop! ( )

Another little original character, custom #210, the shy little Faun Prince Moss<3 I really don’t know if I want to sell him, he just has the cutest little face! As with my Faun Princess, he looks completely different from the sketch I made!

The sketch for my Faun Princess and Prince:

Sketch283203333My handwriting is beautiful.

How they turned out:

PicsArt_1414700906196Little Moss<3 (Yes he is named after my favorite character in the IT-crowd!)

faun2Little Faun Princess (who has been sold to a loving home!)<3

This just goes to show that you should trust your guts when designing creatures rather than stick to your sketch that you might not like anymore :)

Anyways, A month or so ago I had an anime character voting on my Instagram page so I could decide which two anime creatures I would make customs of.

IMG_20141012_1134321 – Amaterasu , 2 – Charmmy Kitty, 3 – Haku, 4 – Kero, 5 – Kyubey, 6 – Happy, 7 – Kuromi, 8 – Kirara, 9 – Teto

The winner of the voting was Charmmy Kitty, so I decided to make her first:

IMG_20141031_172014Super kawaii! She is my custom #211

She’s for sale in my Ebay shop too!

On Saturday I finished another original character, custom #212, a Wood Nymph / Princess of the Forest inspired deer :)

IMG_20141102_224709 pof_3She took forever to make but I think she turned out quite lovely! She’s also up for grabs in my Ebay shop (

On Monday I finished an adorable commission. This custom is based on the commissioner’s cat who had passed away, so it was an absolute honor to get to make a custom of her. The entire thing reminded me of Suzu, which brings back a lot of heartache, but I’m very happy I got to do this custom :’)

IMG_20141103_181058Custom #213, Little Maisy <3

PicsArt_1386875391588My custom of Suzu who unexpectedly passed away in May. I still miss her so much, she was such a sweetheart<3

I know how much losing a pet hurts, so I hope this custom will remind the owner of what a lovely cat Maisy was. I know my custom of Suzu helps me remember her every day :)

Anyways, getting all teary eyed here but have to keep writing…! A few more customs were made this week!

Custom #214, Larry Koopa:


So cute!IMG_20141104_232836Looking adorable with his brothers (yes, they’re all siblings and Bowser’s children. Very weird.)!

I really love how Larry’s hair turned out! It just goes to show that Green Stuff is the best thing ever to sculpt with! It defies gravity!

And last but not least, another (crazy complicated but amazing) commission:

IMG_20141105_213350Custom #215, a little Unicorn Princess!

I added the horn, the flowers and extra hair to her :) The commissioner loved her so it was definitely worth every second I spent on it ^_^

A few little things I still want to share before I go! People keep asking me how I make the miniatures in the photos I take with my customs. I don’t make them, they have all been bought from various sellers! I’ll share my favorites with you:

camp21Adorable tea set by Etsy seller NattyCollection (

camp20Sneasel and Purrloin really love this sushi set by Etsy seller NattyCollection (

camp31Flowers and champagne by Ebay seller li.felice (

zoruaumbreonShiny Zorua and Shiny Umbreon are looking cozy with Etsy seller NattyCollection’s ( adorable Starbucks cups and Etsy seller SophieToffeeCo’s delicious-looking cupcake (

camp22Jolteon and Pikachu enjoying Etsy seller JessieRaye’s ( amazing lemonade.

cottoncandy_done2Cotton Candy looking sweet as sugar with Ebay seller fan21_hk’s ( miniature macaroons.

halloween_campHalloween might already have come and gone but these miniatures look super cute nonetheless! Pumpkins and jar of candy corn by Etsy seller JessieRaye ( , other jar of candy bought from Ebay seller fan21_hk (

So there you go! I just love miniatures, they really inspire me to take photos of my LPS customs :)

Another thing I want to address are some of my sculpted parts that have been done using tiny little molds (without them it would have taken forever to get these customs done!):

effie_doneMy 100th custom, Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The tiny butterflies were made from a mold that I got from the lovely Etsy seller WhysperFairy (

IMG_20140929_200954Custom #176, Sakura Earth Dragon featuring Sakura flowers made from a mold by Etsy seller MiniatureSweet (

I actually ordered a bunch of new molds today… Can’t wait to get them! I got super inspired just browsing them on Etsy! ^_^

So, just when I thought that I might run out of ideas after 200 customs, I got inspired and created a whole bunch of new ideas!

Here are some sneak peeks for upcoming customs:

Sketch5302258Another OC! Someone might be commissioning me to make this, but in any case I’m making one of them for myself because I totally fell in love with this character ^_^


What will these become?Sketch70231127

“Karl” and “Lilith” should hopefully be done this week :3 I’m especially excited to make Lilith!


And another Zookeeper character that no one will recognize xD He’s my favorite avatar though so I have to make a custom of him! …


…And because it’s a matter of pride for me what my Zookeeper rank is and the previous picture didn’t do it any justice, here is one of the highest ranks I’ve reached. Yes I’m very proud of myself, thank you very much.

Alright then! Hope you all have a lovely week and weekend, see you again next Wednesday or Thursday!<3


100 happy things, 11-20

Continuing with part 2/10 of things that make me happy!

11. My Little Pony

Another pretty obvious one since I love customizing them ;) But I also love the retro MLP design, like the one on this t-shirt that I bought today:


12. Allison Harvard

Yes, the lovely runner-up of two seasons of America’s Next Top Model. She’s just so beautiful and her art is inspiring! I just get really happy every time I have a look at her Tumblr (! I’ve tried to draw her many times but the images never do her justice : ) Here’s an attempt at it anyway:

PicsArt_1394748618154She’s a million times more beautiful in real life!

13. Berlin

Ehehe, another obvious one. Berlin inspires me to do fashion design and improve my photography skills! It’s my favorite city in the world!



Both photos are from the Festival of lights, 2012 & 2013.

14. Peanut M&M’s

Just realized again how good they are. Mmmmmm…

15. H&M clothes

Yes, yes, H&M is a cheap brand, but I LOVE some of their clothes! More importantly they frequently have CAT THEMED CLOTHES!! How can I not love them?! Plus they also have cool Star Wars clothes at times:

IMG_2625 IMG_7036Seriously. That Darth Vader sweater is the coolest thing I own.

16. Christmas, Valentine’s Day and other holidays

I just love them because you can invest as much effort into them as you want! You can have totally cheesy-over-the-top romantic dates on Valentine’s, decorate the house on Christmas and Halloween and hide eggs around the house on Easter. They’re just nice days that give you permission to be a little crazy ^_^

IMG_3797 IMG_3677

Last year I went completely over the top with the Christmas stuff. I even made Game of Thrones-themed snowflakes at work to decorate my colleague’s wall!


Valentine’s Day was spent in Berlin this year. Soo romantic!

17. Face Off

The TV series. I’m OBSESSED with it. I just love seeing the creative process that goes into creating a character/creature design. It’s really fascinating. It’s also a bit similar to customizing because of the sculpting and painting ; ) It really inspires me to put more effort into my customs! Tyler from this season (season 6) also makes me happy, he’s just so positive and talented!

18. Video game music

I think I’ve mentioned this before? I love video game music, especially from old Nintendo games. My favorite right now is Stickerbrush Symphony from Donkey Kong Country 2. It’s soooooo good!

19. Zelda N64 games

Speaking of video games, some of the best music ever comes from The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. The games are also incredible, I have to play them over and over again! They just make me really happy! I also have a few MM-themed customs planned ; )

20. Sushi

Sushi always makes me happy! It reminds me of my sister (we used to have a lot of DIY sushi evenings at her place when she still lived in Finland) and it’s often really good! We actually had sushi one night here in Tokyo and it turned out to be one of the most hysterically funny dinners I’ve experienced in a long time! Yet another good sushi memory!


Some amazingly good sushi in Amsterdam.

This is fun! Writing about things that make me happy makes me really happy! ^_^


100 happy things, 1-10

I decided to write a list of things that make me happy because it’s a great way to remind myself of all the small (or big!) wonderful things in life. I’m going to share it with you because I thought you might get to know me a bit better if you know what sort of things I like :)

These are in no particular order:

1. Cats

Duh. We’ve established the fact that I’m a crazy cat lady. But seriously, almost anything cat related makes me smile! Especially cat videos! And cat photos! And cat related objects! And cats! =^o_._o^=


Katten kabinett in Amsterdam, it had lots of cat-related things! Meow!

PicsArt_1373455358762 Baaba <3

2. Littlest Pet Shop figures

Another pretty obvious one! I love some of the figures the way they are (because they’re very cute) but mostly I love them because they inspire me to make customs! I also admire other people’s customs, they’re usually very beautiful and creative! I can’t wait to get back home and make new customs… ^_^

IMG_3042Most of these have already been turned to customs. (HoMM3 on the left, Fruits basket animals on the right etc.)

3. Playing the guitar

Yes, I’m horrible at it. But it makes me really happy when I manage to play the right chords while singing some random song :P The best part of it is playing together with Toffe<3 ^_^


Three of our guitars.

4. My ring

Because it reminds me of my fiancee and the amazing proposal<3 Plus it reminds me that I can now officially start planning the wedding (which makes me excited because I love weddings)! ;)

pic1My precioussss…..

5. Crazy cat clothes

Yes, it’s related to #1 but I felt I had to mention it separately because it’s something that just makes me ridiculously happy. For example, the sweater I’m wearing in the photo underneath was an impulsive buy. I was shopping alone in H&M and I actually laughed out loud when I saw it (people looked at me strangely, yes). I knew I had to have it because it just makes me laugh whenever I see it! …and this is just one of maaaaaany (way too many) cat-related pieces of clothing that I have xD


Neon rainbow colored cat heads. It’s purrfect!

6. Earrings

Another random one, but I love earrings. Wearing them makes me very happy! I can’t get enough of them!


Some of my earrings.

7. Game of Thrones

I’m so bummed out that I still haven’t seen the new GoT episode. Before I found out about this business trip I was planning on making a Ghost (Jon’s direwolf) LPS custom to celebrate the season 4 premiere of GoT but I actually didn’t have time to make it before the trip. It will just have to wait! Here’s the sketch for it anyway (it’s going to look very cute with my Jon Snow figure that is waiting for me back at home :3):


8. Sparkling wine

It just makes me happy, what can I say :D I always connect sparkling wine to some sort of celebration so drinking it randomly makes me feel very festive! It’s just a happy drink (although drinking too much of it will make you very unhappy the next day)!

201_pSparkling wine in Amsterdam!

9. Let it go!

Yes, the song from Disney’s Frozen. It took a while to grow on me but now I really like it! Hearing it makes me really happy and makes me let go of my negative feelings :)

10. My Pikachu onesie

It makes me feel like I’m 10 years old again. I just love spending the entire day in it, curled up on the sofa and randomly going “Pika pikaa!” to confuse Toffe and the cats.

PicsArt_1378391246451Pika pikaa!

I’ll tell you more about things that make me happy after I’ve done a bit of shopping here in Tokyo. It’s my last day here! Sad to leave Japan but super excited to come back home and get back to the usual stuff :)