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Slow start to customs 200->

Hi there! I’ve been super slow lately, somehow I’m just busy all the time and don’t get as many customs done as I would have liked! :( Commissions have been coming in and sorting everything out takes quite a bit of time! Oh well. I’ll just show you what I did this week and hope that next week will be more productive.

First up is my sugar-sweet super-kawaii girly Cocker Spaniel, Cotton Candy (an original character by me). She’s my custom #202.

candy1 candy4 cottoncandy_done2Normally I don’t customize rare LPS but this one was in such bad shape that I decided it was okay to repaint it.

Cotton Candy’s design process started when I saw a really cool photo of a young lady with ombre hair that went from pink to a baby blue (like my custom’s ears do). Originally I wanted to make her a bit more edgy with tattoos and stuff but once I had painted her pink I realized I wanted to keep her relatively simple after all. She has white freckles on her face and body which make her super cute! :3 She’s for auction in my Ebay shop ( for a few more days ^_^

Custom #203 is also a repainted dog LPS and also an OC:

pepper1 pepper2His name is Pepper and he’s a Pomeranian. His design process started when I saw a Pomeranian LPS figure and I thought it would look super cute as a custom. I then thought I’d make a Toothless inspired dog that was all black with lime-green eyes but my plans changed in Berlin when I saw a gorgeous black husky with odd eyes (one blue and one brown one, like my custom) and it inspired me to make this little fella. He’s also for sale in my Ebay shop though I’m still questioning if I really want to sell him or not ^_^’ He’s just so cute!

After Pepper I made a Pokemon custom again, here is Shinx. I had him planned forever and finally got him done :)

shinx_done shinx_2Shinx was made from a chihuahua figure and I reshaped the ears, the fluff on his head and his tail. He will be for sale soon too, I just have too many customs at home so I can’t keep him!

Custom #205 is also a Pokemon that was commissioned by another amazing LPS custom maker on Instagram:

hawlucha2_1It’s a shiny Hawlucha! I personally never even considered making a custom of him until I got the commission, but looking at him now I think he makes an adorable LPS! ^_^ He has the head of a puffin LPS and the body of a musical note panda.

WIP photos:

somekindofa IMG_20141023_145704My table is always so messy… xD

Custom #207 was another commission, a Unicorn LPS:

unicorn2He’s so cute! I decided to use a metallic paint on his hair and eyes so he shimmers in a lovely way ^_^

Other Unicorns I’ve made (because why not show them?):

unicorn_done2Pink unicorn, also a commission :)

loveOn the right: War Unicorn from the game Heroes of Might and Magic III (on the left is a Silver Pegasus from the same game).

And last but not least, here is my custom #207, Molly the Meowl (formerly known as project name: Alice the cat-owl):

molly_done2Such a little darling!<3 She stays with me :)

freaksWIP: Head swap photo of Molly (on the right) with her strange friends (project names) Karl (on the left) and Lilith (in the middle) :D

I love head swaps! I’ve started doing them much more nowadays because it triggers some weird creative thing in my head that makes me design weird creatures xD Anyways, Molly was an “accident”, not a planned head swap. The lamb LPS’ body was used for my Hiro (Fruits Basket) custom and the head of the owl LPS was used for my Royal Griffin custom (from HoMM3). The remaining parts just happened to look cute together so I decided to combine them.

Molly’s colors and patterns were largely influenced by my adorable Maine Coon, Mimi. Just to remind you of Mimi, here is a photo of her and a custom I made of her last year:


To end this post, I’ll show you some sneak peeks of upcoming customs:

IMG_20141027_162146Choose your starter! (Bulbasaur – Charmander – Squirtle) Can’t wait to get these done!

20141024_161514More OC Fauns, because why not!

IMG_20141023_160120This one is completely different from what I sketched when I designed him. I just tend to stray from the sketches when I get excited about sculpting :)

Sketch260125546Chibi-Amaterasu from Okami! Many of these have been done from collies and husky LPS so I decided to take a slightly different approach ^_^Sketch28218351Kyubey from Madoka Magica. This sketch is pretty bad but it shows that I intend to make a head swap to make the cutest Kyubey LPS custom ever! :3 I’m actually really excited to start making him!

Also coming up: Several Koopalings, Charmmy Kitty and lots of OCs!

Hope you all have a lovely week! See you next Wednesday or Thursday!

- Pia