Rules for commissions

I will not make any of the following characters:

  • No characters based on other people’s original characters (OCs) or customs made by other artists – This means I can make a custom of your OC but not someone else’s.
  • No characters I have previously made as commissions – I will however replicate non-OC’s like Pokemon or video game characters.
  • Customs that have been sold on eBay for a higher price than usual will not be replicated unless the commissioner is willing to pay as much as the highest winning bid. Please note that some custom designs are one of a kind and will under no circumstances be replicated (I will let you know if you’re not sure if a character is marked as one of a kind).
  • I always have the right to deny a commission if I for some reason decide I don’t want to make it.

Info about the figures I use:

  • I prefer using my own LPS figures for commissions. If I don’t have a base figure in stock (Check here which base figures I have) for the custom you want, I can order it unless it is a rare / hard to find figure. This might however take a while and can cost a tiny bit more than usual commissions.
  • I DO NOT customize rare figures for commissions (such as Dachshunds, Cocker Spaniels, Collies, Shorthair cats, Great Danes). In certain situations I can customize these figures if you’re willing to send them to me (you pay shipping both ways).
  • Please note, these are display-only items. My customs aren’t meant to be toys and should never be exposed to water or rough play.

What happens when I commission you?

  • I will reply to your request within two business days. I will let you know in my reply if there is something in your request that I need more information about or if there is something that won’t work. If everything is alright with your request, I will tell you the price for the commission (including shipping), an estimated date for when the custom will be done and ask you if you want to see a sketch of my idea.
  • You can check a reference for commission prices here.
  • If you agree on the price and want to see the sketch, please reply back to me (also let me know how you would like to pay for it).
  • I will send you a sketch to your e-mail address. If you think the sketch is alright, you can either send me a payment through PayPal or ask me to make a custom listing for you on Etsy.
  • Payment can only be sent through PayPal or Etsy (I’ll make a custom listing for you). I will not accept cash or sell it through eBay.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The payment for your commission should be sent to me up front before I start making the custom.
  • Once the payment has been received, I will start making your custom. If it has many sculpted parts I will send you update photos to make sure you like how the custom is coming along. The custom will be done (at latest) by the date I promised you and I will ship it your way within two business days.
  • Shipping is always sent with priority mail (without tracking, unless you’re willing to pay more) with the following prices:
    • Shipping for 1-7 customs within Europe: 8,30€
    • Shipping for 1-7 customs outside of Europe: 12,20€
    • Slightly quicker shipping with tracking to certain countries costs the following:
      • Europe: 12€
      • Outside of Europe: 15€
      • You can choose this option if you want and I’ll let you know whether or not the package can be tracked to your country before you submit the payment!

I will keep this page updated so you can see if any commission slots are open :)