I will be adding more questions here if they are frequent enough!

Q: How do you make your customs?

A: It’s a four-step process that I’ll explain in the next few questions.

Q: How do you remove the paint from your LPS?

A: This is the first step of the process. I use nail polish remover (with Acetone) to rub the paint off. Remember to wash your LPS after doing this, some nail polish removers leave a greasy/oily layer on the figure that can make it harder to paint!

Q: How do you sculpt? What do you use for your additional parts?

A: I use a two-component Epoxy-based putty called Kneadatite. It dries by itself, sticks to the figure without glue and keeps its shape really well.

Q: How do you get your paint so smooth?

A: I use a slightly thicker, white acrylic paint before painting the finished look. I often dry-brush the paint (both the base coat and the top coat) onto the figure, this keeps the layers really thin.

Q: What paint do you use? How do you paint your figures?

A: I use Acrylics for them and various-sized brushes. For the eyes I use the smallest possible brush and for the body I use bigger ones. I also put a glossy coat on the eyes to give them a more life-like look.

Q: Do you use a top coat / sealing spray on your figures to make them waterproof?

A: No I don’t. My custom aren’t meant to be toys and should never be exposed to water or rough play.

Q: Can you make a [insert character here] custom?

A: I don’t take requests, sorry! Only commissions.

Q: Can you make a [insert character here] custom? I really want to order one from you.

A: Yes, I take orders/commissions when my commission slots are open. Please fill in the online form if you’re interested in ordering a custom from me!

Q: Where do you sell your customs? Can I pay in cash?

A: I only sell my customs through Etsy, eBay or by using PayPal. I do not take cash, sorry. To see my customs that are currently for sale, please click here.

Q: Do you trade?

A: I do not trade my customs but I very rarely trade regular LPS figures.

Q: Do you ship worldwide?

A: Yes I do! I usually use priority mail for small customs. Some customs cost more to ship due to their size, they are shipped in express letters with tracking.

Q: Where do you get your LPS? Did you collect them when you were a kid?

A: No, I never collected LPS. I buy mine so I can customize them. I get my figures from eBay or local flea markets / second-hand shops.

Q: Where do you come from?

A: I come from, and live in, Finland :)

Q: Where do you get your ideas for customs?

A: From Pokémon, anime, video games and my own crazy imagination!

Q: What inspires you to make OCs (Original Characters)?

A: Nature, patterns/markings on real animals and insects, Japanese culture (particularly traditional art and textiles!) and random head swaps (I sometimes combine a random head with a random body and instantly know what I’ll be making from it!).

Q: Do you have a YouTube channel / video of your customizing?

A: Not yet! I will try my hardest to make one soon!

Q: How do you do head swaps?

A: There are great tutorials for this online! Basically (for G2 figures) you heat the neck and pull the head off them. Putting it back in can be very challenging! I use tiny pliers to enlarge the neck hole before putting the new head back on.

Q: When did you start customizing LPS?

A: In September 2013.

Q: What was your first custom LPS?

A: It was a Greater Basilisk from the game Heroes of Might and Magic III. You can see it here.

Q: When you paint/sculpt them do their heads still bobble?

A: Most of my customs still have a bobble head but lots of sculpting around the neck can make it stuck so it’s not poseable anymore (I do it on purpose sometimes as well).

Q: How long does it take to make your customs?

A: It takes me a few hours in total to make a custom, but the different stages (prepping – sculpting – base coating – painting) are usually done on different days, meaning that it takes me 3-4 days to make one. Some particularly challenging customs (such as my Geisha kitties) have taken me over 6h to make!

Q: Do you customize rare LPS?

A: I try my hardest not to customize rare LPS but if I find one that is in bad shape I might do it (like my Cocker Spaniel “Cotton Candy” custom). I don’t customize rare LPS for commissions unless the person sends me the LPS that they want customized.

Q: How much is a commission?

A: Please see my pricing info here.

Q: How do you do the design without your hand shaking or messing up?

A: This is something that requires a bit of practice! My hand was extremely shaky when I first started painting. The trick is to stay very calm while painting and having a steady grip around the LPS while painting it. If your paint dries slowly, allow it to dry completely so you can hold onto the figure while painting the details. If you mess up, don’t worry (I still do it all the time!), just keep refining the details until you’re satisfied!